Monday, 25 April 2016

Fleur and Fred

Last week felt like one of those weeks that drags on and on and on. I've no idea why really, just one of those weeks. To cheer myself up a bit Little Miss and I sat down to some sewing on Saturday - more on that in a bit.

Yesterday was the London Marathon, which as you know I'd planned to run. However with my Dad's passing I just felt it would be too emotional and distressing so I've deferred to next year. Thanks for everyone's encouragement, and I hope to make you proud next year. I need to thank loads of you for the squares you've sent for my Autism Blanket, I have over 100 squares which is lovely, now I need to get joining them together.

On the subject of squares ....

.... I have a nice little pile waiting to be turned into a cushion cover ....

.... I did actually start joining them yesterday with a slip-stich join but my tension was obviously way off as they just wouldn't sit right. I knew there was a reason to join-as-you-go. So tonight I'll be ripping out the last half or so of each round and doing what I should have done in the first place.

Does anyone else get this .... when I decide to rip something back I find the ripping out is ok but the decision to get there is harder. So by the time I get to the ripping out its all fine as the decision has been made .... but the look of dismay and pity that hubby gives me is hilarious - he sits there with this look of utter horror and his hand over his mouth and says things like "I can't bear it for you ...." ... such a drama queen lol

I've also got some bunting in progress ....

.... to use up some aran wool gifted to me by a friend.

.... and a bag that I started on the ferry on the way over to NIreland at Easter. I'd just heard about my Dad's death and I was a wreck, but I had to do something to pass the time on the boat so I just crocheted this yarn ....

.... into this granny square ....

.... which I'll turn into a bag at some point. It's this Sirdar Click yarn ....

I can't decide if it's gorgeous or if it just looks like someone's thrown up. I'm hoping a funky orange lining and maybe a flower will help.

I mentioned ages ago about a couple of blankets I was making. These have rather taken a back seat, but all the squares for the green and yellow one are now done ....

.... they are big squares, a good eight inched square each. The photo above is rubbish, the colour of the green is much closer to this one ....

.... and I've started the pink ones ....

.... actually I had quite a few more done but then realised I'd done them with a bigger hook so yes it was more ripping back .... I thought hubby was going to cry .... !!

Anyway back to the sewing that Little Miss and I did on Saturday. Ages ago I had bought this book ....

.... and I'd bought some groovy socks so we decided to make some sock toys. Little Miss made some tsum-tsums (no, I hadn't a clue either) - they are pronounced zoom-zooms and are these weird little blobs that have no arms or legs, just a head-body. I was going to take a photo but she's taken them to school I think.

I decided to use a flowery sock and make this little lady...... meet Fleur the rabbit ....

She has floppy ears and a flower in her ear ....

.... and a cute little tail ....

....but she was very lonely on her own ...

.... so I used a stripey pair of socks to make her a friend .... Fred the zebra ....

Fred has some very smart buttons and a bow-tie ....

.... and a fluffy blue mane ....

Don't they look sweet together ....

Til next time folks,


  1. I used to love doing little sewing projects with my kids. I still keep the books ( and the projects that haven't fallen apart) because they give me such happy memories. Gosh I wish I could get pretty socks like you have made Fleur out of! Both animals are really cute.
    Good luck with all your squares: I hate ripping out but really if it has to be done you just have to get to it. Love your Hubby's reaction though: it's nice he realizes all the work you are about to undo!
    I think running the marathon next year is a good idea. You will be in a better space emotionally and actually enjoy yourself.
    Happy Days,

  2. Wow, lots of different squares to play with! Your sock creatures are lovely, I wonder if it might be acceptable to have a soft toy to cuddle in bed? Hope this week is better. x

  3. So very sorry about your dad. Fred and Fleur are so adorably cute.


  4. Your little sock couple are too adorable!
    That's one giant pile of fun you have there in the crochet pile. You are inspiring me to pick up the hook again.

  5. Fred and Fleur are very cute. Good luck with joining the squares, I am sure the join as you go will work out fine. xx

  6. Sock friends Fred and Fleur are delightful. That looks like a super book and perhaps one to join the ever growing wish list. So glad you had a good response to the squares and good luck joining them together. X

  7. That is a lot of wonderful projects on the go. I actually love the yarn you used for the making of the bag. The sock creatures are amazing.

  8. Beautiful crochet projects. But my favorite? The sock creatures. I Am In Love! So very cute and how fun that you did it together.

  9. You are making good progress on many different fronts and in spite of the ripping out of rows, Jill. I think your choice of the flowered sock is especially fun :) One Christmas I made sock creatures for my then little nieces and nephews, but they lacked the lively character of yours. You are wise to give yourself some time to rest before running the marathon. Those who care for you are still cheering you on as you celebrate your dad's life while missing him. xxxx

  10. They are too cute!! I especially love the flower rabbit!
    Thank's for the inspiration!
    Have a nice day,

  11. I think you made the right decision to put off the marathon for a year. You've sure been creative of late! I actually have been doing lots of crochet too. I love both your little creatures, the flower bunny is my fave. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I thought about you on Sunday, pleased you deferred so you'll have a better experience next year. I still owe you some squares! Your other crochet is lovely and those creatures are adorable x

  13. I love those toys, so cute! And my oh my so many squares, I had a frogging party all by myself on Sunday, we could have had one together!

  14. Fleur and Fred are adorable! Sorry about all the ripping back, it is horrid isn't it, but has to be done, so funny that it upsets your husband so much!!

  15. Hi Jill! I can totally understand about the marathon and I think you made the right decision to wait until next year.

    I love seeing all of the projects you've got going. When I learn crochet (one day) and actually sit down to do it - I look back at posts like this and know what you're talking about. Haha!!

    I LOVE the sweet toys. So much cuter than a pair of socks! :) I want to snuggle them both right up.

    blessings on the rest of your week my Dear xoxo

  16. Hello Jill,

    Oh I love your sock animals, please make some more, they got so much character!!! And the socks totally fit! Perfect! :))

    Wow, I am seriously impressed with your amount of crochet here. Well done! I probably would have chickened out and just tried to block the offending squares.... I guess the best thing would be to check the squares as you go along (a sort of quality control) and reject the ones that are too big or small. Set them aside and use them for a mixed project! That way nothing would be lost!)

    Your click square looks very funky, I love it! A bag would be cool. Did you know that you can make a shoulder bag with 3 equal sized granny squares? Check pinterest...

    Wishing you a lovely weekend to come!
    Ingrid xx

  17. I can completely understand why you did not run the marathon. In fact on Sunday I found myself wondering if you were running it, and how that would be if you were. Beautiful crochet and the little sock creatures are very sweet x

  18. Fleur and Fred are just adorable! You have been so busy with your crochet, and the square made with click yarn would make a lovely bag...I like the idea of a vibrant lining and a flower on it. Good luck with the ripping back bit :( Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  19. Your little sock creatures are so cute. When I was a child I had one made by my grandma. They remind me of him! The ripping back of crochet is always difficult to decide, isn't it? I have to do it, as well, at the moment but once I get started it isn't that bad anymore. Have a nice weekend, Viola

  20. Gosh you are so busy with so many projects on the go - Fleur and Fred are cute!
    Caz xx


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