Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ted's Bag

When we go on holiday, Ted comes too. He is Little Tomboy's faithful friend, and where we go, he goes. Before our last trip he set out what he wanted to bring - clothes, hat and pyjamas neatly folded and ready to pack. What's that Ted ? You have no bag for your stuff ? That will never do! We will have to make you one :)

A quick rummage in my stash yielded this perfect dinosaur fabric for the outer of Ted's bag, and a plain green for the lining.

I made some bias tape and top-stitched it together, to make little loops to thread the straps through.

Next I constructed the outer of the bag. The loops for the lower ends of the straps are pinned in, and you can see the two pairs of pins at the top which mark the channel where the straps will go through. When sewing the sides closed, I need to leave a gap for the straps to be threaded in.

The lining was very simple, turn a hem then sew up the sides.

The outer was turned right-side out, and the lining was left right-side in. Then I popped the lining inside the outer, top-stitched around the top edge, and also stitched 2 parallel lines to create the channel for the straps.

I had some lime-green bias tape that was a charity shop find for about 20p. Bargain! I cut two lengths for the straps, stitched it closed, then used a safety pin to thread the straps through.

And that was it, Ted now has a really cool dinosaur backpack.

Well done on packing your bag Ted! You're all ready to go now!

I wonder what adventures you will have :)


  1. Oh my goodness. Such adorable sweetness.


  2. You're such a good mom! And Teddy Mom! That is just adorable... now he'll be all set for the next adventure. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Jill that is such a brilliant post! When you asked 'What's that Ted?', it took me right back to watching 'Playschool' on TV when I was a child! Gorgeous bag too, you are very clever! X

  4. Oh yes! Play school! I always wanted Jemima. Humpy was a bit creepy I thought, and Hambel - where on earth did they get the name Hambel ?!

  5. Wonderful, a really delightful bag.

  6. Ted and his new bag are simply gorgeous x

  7. Jill that is fab, lucky sewing machine is lurking, broken and sad at the back of the understated cupboard...I must remedy that immediately!! Another job added to the bottom of the list :) xx

    1. The understated cupboard Hahahaaaaa!!!! I assume you meant understair but understated is SO much better !!!

  8. What a lovely post, so sweet! You're very clever to make Ted such a cool backpack, I bet your daughter was thrilled. Hope Ted had a good holiday :) (Big Ted and Little Ted were my favourites on 'Playschool' - ah, those were the days!) x

  9. You are the cutest most wonderful Mother ever. Your children are blessed to have you and of course so is Ted!

  10. That's a fab bag you have made for Ted!

  11. I was sure that I commented on this! I love Teddy's bag, what a great ted mum you are! xx


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