Friday 6 October 2017

Finish for the Weekend

Hello dear friends and readers!

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I hope you've had a good week. I haven't. I've had a bad tooth abscess which has knocked me for six all week. I've been to the emergency dentist twice, been on two loads of antibiotics, and even ended up at A&E for an IV dose of antibiotics. As I type its still extremely painful, and still got a bit of a lump on my cheek, it was about golf-ball sized, though I think its finally starting to go down a bit. So I've not done much except pop pills and sleep (or try to) all week.

But I was determined to have a finish to show you today. Its not a very exciting one I'm afraid. I made a cover for our remote-control box. How exciting.
We bought new sofas a couple of years ago, they are electronic recliners, and as such each side moves independently of the other. This means if anything (e.g. a remote control) falls down the gap between the sofa cushions, then it's lost under a heap of metalwork and is bloomin' awkward to get back. We needed a box hat was large and shallow because one of our remotes is super-sensitive and if you so much as breath on it, it starts up the playstation which then hums annoyingly. So we can't just chuck them all in a box because inevitably something sets it off. I found a shoebox lid to be just the right size.

And I decided to crochet a cover for it, as you do. So I started off in a nice soft grey to match the sofa. Well that was two years ago. Seriously, I have no staying power at all, its not a very big project and yet I still got distracted enough to put it to one side and work on something else. So we've had this slightly tatty shoe box lid lying around the front room for all that time holding the remotes.

Today I took one look at the shoebox lid and decided to finish off the cover for it. I wanted a nice inner to the box, so I cut a piece of cardboard (just from a cereal box), glued a piece of felt to one side of it to give it a bit of softness, then covered in this grey and turquoise fabric. I was going to get the sewing machine out but actually I decided that simply turning the edges under and hot-gluing them in place would be easier and probably neater.

The crochet starts off with a solid granny rectangle. I worked out the starting chain length by using the difference between the length and the width of the shoebox lid. I think. Well, it was 2 years ago. I can't remember what yarn the grey was, Stylecraft Special DK, in silver possibly. Anyway, I increased on every round until the rectangle was big enough to fit the base (ish), then stopped increasing to make the sides grow straight up instead of out flat.

After a bit I changed to a sort of duck-egg-green-blue, and as I started that bit just last week I can tell you that it is Paintbox DK in Washed Teal. I love these Paintbox yarns, so soft to work with.

And then it was a question of keeping going until it was big enough. I made the sides high enough so they could come up over the top and tuck down inside, to hide all the cardboard.

I used hot glue to attach the cover to the box, and put a really good blob of it into each corner to make sure it stayed neat.

And that's it. A really simple little make that should not have taken 2 years!

I'm super happy with how it turned out, far better than I hoped :)

And it would even make a rather nice little crochet-work-basket-cum-tray :) I see more of these in my future :)

Til next time,


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  1. There is nothing worse than teeth pain, hope the antibiotics work quickly and you feel better soon. Such a great make, simple but effective and inspirational I could think of so many uses. A great make.

  2. Looks very smart, well done. We have 2 DVD players as we wanted to play region 1 DVDs, we have a region 2 for the UK. Every time you put the region 1 on, region 2 player comes on as well. They are different makes of machine. We tend to unplug 1 now as it's easier.
    Sorry about the abscess, I've had 2 and know just how bad they are. The first one was at the front of my mouth - the crowned tooth had died. That was extremely painful and needed a root filling after antibiotics. The second was in the gum and after antibiotics the swelling went down (felt ill with flu symptoms) all was ok. I just need to floss to keep the gum clean as the abscess leaves a hole.
    All the best, Cathy x

  3. Poor old you, I hope you're feeling better now. At least you'll know where your controllers are with your swish new box. xx

  4. Your box is very useful and attractive! My finish is 2 hats for my grandsons. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Is this finish post done every Friday? I may just have to push myself to finish something already started.

  6. OH Jill! How awful about your abscess!!! I'm so very sorry and will be praying for you to completely recover this weekend!
    As for your darling little electronics box... I love it!

  7. Ouch! I can't believe you got anything finished with a bad tooth. They are just the worst. Feel better soon!

  8. Sorry for your pain and misery with the bad tooth! But, I have to admit to laughing hard when you said it took you 2 years to finish this project. I feel like sisters. Never would have thought to finish the sides in crochet. What a lovely box it turned out. Thanks for the inspiration since I don't have a finish this week.

  9. This is all the better for its history!!!
    What a great finish-it looks neat and polished now! TA DA!
    Hope you are on meds for the abscess-nothing to fool around with!

  10. WOW.This is a Great Finish well done you.I could never have done all that working out,very clever.I love the colours too.x

  11. I love your "finish" Jill! Alas, no finish for me this week. I hope this week coming up will have more margins. I'm so sorry about your tooth. That must have been dreadful!

  12. Looks like your remotes have a nice tidy place to call home. Finding one of them when they fall through the cracks is a nightmare. I have a small apple tv remote and I'm always scared I'll lose it . Keeping them all in one place is a good idea.
    xx Beca


  13. Really Great Work !!!!!
    Read our post for Mi Mobile Cover


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