Friday 13 June 2014

British Bunting

I think I might be a tiny bit a lot addicted to making bunting. You might remember the Blue Birthday Bunting  that I made for my Little Man - it was only last week:) I loved making it, and I had hoped to have loads more in different colour-ways made since then. That wasn't to be though - it's been a busy week - but in between haircuts, tummy bugs, secondary school visits, washing machine floods, homework traumas, children falling off bikes, and building a new swing set thingy in the garden, I did manage to make two 12-flag strings of bunting for my friend's daughter's fundraising stall at the local fair tomorrow.

With any motif-based pattern I like to do all the round 1's first, then all the round 2's and so on.
At the end of round 1 I had a decision to make - a sort of solid motif like the Birthday Bunting, or a granny square design. I made a 3 round motif of each to help the decision-making ....

.... so hard to choose! In the end I went for the solid design for my friend, and the granny design for my bike :) Hurrah, everyone's a winner! I spent as much time as I could working on the bunting in the garden .....

.... and it didn't take long to have a couple of dozen little triangles completed....

.... then of course I had to deal with the ends, join the triangles together and apply the blocking magic .... and ta-daaaa ..... here's a finished string of bunting decorating my herb planter ....

.... and on the new wooden fort and swing set we built in the garden this week ....

.... and tied with pretty ribbon ready to give to the recipient ....

.... and so on to the next lot, for my bike ....

I'm so looking forward to the weekend ahead - hopefully it will be dry, we are off the the fair tomorrow (looking forward to seeing my bunting for sale!) and this will be the Little People's first weekend with their new play equipment in the garden. I'm going to sit outside and crochet whilst watching them playing lots of their "pretend" games - houses, defend-the-fort, schools, obstacle courses ..... I love seeing their imaginations run wild :) It truly makes me completely content and happy :)


  1. Fantastic bunting and that looks like great play equipment too. It rained here over night but like you I'm hoping for a weekend outside in the sun. Have fun. X

  2. Lots of hard work with the bunting and building, but now it's time to sit and relax and enjoy it all!

  3. That bunting just sings out British Summertime! Have a wonderful time at the fair! Chrissie x

  4. Brilliant bunting, looking forward to making some of my own x

  5. Fab bunting. Enjoy the Summer Fair.

  6. The bunting's lovely and cheerful :) I'm a new follower, I love your blog and all your crafty makes! Hope the weather holds off for the fair :)

  7. It looks really cute, Jill. Enjoy the fair.

  8. Lovely bunting!
    A good idea for a boy room
    Miss xx

  9. The bunting looks great Jill!! It will be lovely for your friend I am sure and a set hanging on the fort would not look out of place either!! I look forward to see the set that you are making for your bike. Just like you I do middles and so on and have to be all in order! xx

  10. Absolutely lovely bunting! I'm not surprised you can't stop making it :)
    Marianne x

  11. Thank you all for the lovely comments :) I was a tiny bit sad to give the bunting away, but thats just a good excuse to make more :D

  12. Love bunting! It's kind of funny just how much I love bunting. It's just so festive and puts a smile on any face. Yours is of course very nice and I love all of the pictures. I have been slacking on the blog front. My computer wasn't working, come to find out that it was just the cord that needed replacing. So i will be getting back into it this week. Thanks for checking up on me, im going to go play catch up on your posts.

    Birgitta xoxo

  13. Hello Jill, would you be interested in joining a blog hop? If you give me your email I'll give you the details x


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