Friday, 15 May 2015

Ballyhoo Neckerchief

It's been a few weeks since my last post, I've been feeling a bit flat, and haven't felt much like blogging. We're trying to sort out medication to help Little Man at school, and we are now on the 3rd different lot. The desperate hope then crushing disappointment is taking its emotional toll on him, and on me. First lot didn't work. Second lot were AMAZING but then he couldn't sleep. At all. He had 2 nights of no sleep whatsoever and of course then we had a terrible few days. The jury is out on the 3rd lot. The effect is short-lived so only people in school will see a difference. He can't tell if there's a difference himself, and I'm waiting for feedback from his mentor. We have a review with the doc on Tuesday where we will either try yet another lot or possibly change the dosage of the current one. Meanwhile he is not where he should be in school and essentially has lost most of this school year. Frustrating doesn't quite cover it.

Anyway, in crochet news I've finished a really cute neckerchief.

I bought this yarn ages ago ( because it was a bargain. Thats a good enough reason isnt it ?? It sat in my stash for months, I just couldn't decide what to do with it, but I kept getting it out for a snuggle :) It's Sirdar Snuggly Smiley Stripes, 80% bamboo and 20% wool, and is so silky soft to work with, just gorgeous. Its very similar to working with embroidery floss. The yarn itself has no give whatsoever, but the finished piece is beautifully stretchy, flowy and drapey, I absolutely love it.

The pattern is the "Precious Jewel Frilled Neckerchief" from Simply Crochet issue 28. It's a very straightforward pattern, just rows of trebles with 2 increases at each end plus 2 increases in the middle. There is also a slight raised effect down the centre where a couple of front-post trebles are worked, but I'm not convinced that the effect was worth the bother, it's very subtle.

The edge is several dc's worked into each treble, then several rows of 1 dc in each dc. It gives a lovely gentle rippley edging.

The colourway is called Balihoo. What a fabulous name for a yarn colour! Very Northern Irish sounding, I think. I'm sure a ballyhoo was slang back home for a party or similar. So I've decided to call it my Ballyhoo neckerchief.

As it's traditional, I went a bit bonkers taking endless photos of the Ballyhoo ..... here is a selection .... and there's even one of it's creator modelling it :)

Its my birthday this weekend - on Sunday - so I'm sure I'll be back soon after that with photos of presents and cake :) Happy weekend,


  1. That is gorgeous. It will be a head-turner. Just wait for the compliments!

  2. I hope the next doctors appointment goes well for you all. x
    Your crochet is great - love the colours. Have a great birthday weekend - I hope you get spoilt. xx

  3. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* and I love your shawl/scarf! I do hope they are able to sort out your son's meds. I have a granddaughter that has problems where they have to try meds out all the time and it's so sad. Have a fun party.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations with Little Man's medication. I really hope that it settles soon, as I know how much of an adjustment starting secondary school can be. Your neckerchief is gorgeous, such lovely spring-like colours, and it suits you too :)
    Cathy x

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope that all gets worked out for little man and for you too. Hugs to you both. xx

  6. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the medication can be worked out for your little man. Great neckerchief the colours are beautiful.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!! Wow, look how long your hair is I love it and of course you know I love the shawl, the colors are perfect for Spring and Summer. Bless your little ones heart, medication changes are so difficult. You know I am sending you a hug,

  8. Gorgeous work and I love that yarn. Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday. Hope you get some more wool for your birthday :-)

  10. I feel for you so much Jill. That must be so frustrating!! I hope you can find the right kind of med and results soon.

    Love the shawl!! And the selfie (you beauty!). Beautiful colors!!

    Hope you have a wonderful and blessed birthday. xoxo

  11. That's a beautiful neckerchief, gorgeous colours! Buying yarn on sale is a crafting necessity in my book...a bargain is a bargain! I really hope this third set of meds works for your son, it must be horrible for you all. I hope you have a lovely birthday this weekend and are super-spoiled! Xx

  12. Hi Jill, I am really sorry to hear you are having such troubles with your son's medication. It is hard to take the long view at times like this, yet if a balance is eventually found, it will improve things in the longer run. Sending big hugs XX. Your crochet shawl is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful bright colours and lovely drape X

  13. I did think you had gone quiet Jill, thank you for updating us and i'm sorry to hear about your son, I do hope you can get his medication sorted out.
    Love your ballyhoo - such vibrant colours.
    And of course "Happy birthday"!
    Caz xx

  14. I really hope the meds work out for your little one! It can be soo hard to find the right one. I have to take drugs to keep my MS in controll and it was a tough way to find the right one which suits me and which doesn't have too many nasty side effects!

    The yarn worked up really well - suits you!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  15. First of all: happy Birtday sweetie!! May this new year be a very good one for you!
    Second: love all those pretty, colourful crochet pictures, especially the one with the maker :-). And third: good luck with your son. We had to walk that path too with our boy... In the end nothing worked and he has good results now with antroposophic treatment... Difficult to find what's right, isn't it? Big hugs from Mirjam.

  16. It's the trial and error process that's so difficult in these cases. So many medications these days, often you have to go through so many to find just the right thing. I guess it's good there are so many, but it's very hard wearing on Mums and Dads going through the process. I wish you luck with it, and a very Happy Birthday too!
    The crochet project is lovely: I have always wondered how that yarn worked up in crochet.

  17. I hope they sort out the medication for your son it must be so tough. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday, I think the very best people are born in May ;) The neckerchief is beautiful I love that yarn!! xx

  18. I can relate to the first part of your post on so many levels that I could have written this up myself about two years ago when we were going through a similar situation. Stick with it. You will find what works best, it just takes a lot of figuring out and a BIG pat on the back to you for doing just that for you child. It´s hard. Be good to you as well. Good luck with it all.

    Oh your Ballyhoo is gorgeous! I have very similar yarn with this colorway only its bamboo and I haven´t a clue as to what to make with it. This is really beautiful and how fun to see you pose with it. Happy early Birthday! I hope you have a really good weekend and I look forward to hearing about it here.

    Birgitta xx

  19. Happy birthday and I love your Ballyhoo neckerchief. Very 'norn iron' sounding. Hope you haven't been away so long you don't get that!

    I hope you can get the medication sorted out for your son. I'm sure it is extremely frustrating for you both.

  20. Your Ballyhoo is just gorgeous! I love the colours and the frilly edges....such a lovely make. So sorry to hear about the difficulties for your son and I hope the medication problems can soon be resolved.
    Happy new week.
    Helen xox


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