Wednesday 23 September 2015

Quiet in the cottage

Good evening from a very quiet Emerald Cottage dear readers and friends :)
I've been cosying up inside this week, summer and holidays seem a distant memory now that Autumn has officially started, and temperatures have dropped accordingly.

My nest is feeling very empty - I have one child off on a residential school trip for the week, and one husband off to the US on business. The remaining Little People keep asking "When is Daddy back from holidays ?". Hmmm. I know there are presentations to be given and customers to schmooze but there also usually are in-flight movies to be watched, beer to be drunk and food cooked for you. That's a holiday in my book :)

Back here in Blighty I've nearly finished Sofia's baby blanket .... if you remember this is a gift for my neighbour's totally gorgeous little baby girl, Sofia. The rippling rippled along at quite a speed. I'm already planning another for a friend's baby, but really I need to finish Sofia's blanket first. It needs pesky ends dealing with - yes I know I could have done them as I went along but I do like a picture at the end with all those tails! Maybe it's just me ....? - and I need to decide on the border. I'm thinking a 3 row border of dc or perhaps htr, just not sure of colours. What do you think ?

Since I cannot possibly just have one project on the go at once I started a granny-square cushion yesterday. These two colours - pomegranatey-red and silvery-green are two of my favourite colours, and I think they work quite well together. The third round will be a darker green, I was going to use cream arran for the final round but I'm not 100% happy with it so as usual I'm dithering about the last leg as it were.

And, since 2 crochet projects on the go is nowhere near enough, I also have this pathetic little morsel to show for myself ....

.... but I'm hoping it will turn out veeeeeery sweet, I'm going for the "aaaaaaaaw!" factor. You will have to keep visiting to see what it turns into.

I can't remember if I mentioned before that I'm making up some little "Sewing-kit-in-a-jar" thingies to sell. My prototype worked quite well, the fabric is b-o-r-i-n-g but I didn't want to waste the good stuff!

I'm loving these, I would love to be given one, they are just so cute :) I think I may have seen them floating around on Pinterest, but if I owe someone specific some credit for the idea please do tell me :)

I've spent most of today in and out of my craft room chopping up fabric and cardboard for pin-cushion tops for the jars. Lots of fun! Here are a few of the fabrics I'm using. Which is your favourite ? I'm torn between the cream and red flowers in the middle, or the green and white polka dot. Or then again the lime green leaf print is pretty too. I just like them all :)

Each little jar will contain a pin-cushion-too, pins and needles, coordinating threads and trim, needle-threader, thimble, tape-measure and a selection of buttons. Oh and scissors. I bought some really cute little scissors but they were so rubbish it wasn't even funny. The handles bent and they wouldn't even cut anything. Useless. So the replacements that I've gone with are bigger, but they fold-up, and they do actually cut stuff! Amazing!

I'm making some wee needle-cases to match the pin-cushion-top fabric. It's like being back at school, I'm sure I made my Mum one of these at some stage. Probably with gingham since that's all we ever seemed to use at school.

Don't you love the little wooden bobbins - sooooo cute :). Currently they are sporting some funky stripey twine. I tried hand-winding thread onto the wooden bobbins - what a mess. I might see if I can use my sewing-machine bobbin-winder to do it instead, the wooden bobbins are way nicer than the mini spools I've used, they are on black plastic reels and, whilst practical, are not that pretty.

I have another project in mind for these little bobbins too, can't wait to share it with you, you'll have to come back after the weekend for that I think, I've promised the girls that they can help, and there may be paint involved, so it could get messy ....

Til next time,


  1. The ripple blanket is gorgeous I love the colours. All those pretty fabrics, I love them all and the sewing kits in the jars are such a lovely idea and would make a great gift for a crafter.

  2. Your crochet projects are all so gorgeous, love those colours on the granny squares. And what sweet sewing jars! My favourite fabrics would have to be the 2 end ones. And I'm very intrigued by your bobbin plan, look forward to seeing more of that.

  3. Your ripple is beautiful. What a lucky baby girl Sofia is! I love the idea of sewing kit jars, how cute. I love all the fabrics, I don't think I could really choose. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those bobbins!

  4. You've been very industrious! I like the blue fabric best and your pots of goodies are great. :-)

  5. Your ripple looks gorgeous!!! I am sure that the blanket will be very well loved and used. The little jars look really great too! xx

  6. I love your ripple. I actually don't bother with borders on mine. They look just fine without them. I do keep my tails woven in along they way as it feels much neater to me. I have to get mine done soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. I love the idea of that jar !! I was always a sucker for small sewing sets, but most of the time the scissors in them were crappy - well done that you've tested (and replaced the initial) scissors !

  8. Hi Jill just popped in for a catch up on previous blog posts I have missed and wanted to say your ripple blanket looks fabulous. Thanks for always dropping by my blog - you look as busy as me!!! Jo x

  9. You have had a very productive week Jill - I too love the ripple and as for the fabric for your sewing kits I like the blue with white flowers. Yes, I tend to think that about conferences too, yes you have to give presentations and make polite conversation but at least you really have just yourself to think about while you are away - I know because I've done it! Happy crafting!
    Caz xx

  10. You've made so much gorgeous stuff. I love it all. The baby ripple blanket is so lovely. I would do half trebles for the border perhaps using those 3 colours that are almost in the middle of your photo - pale pink, (possibly - hard to tell on the screen) maroon or wine and the deeper pink.

  11. I'm sure baby Sofia will lOvE snuggling up in her new blanket. It is so pretty. Your pin cushion jars are really cute too. I'm sure they will be big sellers for you as they are practical as well as pretty. Beautiful projects you have going on.

  12. Wow Jill! You're inspiring me to hit my crafting harder after all the work you've been up to lately! I love the colors on that striped blanket - what a beautiful gift it will be.
    I love the jars you're making - SO adorable!! What a great idea and they would make such a fun gift to give someone. I love the fabrics you're using - I vote the lime green floral on the end. Love it all though and can't wait to see those future projects you're going to share! You go Girl! Keep up that great motivation and rub some off on me please. ;)

  13. Great creativity! My husband has lots of socialising with work too,mans sometimes I am quite jealous of all the lovely meals out, but more often than not I am just happy to be at home. I love y,our little jars, they will be adorable gifts. The fold up scissors are amazing. X

  14. Ok that was supposed to say 'and' not 'mans'. How I dislike predictive text! X

  15. I'd definitely say he is on vacation, I mean there is time alone and that is vacation to me! Love the blanket and cushion, I am obsessed with getting those ends in right away, I can't stand to see them when I am done with the crochet part. Love your sewing kit, you are amazing.

  16. What a pretty blanket - perfect for a new little baby! I always think sewing in ends will be the' worstest' thing in the world, but somehow the finishing up bit (usually while watching some epic like Lord of the Rings) doesn't seem to bother me as much as I thought.
    I love the little sewing jars: I would buy one if I was at your sale! (then probably come home and make a bunch myself:O
    Happy Days!

  17. Love your sewing kits and all the beautiful fabrics you've chosen. You always accomplish so much, Jill. I'm sure your hands are never idle. Happy Autumn to you.

  18. Hello Jill, just popping by for a visit. As per usual your crochet is just beautiful ... that blanket & your cushion are going to look stunning. I love the colours you have chosen for the cushion. Now your little sewing kits in a jar are pretty divine too ... what a perfect gift. I think the cream fabric with the little red flowers is my fave, but they are all pretty gorgeous & vintagey looking. Happy making Jill x x x

  19. Your sewing kits are an amazing idea! I bet they'll sell like hot cakes ;) The blanket is gorgeous, and looking forward to seeing more of the cushion! x

  20. So many beautiful crochet projects! Can't decided which one I like best but I think I just LOVE the Sofia Blanket :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  21. Green polka dot. Definitely.

    And I love all the crochet projects! I'd do purple edging with a blue outline. I like the one you can do that has two colours joined together (I think Attic 24 did it first, but I used it on my Autumn ripple here;


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