Monday 13 July 2015

Greek day flower hairband

It is traditional for our primary school to hold "Greek Day" for the Year 5s (9-10 year olds). Boys go in armed with sheets to turn into togas to wear with their PE kit and trainers. Very authentic. Girls go all girly and wear white dresses and sandals and have their hair all curly (if their Mums can be bothered. I can't). When Little Man had Greek day in his year, there was no way on earth I would get him anywhere near the uncertainty of a sheet. So we bought a Greek dressing up outfit. Husband was aghast because what we bought, whilst looking Greek to me, was clearly labelled "Roman Emporer". Husband does like things to be accurate. Anyway, 2 years on and the Greek (oops sorry Roman) outfit got dug out for Little Miss who had her Greek Day last week.

Initially she declared she was wearing a knee-length strappy sundress - er no you're not, its Greek Day, not no-uniform-day, and you have to wear the Greek-Roman thing as I only bought it knowing it would be used at least 3 times. So we cut off the red emporer sash thing (looks less Roman already), tied a beaded belt thing of mine round her waist, and she put on her summer sandals. (Terrible photo sorry!)

Nope, she still wanted the sun-dress. Bit of an argument ensued, Daddy was called in as independent adjucator and agreed Greek-Roman thing looked the most Greek. Which only proves how unGreek the sundress was if the Roman thing looked more Greek than it.

Then of course we had to address the issue of hair accessories. What does a crafty Mum do when a hair-accessory is required ? Why, she makes one of course :)

Using plain white un-mercerized cotton DK I chained a chain long enough to go round Little Miss' head and with some extra to dangle down the back. It looked a bit bare though, and despite the fact that leaving it plain was probably more Greek, I couldn't resist making some weeny flowers (pattern below).

But I thought it was still going to look a bit plain so I decided to bling it up a bit. A raid upon Little Miss' bead box and I found some semi-transparent coloured beads. I just used the white cotton DK again to sew one onto the middle of each flower, then attached the flowers to the chain, and a few extra beads at the very ends.

And there you have it - Greek (ish) flower hairband.

Apparently there was lots going on on Greek Day - they played some Greek games "day and night", "delta", something called "cub"; they acted out a Greek play - Perseus and Medusa - Little Miss played Athena; and they ate some greek food. I asked what they ate - "pittas, feta cheese, hummus and carrots". I'm guessing carrots were the safe option for the non-adventurous type. Which reminds me, it was on his Greek Day that Little Man first tried pitta bread after years of refusing, and now he eats it every day as his snack of choice. I've yet to convince him of hummus, but he does like a carrot.

They also made Greek masks - I assume this is meant to look like those happy/sad/greek tragedy type masks, but it just looks a bit menacing if you ask me.

I'm so happy that I have the time, energy, inclination, and skill (just) to be able to make things ike this for my Little Peeps, I'm sure they're not that bothered one way or the other but I love being able to make these little bits and pieces for them :)

Weeny Flowers Pattern

1. Make a magic ring
2. Chain five then slip-stitch into ring. Repeat 5 times.
3. Fasten off.

Easiest pattern ever!


  1. The garland looks really sweet. :) x

  2. Interesting, a Greek day. I suppose the sundress could have been a modern Greek outfit.... I bet you are glad now you didn't ask me! I admire you for having the energy to make a beautiful head garland for you Greek princess. I am notoriously lazy when it comes to kids makings.

  3. Lucky children to have a mother who can craft so well. The hair band must have looked great at school.

  4. Cute! I did get a little distracted by your yarn stash though!

  5. They are certainly blessed with a talented Mum who can craft. I too had a peep at the yarn stash.

  6. Wow all those lovely balls of wool! In the years to come all the things you've made will bring back great memories. The flower hairband is very effective. :-)

  7. It's great being able to make something for your children. I started a little late for mine but they do have a blanket each now x

  8. Haha at first I thought your greek daughter was in a wool shop or something :-)))!
    I can totally relate to how your son reacted, not wearing a sheet ;-).
    You did a great job with the garland it's so pretty! Lots of love from Mirjam.

  9. The flower braid is lovely and it's so nice that you can make things for your children. I remember making a superman outfit for one of my sons! And many other things too. I don't have any daughters so never had the chance to make flowery hair adornments.

  10. The flower hairband is so pretty. A Greek day? Do they have other country days as well?

    1. I think Greece (as in Ancient Greece) is in the curriculum, so that's why they do it, but wouldn't it be marvellous to have other country days too!

  11. Aww such a sweet flower garland
    Clare x

  12. I like the greek day; the hair thing looks really pretty!

  13. Jill! You tell the story so well. [I laughed out loud when you hoped I would, I think :) ] I love the headband you created and the pleasure you know being a loving parent. Thanks for posting. xx

  14. What a cute tradition! The hairband looks very pretty! I am sure your daughter was envied for it at school... :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  15. My kids learn all about the Greeks in the 5th grade, as well. They even organize 'Olympic Games' with discus throwing, wrestling... I made a toga from bed sheets for my son and next year my daughter is going to wear it. I won't do something extra, no,no. I like your hairband a lot, it is a fabulous idea to pep up the outfit. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I like yours, as well and will definitely come back soon. Viola

  16. Such a cool fun theme day at school! Love that!! And that head band is darling - great job Mom!! My daughter would wear that hair band just because she'd find it so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing your talents fun to see your next creation. ;)

  17. You made me chuckle - I wouldn't be bothered to curl hair either I'm sure! And I think the adaptions to the Roman outfit are great :) The flower band is lovely, I'm sure it will be reused!! xx

  18. Good call Jill, it all looks fabulous. What a tradition! Jo x

  19. What an interesting tradition for your school to have. I love the fact that you can just whip up a floral headband on demand! X

  20. Great costume (I love the story of it!) and the head band is so pretty!
    Helen xox

  21. Lovely headband, always good to be a crafty Mum on any dress up days! Although sometimes I find children are slightly over ambitious in what they expect you to be able to whip up for them!


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