Tuesday 21 March 2023

Elephants for Mosaic Family Support

Just a quick little post from me today. I saw a post on facebook from Mosaic Family Support (a charity for bereaved children) that they were looking for some crocheted elephants. I figured I could do a couple so I messaged them for the pattern, which they sent me straight away. It's a free pattern adapted from one by Amy's Crochet Cave, and you can find it here.

They were such fun to crochet, I love doing amigurumi, mainly because small things, fiddly as they may be, work up quite quickly so its a quick gratification which suits my impatient mind!

Here they are ...

Soooo cute!

That's it from me today, don't forget to go and check out my second podcast episode and drop me a comment or give me a thumbs up :)



  1. Cute doesn't even describe them! Wonderful!!

  2. Hello, oh my they are so cute. I love the colored feet.
    Carla From The River
    xx oo

  3. Hello! They are absolutely adorable!!!!

  4. The elephants are certainly darling--nice job on stitching two of them!

  5. The elephants are adorable!

  6. You are so talented Lady! The elephants are adorable! And I checked out the podcast and you're adorable too! Lol One day I will learn to crochet and knit and all the things so I'll better understand all the wonderful things you can make. 😉 I hope Spring is bursting out there. Still snow here - ugh! But it will come....right? Blessings. xo

  7. Oh my goodness! They are the cutest. And for a very good cause. Bless you.

  8. The elephants are super sweet, Jill, and so nice to know that they are going to a deserving cause. Good for you.


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