Friday 18 November 2016

Five on Friday

Hello dear friends and readers 😊 Big hello to my new readers - and thank you all for visiting.

Today I am joining in with Amy of Love Made My Home with Five on Friday - thankyou Amy for hosting.
I've been meaning to do Five on Friday every week but I always seem to forget and only remember on Sunday evening. I know I could schedule a post but that would be far too organised.
Somehow I managed to remember today though, so here are five yarny things making me happy this week...

💛 mostly monochrome ripples on a blanket for my Mum for her birthday. I'll show you more of it once it's finished - which will be before Friday as I'm flying over to NIreland then, it's her first birthday without my Dad, so it feels like an important one to be there for her.

💙 massive delivery of scrummy yummy yarn, I have 3 mermaid blankets to make for customers, I'm going to be one busy hooker before Christmas!

💚 I found this yarn in a clearance sale a few weeks ago, with around 75% off. Clearly I had to buy it. Would have been rude not to. I've started a scarf with it but I'm not sure if I'm loving it that much, so it may get frogged and used for a more open work shawl type thing. I do love the colours though, very autumnal.

💜 I've been making a hat and bootees for a friend's new baby. Can you believe I've never made bootees before? New born baby sized are blooming fiddly. Not sure I'll make more again in a hurry. The hat's not quite finished, in case you're wondering why it's looking like more of a skullcap at the moment.

The patterns are from this book ....

❤️ I made this scarf from Simply Crochet issue 50, I'll share more pictures another time. I made it simply because I had a massive 500g ball of aran yarn in the exact colour of the picture in the magazine. The pattern recommends doing the pom poms first in case you run out of wool, but I am not one to heed advice, oh no, I much prefer to rush headlong into things. And then ... you guessed it .... I ran out of wool for the pompoms. So my scarf is pompomless. But I love it anyway ❤️

Hope you all have lovely weekends. 
Til next time,


  1. Wow! So many projects on the go, and all due before Christmas?! You're mother's blanket is gorgeous and I agree it's a good time to visit her. I think I'd rather run out yarn for pompoms than yarn for the actual scarf! Pompoms can be made in any colour really.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wow, impressive makes. Love the scarf, such a shame about the pom poms maybe add them in another colour as Wendy suggested. A great time to visit your Mum you will be able to support each other through.

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  4. Gorgeous! You are going to be very busy but happily so. :-)

  5. So much yarny goodness, I love that shawl yarn
    Clare x

  6. I also picked up some of that clearance yarn in autumn colours. The stallholder told me it was a discontinued line. It was perfect for the scarf that I made. Your shawl would be good too. I did find it to be surprisingly thin as a dk yarn. So a good swatch would be necessary if using it for something like a jumper where measurements matter.

  7. Love all of your makes my friend.

  8. There you are! I've been missing you. Blogger managed to lose my blog roll and I'm still hunting my old favorites. All your projects made me so happy. I need to go pick up my hook!

  9. Always love seeing what you're up to and what you're making my Friend! I love everything you're working on. Such pretty colors and beautiful yarn. ;) Blessings on this week ahead! xoxo


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