Thursday 27 August 2015

Shimmer Cowl

In my family I am renowned for (and disapproved of because of) always being late with cards and presents. Last year I made a cowl - I love making cowls - for my sister-in-law for Christmas. Sis-in-law wears a palette of black, white and grey a-l-w-a-y-s, so colour choice was easy. Made in Rico Creative Reflection Print in multi-grey, the cowl is my own pattern, I used exactly 1 ball of yarn, and I finished it in time for Christmas! Whoop!

But then it needed something more and I couldn't decide what, I dithered and dithered and ended up in danger of missing the last posting date for Christmas, so I sent her something else instead. The cowl has since then sat in my pile of items that need a final touch - not technically a WIP as it was finished, just not quite finished

The piece was worked in a rectangle and then seamed along the short edges to make a cowl. I decided to sew a row of buttons along the seam - just for decamaration (as my Gran used to say - Norn-Irn-Gran for decoration).

This Rico yarn is 4-ply-ish, very lightweight, and is a colour-changing yarn. One of the strands is a sparkly silvery thread and adds a lovely light shimmer to the finished piece, so I'm calling it the Shimmer Cowl.

The finished cowl looks very smart I think, I'm really really pleased with how it's turned out :) And I'm going to send it to sis-in-law for her birthday. Which was last week. And no I haven't sent it yet.

Anyway here is the pattern, I'm writing it up from memory - it's fairly simple, and I've read and reread it a thousand times so hopefully it will be right!

Shimmer Cowl Pattern.
1 skein (50g) Rico Creative Reflection Print
4mm crochet hook
buttons (optional)

Please note UK terminology is used throughout, US conversion is shown below.
ch .... chain
dc .... double-crochet (single-crochet in American terminology)
tr ..... treble-crochet(double-crochet in US terminology)
sk .... skip

Chain 200 (or any even number of stitches depending on how long you want your cowl to be).
R1. Ch4 (counts as tr plus 1ch). Tr in 6th ch from hook, *sk next ch, ch 1, tr in next ch. Repeat from * to end.
R2. Ch3. Tr in next ch-space, * ch1, tr in next ch-space, Repeat from * to last ch-space. Finish with tr in 3rd chain of the ch-4 at start of previous row.
R3. Ch3. Tr in next ch-space, * ch1, tr in next ch-space, Repeat from * to last ch-space. Finish with tr in 3rd chain of the ch-3 at start of previous row.
R4-22. Repeat R3.
R23. Ch1, dc in tr, *dc in ch-space, dc in tr. Repeat from * to end. Do not fasten off.
Turn piece to work along short edge.
Ch 3, then 2-tr in the side of every treble/ch-3 along the short edge. Fasten off.
Rejoin yarn on other short edge.
Ch 3, then 2-tr in the side of every treble/ch3 along the short edge. Do not fasten off.
Join the short edges together, I used slip-stitch, you could also use dc or just sew them together.

Finished cowl measures approx 20 cm x 100cm (before joining).

** Please feel free to make and/or sell items made from my patterns, but please do not reproduce the pattern, and if you want to include a link back to me that would be lovely :)


  1. The cowl is very smart indeed, Jill! I love the choice of yarn and your pattern, and the buttons are a perfect finish, in my view. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Whenever the gift is received it should be treasured! xx

  2. Congrats you made it in time for Christmas :-)
    Like the simplicity of that cowl, it should match with almost everything!

  3. That is a really pretty cowl, good job and a lucky recipient! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Very pretty, I love the added embellishment of the buttons, a great gift.

  5. Love that yarn ! Blingbling never fails to attract my interest ;-)...
    So, Will your sister-in-law eventually get the cowl ? This year you are really well (and on time) prepared for Christmas presents ;-) !

  6. I'm so glad there is someone else like me, always late with things! The cowl is lovely and I'm sure s.i.l. will love it. Thanks for the pattern.

  7. Oh I really like that cowl. So pretty. Thank you for including the pattern.

  8. Lovely elegant colours, what a thoughtful gift X

  9. A gorgeous cowl and thank you for the pattern share
    Jackie x

  10. Jill, it is just gorgeous. You should be really pleased with it. Enjoyed looking at all your photos of you lot out and about too. xCathy

  11. Great cowl! I am sure that your SIL will love it and it is just the right time of year to receive such a gift, all ready for cooler weather! I have looked at that yarn quite a lot and never been able to decide what I would do with it so never bought any, but now I know! xx

  12. Send it for Christmas, plenty of time yet.... The cowl looks great. x

  13. You are brilliant! I love this pattern and I bet you make loads more of them.

  14. I'd run with sending it for Christmas this year instead! Or are you like me and do a collection of gifts? (I did mugs last year and have an even easier gift series to make for this year!)

  15. I am not very good with posting things on time either. Usually I finish them in time but posting... Sighs.

    The cowl looks great!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  16. Beautiful job dear Jill! I'm so envious of your "mad skills" as we say here in the states - Lol! I especially love the colors you used!
    Blessings for a beautiful weekend! xoxo

  17. It's really pretty. I think the buttons are the perfect touch. Very nice work!

  18. That is a very elegant cowl, and the buttons really make it special.
    I'm also known for being late with gifts -- but giving good ones. Quality counts, don't you think?

  19. Well hello Jill!!! Glad you found my blog and left a comment. Getting sorted for Xmas now is the last thing on my mind, I am bad like that, last minute, well do it all in December is how I do it. Shall read some more of your posts now.

  20. I do like your cowl, gorgeous yarn - and I think your sister in law will too. Thank you for the pattern!
    Caz xx

  21. It's lovely, and you're very well organised for this Christmas :o) Thank you for sharing the pattern. Jane x


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