Saturday 20 September 2014

Not So Simple Saturday

So there I was, feet up after a long day, writing a blog post named "Simple Saturday", when suddenly there was lots of crying and fretting from upstairs. Hubby was supervising bath-time and with a heavy SIGH I traipsed upstairs - to find that Little Miss had shampoo in her eyes. She has a touch of the Boy Who Cried Wolf about her anyway, so I just got with drying her hair. She turned to face me - and Oh Dear Lord, her eyes had massively swollen up, raised red lumps all over her face, eyes, eyelids, she looked terrible and it was getting worse quite fast. She had obviously had an allergic reaction to something. We gave her an antihistamine, and phoned the out of hours GP. Next thing an ambulance turns up! Anyway, long story short, she is fine, the swelling has gone down, no further action required. Phew!!

So back to my blog-post-proper.
My week has been quite quiet really, but I think I'm still feeling the effects of the new school stress. It is calming down slightly, Little Man has been a trooper. He's going in despite his nerves, trying to be positive, tackling the homework, and putting up with the discomfort of stiff shirts and a tie, and the misery of a shouty PE teacher. It's hard work keeping the calm: I am a frazzled sort myself, so toning it down doesn't come easy. What with that and Little Tomboy's Birthday, Little Miss has been feeling left out. And what do children do when they feel left out ? Yes! They misbehave, whinge, moan and generally be demanding (and then you think they are crying over nothing and in fact their eyes are swollen up :-/ ). Add to the mix a poorly husband and it's been a right old barrel of laughs this week. Not.

By Friday I was ready for a large glass of wine and a big bar of chocolate, but I had to make do with diet coke and some cake at Little Tomboy's birthday party. Obviously no princess or pony parties for her, no, she wanted LaserQuest and only invited boys. Love her to bits :)

Her presents were suitably non-girly too. All her friends' Mums know her only too well :)

Easy and relaxing was the order of the day then today. Homework, baking and crochet. Little Lady goes to homework club - so her homework gets done there - result! Little Man needs 1:1 supervision when doing his, but one thing that I can do whilst helping him is crochet! Yay!

This afternoon was 4 hours (I know, ages, yes), of his homework but the last bit was Art, which doesn't really count as work does it?

Decorating selfies, brilliant fun!

While this masterpiece was under construction, Little Miss wanted to do some baking. She made some really lovely cupcakes all by herself, I only got involved for the oven bit.

Don't they look fab ? and they tasted pretty wonderful too :) Look, even Spider-Man likes a good cupcake :)

Crochet-wise I'm working on Connie's Baby Blanket, it's been in progress for ages, so is already very late (nothing new there then), but I'm loving the colours.

I'm employing my usual method of all the centers, then all the round 2's and so on.

This afternoon I finished all the green bits, just the white to go now. Nearly, so nearly there :)
Doesn't it look so pretty though, I'll say it again, I am LOVing the colours. Delicious :)


  1. Sorry to hear that you had such a scare with your daughter, I hope that all will be well now. It sounds as though you have had a very busy week indeed, perhaps tomorrow you will get to sit down and have a glass of wine in the evening. The cakes are brilliant aren't they, you definitely have a budding baker in your midst! xx

  2. I hope tomorrow is restful, includes that glass of wine, and there is no need for any ambulances! x

  3. Oh my goodness the poor little one, I feel so bad for her and of course for you. The week sounds a bit ghastly but look at you keeping your sense of humor and looking at things on the bright side. Crochet and beautiful cupcakes help.

  4. I'm sorry your week was stresseful. I hope tomorrow is much better!

  5. Hope today brings less stress and a sit down. Those cakes look amazing, she has , certainly done a good job bless her. The baby blanket is a real delight. Have a stress free Sunday.

  6. What a scare with your daughter, thank goodness no lasting ill effects. I love the colours in the baby blanket; pink and green is my favourite colour combination, so vibrant and fresh! X

  7. Hi! Sorry to hear you had a tricky time, but hopefully things will settle down for you now! Your kids' creations are wonderful and I'm loving your pretty crochet. It will be an amazing blanket! :)
    Enjoy your sunday!
    Ingrid xx

  8. What a week poor you.....fingers and toes crossed things calm down somewhat. I too had a homework morning, maths and spellings, but only about 30mins...full attention required so no crochet at the same time for me :( will make up for it this evening, back on washcloth for teachers gifts x

  9. Thankyou all :) LM is fine this morning, but of puffiness round the eyes but otherwise fine. Lovely relaxing day today :)

  10. Kids... lot of stress but lot of love also...
    Hope you have calm this week.

  11. Wow, what an eventful day! Glad that Little Miss is ok, and that Little Man is coping so well. There's such a lot of new stuff to deal with at secondary school, isn't there? :). It looks like the rest of the day was very creative indeed. Love the colours in the baby blanket x


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