Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Hearts and flowers

Hello dear friends and readers :)
Just a quick post from me today, I took a small diversion from my various works-in-progress to make a little gift for a friend. It's her birthday and I know she has just redecorated her dining-room with a purple theme, so I wanted to give her something purpley for her birthday, and I wanted part of it to be handmade.

She is a huuuuge candle fan. Every time I go round to her house it smells divine, and she always says it's because she burns candles. Personally I do not trust myself with candles, having twice had near misses where I one time badly burned a wall when a candle fell against it, and another time the mat that a little candle-in-a-tin went on fire as the tin got too hot. Yikes. No nice smell is worth a house fire. Thankfully my friend is clearly much more candle-safe than me. I'd have loved to actually make her a candle, but just haven't had enough time - I got a load of candle-making bits for my birthday last year but haven't used them yet, I need to practice before I start making gifts for people. Maybe next year ....

I decided to stick to something a bit safer, and crocheted her a hanging heart. I'd seen this post of Lucy from Attic24's, which in turn references this post by BeaG on Flickr. You make two hearts then double-crochet them together and then stuff. Pretty straightforward. I also added a really simple little flower with a wooden button.

Such a simple little pattern that produces a really sweet little hanging heart. Hopefully my friend will love it, and maybe even in part because its hand-made.

I also decided to make her a card, I'm not very good at thinking of card designs, so I occasionally buy card-making magazines for inspiration. I found an old magazine with a kit comprising patterned card and some fun little sentiment greeting thingies, and sort of used one of their designs with a few small changes.

I used a white card blank from my card stash, bits and pieces from the magazine kit, and some sparkly gems for a bit of bling.

I'm giving her her present tomorrow morning so I hope she loves it :) I'll report back soon to let you know.

Til next time - be safe with those candles people!


  1. The heart is adorable as is the card. I agree with you on candles. I switched to the warmers but still have to mindful to turn them off when I leave the house.

  2. You're very nice to make such a nice gift for your friend! There is nothing better than handmade. I'm sure she'll be thrilled! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That is a smashing present Jill. Of course she will love it! Jo x

  4. What's not to love, such a thoughtful gift, stunning. I loved those wooden buttons, a real delight.

  5. That is such a sweet gift.
    I am in complete envy of your button collection!

  6. Hello Jill, I am so happy to meet you . . . Thanks for visiting my blog because it brought me here. You are an amazingly strong young woman. I read your "The Muscle Acre" post and it blew me away. That's the sort of thing our daughter would do . . . I pray for her unstop because she doesn't let anything hold her back. Not only are you strong, but look at your lovely stitching. I am in awe . . . I don't see a place to follow your blog, or I would. Thanks for popping in to say hello. I'm adding you to my favorite list.
    Connie :)

  7. I love hearts, might have a bit of a problem with them, this is lovely

  8. You are a good friend to have Jill. Lovely heart x

  9. Your friend is going to love her gifts, very thoughtful and lovely of you.

  10. I'm also afraid to burn the house with candles :-) But when I do lit a candle, I put them in big tube of glass, wide away from the edge of the table and make sure it's out when I leave the house.
    I think your gifts are beautiful and I'm totally sure your friend will love them too!
    Have a nice weekend,

  11. Such a pretty heart and I love your wooden buttons. We love our candles here. Always put them in safe glass holders and always double check they are blown out when we leave a room. B x

  12. That heart is so sweet Jill! And great job with the card!! ;) I'm sure she'll love everything.

    It's so nice they make such pretty flameless candles and scentsy kinds of things for safe burning, isn't it? Lol

    Blessings. xoxo

  13. Love this heart pattern! I have made so many as little gifts for friends .. Adding a beautiful candle is a great idea! :) xx


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