Sunday, 22 February 2015

100 Posts Giveaway Winners

Thankyou so much to everyone who entered my 100 Posts Giveaway. What a wonderful response :) There were 27 entries, and I had decided in my head that if it was over 25 then I'd pick two runners-up as well as the main winner.

Naturally such an important task as randomly picking winners required the assistance of a Helper. Little Miss volunteered and she had the genius idea of using her Squinkie (teeny small figures that come in a little clear ball) gum ball machine to pick the winning names. 

I wrote them out and my Helper folded them and put them in their balls. We then jumbled them up and loaded them into the gum ball machine. 

The lights were dimmed, their was an air of suspense and we held our breath as the plastic yellow coin was inserted into the garish pink and purple plastic machine, and the green plastic turny-thing was turned.

Out of the purple plastic door there rolled a clear plastic ball. (Lots of plastic around, eh). We opened it, unfolded the paper and .....

..... the winner is (drum-roll please) ........

..... the very lovely Anne of Crochet Between Two Worlds :) Hurray! Congratulations Anne :)

We repeated the whole exciting coin-inserting-green-twisty-thing-turning drama twice and two more names rolled out .....

Teresa from knitbakecultivate, and Gill :) Hurray hurray!

Helper (Little Miss) then decided it was only fair to personalize the hand-written names by allocating a Squinkie to each ....

If you lovely winners can send me your contact details I'll get your goodies packaged up and sent off. I have a feeling my email on my profile won't let you email me, but give it a try and let me know what happens! Sadly Squinkies are not included as part of the prize package. Bet you're gutted.

Love Jill


  1. Hooray for the winners, they will be thrilled.

  2. Congrats to the winners! I think you win the contest of who did the most clever way of picking a winner of a giveaway! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a great give away and I love the dramatic and colourful method of choosing your winners Jill! X

  4. Love how you did your "choosing" Jill! Lol The squinkies were an especially lovely touch. ;)

    Congrats to the winners! Happy week ahead!! xoxo

  5. The best way to draw a bloggy giveaway I have seen yet! xo

  6. What a wonderful way to choose winners!! Congratulations to the winners :)

  7. Wohooo! First time I won something! Sooo cooooooll!! Thank you!

    I can't open your email-address (can't figure out where to put the @ sign). Can you mail me, so I can mail you back? My address is anne.schueler @

    Take care and thanks again

    1. Head to table... I got it figured out now... Brain needs coffee :P

  8. Three cheers for the winners, and for you of course! I am now considering buying a similar toy for my next give-away... Have a great week.

  9. Yay!! Can't believe I got picked out of the amazing gumball machine!! You have made my day. Love the little squinkie chosen for me :) I will email you my details thanks so much!

  10. Congrats to the winners & what a great way to pick them too xx

  11. Congrats to the winners! I love the way you picking a winner of a giveaway! Simply amazing! Happy monday!

  12. That is a cool way of picking a winner! (and the squinkies are brilliant!)

  13. Comgratulations to the winners.

  14. Oh no and boohoo... I totally missed a few of your blogposts!!!
    How is that possible... I am so sorry...
    Anyway, nice give away and congratulations on your 100 blogposts!
    Lots os love from Mirjam.

  15. I love the method of choosing the winners, how great is that! Congratulations to them all!! Congratulations to you again on being such a great blogger! xx

  16. Oh my gosh that was so cute! Way more fun than random number generator!

  17. Oh my gosh that was so cute! Way more fun than random number generator!


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