Sunday, 30 March 2014

Twits and Flowers

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Important bit first - if you are reading this and its tomorrow (Sunday) and you're in the UK ... did you change your clocks ? Remember they go forward an hour tonight.

On with the post - this afternoon I thought "I'll just see if my blog has any views". Well, actually what I really thought was "I hope there have been some views but I bet there won't because who would bother really, I'm not very interesting, how ridiculous to think anyone might have looked at it". Well, imagine my surprise and utter GLEE when I saw that not only had I had some views but I also had some replies!

Look, can you see ... 9 comments! (alright so 5 of them were me replying to the replies but 4 were from 4 actual real people!)

Thankyou soooooo much for reading and commenting, it really does mean a huge amount :D

We were very fortunate this week to have been given a Family Ticket to a museum. A Family Ticket for 2 adults and 3 children, nothing EVER is for 3 children, its always only 2, so we were really chuffed. Here is our ticket, not just any old ticket, no, this was a GOLDEN ticket....

Yes, a golden ticket for the Roald Dahl Museum. I did have to warn the children that there wouldn't be great glass elevators or rippling rivers of chocolate, and when the conversation then turned to Cadbury's World (also on our list to do) things got very confusing....

However, despite lack of chocolate waetrfalls and so on, we had a really lovely day. We are just at the tail end of Little Man still enjoying these things but he does manage to, despite trying very hard to complain of boredom.

There were lots of hands-on activities for the children, and everything was very Roald Dahl-y with illustrations by Quentin Blake, like this map of the museum, isn't it fab ?!.....

.... and the info leaflet, plus top trump cards that were the quiz trail prizes ..........

..... Little Miss and Little Tomboy wanted to buy Enormous Crocodile teddies with their piggy bank money .....

.... so there was lots of re-enactment of crocodiles eating various things on the way home.
But not before I got dragged into a couple of really lovely vintage-y shabby-chic-y shops, and told by Mr EC to "feel free to express an interest in something" - which he then, I think, purchased on behalf of the children for Mother's Day tomorrow. I will let you know tomorrow if he did notice what I (very loudly, and directly to the shopkeeper) expressed an interest in...

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Berkshire, I do hope it was sunny where you are too.
I need to get better at remembering to take more photos for you to enjoy, I saw some stunning displays of daffodils and primulas and hyacinths today, but totally forgot to snap any. Next time, I promise.

For now you will have to make do with a photo of my oddments basket .......

I often think the oddments look too nice and balanced, in terms of colour, to use. However I did use some bits and bobs to make some little flowers from the Inside Crochet magazine that I shared with you yesterday.

They're just so scrummy and dinky, aren't they :)  I love crocheting flowers, they just take shape so quickly, it really is sort of instant gratification crochet.
I thought I might use some and make a card for my Mum - I did send her a card for Mothers Day already but thought a second surprise (late lol) one might be nice too. Another job for tomorrow :) I think I'll do a few more with blue, green and yellow too, and make a garland for my fireplace - I currently have this rather unseasonal one still up .....

Just to get back to Mother's Day, I hope everyone has a lovely day whether or not you are a mother or spending it with your own Mum or whether its just another Sunday. I'm hoping for my expressed-interest-in pressie and of course lots of cuddles with my 3 special Little People. In the evening I'm going with Hubby and his Mum to see Little Miss performing with her school choir - lovely way to end the day :) What will you be doing tomorrow ?


  1. Just popping by to wish you a warm welcome to Blogland! I hope this space gives you much fun and happiness, I think you're going to love it :)
    Much love Lucexx

  2. Thankyou Lucy :) I feel a bit like I've just met crochet and blogging royalty :) Your lovely warm welcome does mean a lot, please do visit often :) Jillxxx

  3. Hi Jill, Welcome to blogland. You will make many blogland friends who will listen when you want to rant but also have fantastic tips whether it be about gardening, baking, crochet or knitting or some other crafty venture. Pop by anytime. Mitzi

  4. Hi there, looking forward to reading your blog! The Roald Dahl Museum looks great, we're reading James and The giant peach at the moment so I'll have to show my kids. : ) Have fun with your glue gun!

    1. Thanks! The museum was fun, I have a few more pics that I didn't post, there was a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Gate, and a big door that was like a giant bar of chocolate - the children were convinced it smelled like chocolate too lol

  5. Thankyou Mitzi, I love your avatar picture thingy - Crystal Tips and Alistair - blast from the past!

  6. Museum looks great, my two are huge RD fans, maybe we can squeeze the visit into our itinerary while in London in summer :-)

    1. How exciting that you're coming to London! I read yesterday that we are in for a great summer so I hope the weather is kind to you :) And thanks for visiting :)


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