Monday 11 April 2022

Podcast Episode 1

Thanks for visiting me here at my blog.  I have taken the plunge and recorded my first crochet podcast! I've been watching some other crochet podcasts and thought I would give it a go myself. I'd love for you to take a look and let me know what you think - be gentle with me! Hope you enjoy it :)

Podcast Epsiode 1 

Podcast Episode 1 Shownotes

I've enjoyed watching:


I am sending my Ukraine squares to Amanda Bloom


  1. Absolutely loved your podcast. I feel I know you a little better now. Looking forward to the next one x

  2. Well done, I'm sure you're a natural! x

  3. Well done! I wouldn't have the nerve haha, I haven't seen it all yet but will watch it in instalments, all your projects are lovely.

  4. How exciting. I shall give it a watch when I get ten minutes.

  5. High Fives to you. Your projects are lovely.

  6. Well done, I'll give it a listen tomorrow. Cx

  7. For some reason the video was lagging for me so your voice didn't always match the video. We have the worst internet connection. I enjoyed seeing everything you are making. Wow! Inspirational. That Janie Crow mandala is really gorgeous. I really wish there were ways to donate to charity here. I make for the joy of it and really just want to give it all away any and every way I can. :)

  8. Well done you! Your podcast was a very enjoyable watch. My favourite project was your sheep :)


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