Sunday 14 December 2014

December Days

Is it really mid-way through December already ? Gosh it's really going by fast :) Big hello to my new readers, followers and commenters - it's always good to see a new name :) I'd also like to say that I don't usually leave such long gaps between posts - I think it's just that the light is so rubbish I don't feel terribly inspired to take many photos, and photos usually in turn inspire my posts.

The last week or so has been the annual chaos of school carol concerts, class parties, nativities, and Christmas jumpers for Christmas jumper day.

Little Man didn't have a Christmas jumper (well, not one that fitted him anyway) so I crocheted a snowman and sewed it onto a normal jumper :) He's quite cute, isn't he ?

I've been making scarves for presents ....

... and I rediscovered my holly bauble basket that I made last year ....

.... this little guy made an appearance again ....

.... and I've got a little production line of gift bags, embellishments and washcloths on the go. No photos of those yet, but watch this space.
There's a few more scarves to be completed, and a couple of pairs of mitts too. Over-stretching myself ? Of course! That's when I'm at my best :) Dashing off to complete another scarf now :)



  1. I love the snowman to embellish a plain jumper, such a good idea. The holly basket is wonderful. Some great gifts there is nothing nicer than a gift made with love.

  2. It is so nice to see all the things that you have made! xx

  3. That snowman is so cute, what a clever, crafty mom you are!

  4. Your Christmas crafts are lovely Jill! Such a talented lady. Especially love the crocheted snowman for Christmas jumper! X

  5. Hello Jill! Love your idea of crocheting a snowman and adding it to an everyday jumper... very clever!! Your scarves are looking great and I love your crocheted decorations, especially the little holly basket! Hugs x

  6. What you've made all looks great. Love the snowman to sew on a jumper. Great idea. I have lots to do still for Christmas but still keep coming up with ideas for more!

  7. What a good idea to make your own Christmas jumper - I've never thought of that. Sounds like you've been very busy :) The scarves look great.
    Cathy x

  8. You are a busy bee! I love the crochet snowman for your boy's jumper! x

  9. Time if flying isn't it? So much to do and no time to do it. Take good care of yourself.


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