Friday 26 August 2016

Bundle of fun

Hello dear friends and readers :)
We've been on our summer holidays from school for 5 weeks now, and gosh it's flown by. For the first 4, yes 4, weeks we were in our holiday house in Northern Ireland, which I'll get onto on another post, but for now I have to tell you about the latest reason for absence of posts here at emerald cottage. And this little lady is that reason .....

Cuuuuuuute or what ?!?!?!! We've called her Pixie and she has turned my life completely upside down! She is a dachshund or sausage dog, we got her at 8 weeks and she's now 13 weeks. The Maths whizzes amongst you will have worked out that we got her 5 weeks ago at the start of the school holidays - actually we picked her up on a Tuesday, school broke up on Thursday and we drove the 15 hour journey to Northern Ireland on the Friday. Not the best timing, but hey-ho, that's how it goes in our lives !

So our holidays in Norn Irn were a bit limited this time as we didn't want to leave her on her own for too long, but we couldn't take her out until she'd been fully vaccinated. 

Anyway, she is gorgeous. Sooo lovable and adoring and adorable and cute and snuggly and just perfect. The Little Peeps all love her and it's so gorgeous to see her gazing at them adoringly when they are tickling her. She's formed a really strong bond with all of them, and with me and Mr EC too, she is already firmly part of the family.

And actually I've been surprised at how the children have all stepped up to look after her, play with her and even clear up what we are calling "Pixie-dust" ....

There is of course total chaos - the afore-mentioned Pixie-dust, and chewing, biting, eating of shoes and anything else she can reach, eating the kitchen roll as you try to clean up the pixie dust, escaping the garden, digging up the carpet, shredding the sofa with her claws, not to mention shredding our hands and arms as she "plays", and the piece de resistance - eating her own poo! That's a thing for dogs apparently, who knew ???!!

She has already decided she is a big wool fan .....

.... so crochet is somewhat limited at the moment.

I did manage a bit on the beach (notice Pixie sleeping in the background) .....

.... and I crocheted up a little bag for Little Miss to use for her phone ....

(I forgot to take any pics of the finished article, sorry, but here we are plaiting the strap ...!

 .... and I also made some progress on my Lazy Hookers CAL blanket ....

Ive been trying really hard to get this finished cos I'm so fed up of having so many WIPs kicking about. I've only got 2 more large squares to go and then I can get on with joining. Which reminds me I must go and get some blocking of the squares done in preparing for that.

Til next time!


  1. Congrats on the new family member! Puppies really do turn your life upside down. Pup is now going on 3 and we are still her slaves. That poo thing goes away as they mature. At least Pup's did. Ewwww....but they are so darn cute you can forgive anything.

  2. Oh my goodness! She is adorable. Puppies take a lot of work, but they are worth it so much. She already looks like a devoted family member. I adore puppies. Enjoy!

  3. Now that is one cute dog, she is adorable. Puppies really are hard work but worth it in the end.

  4. Aw, she is absolutely gorgeous Jill! I bet you are all having bundles of fun with her. x

  5. I love the idea of Pixie Dust!!! And she is a real cutie; worth having a slow down on crochet for.

  6. What an adorable puppy! Love her eyes!

  7. Just look at those eyes!!! Beautiful addition to your family!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Your absence from here is understandable after all your Pixi is a very sweet little puppy! I LoVe the Pixie Dust idea, makes the scooping sound so much more appealing. Have a beautiful weekend with your sweet new addition to the family!
    Anna xx

  9. That is the best excuse ever for not blogging, a holiday and a new baby, welcome Pixie Dust!

  10. Awwwww Pixie is soooo cute but yes a puppy does take over your life completely. Enjoy the end of the holidays
    Jackie x

  11. "Pixie dust" is hilarious! I wish that's what my dog does ... here it's just poop (not cute) and no one will clean it up except dear old mom. Pixie is adorable, and I can just imagine all that loose and soft puppy skin. We had a daschund when I was a child, who lived to 16! His name was Skipper because he skipped when he trotted along (as all daschunds do). What a fun way to spend your holidays :)

  12. Considering you are integrating a new member into your family, that requires you to tend to all sorts of chores including cleaning up "Pixie dust" :) as well as keeping up a holiday "routine," I am very impressed you got such lovely stitching done at all, Jill! It will be fun to see more of your holiday report when you have more time to post. xx

  13. Pixie is so adorable, I can sree she is already a well loved family member. xx

  14. What a gorgeous addition to the family, now the antics will really begin x

  15. What a gorgeous addition to the family, now the antics will really begin x

  16. Oh Jill, Pixie is so cute! Have lots of fun with your new pup! :-)

  17. Oh what a fun way to spend vacation time - Pixie is absolutely adorable!!! Wish I could cuddle her right through the screen!

    I also just wanted to be sure you all received a certain letter sent from a certain Little in my life. ;) She asked me to check. Lol

    Blessings on the continued puppy time and enjoying the last bits of summer as they fly by! xoxo

  18. Ahhh She is so cute ♥ Love your crafting too ♥


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