Monday 31 March 2014

Happy Happy Mother's Day

Here in the UK we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday. I was woken early (and really even earlier because our clock went back the night before) by 3 very excited children, eager to give me cards, presents, breakfast and of course heaps of kisses and cuddles.

Little Miss hand carved a piece of toast into a hear shape <3

Each of them had made me a card at school .....

..... and they gave me some lovely presents which, you may remember, I had "expressed an interest in", whilst shopping after our Roald Dahl Museum trip yesterday ....

...... a little chalkboard (for a future project!), a funky new glasses case, choccies, flowers ... and ...gasp... the book I had really wanted - Home Sweet Sewn by Alice Butcher. Oh my goodness this book is Divine. Full of gorgeous photos, drawing you in to Alice's world of homespun loveliness.

Like this family organiser - probably fairly impractical but who cares ? Its sooo lovely ....

..... and this glorious picnic blanket .... mmmm strawberries ....... feeling all summery .........

........ and.... a funky apple cushion, loving that zingy lime green .........

...... and another delicious cushion cover to make .......

....... it's so hard not to just show you every single page, they're all just heavenly, but that wouldn't be fair on the author really :) As you'll have gathered, I highly recommend it :)

Moving on from the book (as hard as it is to move on from it.....) just look at the cracking chocolate basket that these little chocolate eggs came in .......

...... nearly broke a tooth or my jaw or something biting into that one!

My presents all came from a lovely shop in Great Missenden, Buckingham, called Alphabet Soup ...
..... don't you just want to go in for a nosy ?

....... gorgeous flowers from the children  .....

..... and a lovely extra - a little miniature rose plant from my lovely mother-in-law :)

I really am a very lucky Mum :)

Little Miss had choir rehearsal (more on that later) in the afternoon which involved much running around (thankyou Hubby) which made the day feel a bit topsy-turvy, but - Very Excitingly - I started work on my Craft Room in the afternoon. I've been meaning to find some space for my craft stuff for quite some time and felt very motivated today to just Get On With It. Here is a picture of the room before ......

.... I know its not a total disaster but its very messy ...  :-/
I'm not going to reveal the after, mainly because its not even remotely finished yet. I have moved the bed out and replaced it with a table - which now houses my sewing machine - hurrah! But I would like it to be a lot more lovely before the grand reveal :)

I mentioned the choir thing that Little Miss was doing. In the evening she and her school choir performed with 10 or so other school choirs at the theatre in our town. I have to say, it was a jolly nice end to an all-round Lovely Day :)

Now, tomorrow I am hoping to share with you some pictures of the making of My Mum's Cushion. I can't leave you with that messy photo above so here's a sneak peek of the cushion .....

..... that's all you're getting for now, hope you all had great weekends. Please do comment, it is lovely to hear from you and I will try to reply :)


  1. Lovely day! Breakfast in bed, wow!

    1. I know! There was also orange juice, some pain au chocolat and a cup of tea :) Truly lovely :)

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Isn't it lovely to receive gifts you really want, I think someone must have been listening hard. I just love that heart shaped toast and the hand made cards, that's what Mother's Day is really about.

  3. I completely agree Jo :) handmade cards are so special :)
    Thanks for visiting, can I ask how you found me ? And be sure to come back :)
    Jill xo

    1. I'm afraid I can't remember how I came across your lovely blog, I often blog hop from one place to another and can't remember how I got there.

    2. Lol I know what you mean - and. "I was blog hopping" is a perfectly acceptable reply!! Please come back though :) xo


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