Friday, 23 September 2016

Five on Friday

Hello dear friends and readers 😀
Another Friday has rolled around and boy am I glad. A busy and very stressful week for me as you'll see when you read on. Today I am joining in with Five on Friday, hosted by Amy over at Love Made My Home . Here are 5 snippets of my week....

1. Major drama on Monday morning - I was out walking Pixie .... here she is on our walk ....

... and about 5 minutes later she bolted off, terrified by a (very nice, normal) lady, and managed to yank the lead out of my hand. She was then missing for the next 24 hours. It was horrendous. I couldn't find her at all, and after about an hour of searching I was in a real panic. I reported her missing to the vet, the dog warden, the pet shop, and posted on every facebook group you can imagine. My lovely friend made some posters and fliers with this picture of her, also taken that same morning .....

The help and support from the local community was amazing. I myself was looking in hedges and bushes until 10pm, in the day random people were letting me in their gardens and helping me look, loads of local dog walkers (most of whom I didn't know) came down to help, lots of friends, with their kids and husbands helped, and a dear friend brought me cups of tea. I searched and searched all around the local area for about 10 hours - my pedometer told me I'd walked 19km. Reluctantly I gave up at 10pm, it had been pouring for about 5 hours, I was drenched and couldn't see anything anyway. We left out a crate with blankets and water in case she tried to find her way back. As I was leaving another stranger approached me and said he was looking for her as he'd just seen one of the hundred or so leaflets I'd delivered. But I was so exhausted I had to go home. Of course our own children were dreadfully upset and none of us got much sleep.
Hubby got up about 5.30am and went to check the crate, but no sign of her. By 9am we'd got the children to school, hubby has gone off to work, and I'd just printed out a load more leaflets, and was getting ready to go up to where we lost her, with a disposable BBQ to cook some burgers (donated by another friend as I am veggie!) to see if the smell would lure her out, we were convinced she was hiding somewhere, terrified. I knew I'd look like a complete nutcase having a barbeque in the rain at 9am on a random pathway, but was going to give it a go anyway. Before I left the house my phone rang. It was a local dog walker - saying "I've got your dog" !!!!!  OH MY DAYS!! I have never been more relieved in my whole life. I raced out of the door to go and find them - and a few minutes later there she was !! We had a lovely, cuddly, licky reunion. Me and Pixie that is, not me and the man. Though I did give him a hug). And I'm trying to find out where he lives so I can buy him a bottle of whiskey or something.
She had been caught, tangled with her lead, deep in some bushes in a nearby field. The man's dog had found her and barked so madly that the man had gone to see what was wrong, and saw Pixie all caught up in the bushes. We think she had been out all night and had got herself so tangled she couldn't move. The man freed her and she soon perked up. She is absolutely fine now after her ordeal, although it might take me a bit longer. So stressful! Here she is having a snooze later that day....

So all's well that ends well!!

2. We've managed a few more walks this week and I've had the lead superglued to my hand. Everything is looking very autumnal - after all it was the equinox yesterday.

Lots of lovely berries around....

I love the colours in autumn, especially early autumn when the light is good.

3. More nature shots. This was the sky on our walk this morning, such a glorious blue sky, the sunshine is so good for the soul .....

 4. I've decided I really need to make more things from magazine patterns. As you all know I'm a magazine addict, and I do always have a tinge of guilt when I buy one. (Not enough of a twinge to not buy them though). So I spotted this little butterfly kit lying around, and found the magazine it came with - Simply Crochet issue 46.

About an hour later and I had 2 little butterflies, one fridge magnet, and one brooch ...

Aren't they cute ?

I'm thinking that making these would be a great way to use up yarn odds and ends. Little Miss has already requested some to decorate her bags. Oh and here is one of me wearing the brooch though the light and focus is terrible, sorry!

5. Finally here is a little sneak peek of Jack's baby blanket which I will be sharing in my next post.

That's it for now, hope you all have a fab weekend,
Til next time,


  1. Oh Jill! How scary to lose your sweet little Pixie. I'm so glad that a kind person found her for you. I can imagine how terrified she must have been all by herself in those bushes. Maybe she won't be in such a hurry to leave you again. :-). How kind of all of those nice people to help you look for her. The world vpcan be a very good place, though we usually only hear about the bad.
    Your butterflies are lovely. What a cute idea.

  2. Oh goodness what a nightmare, I'm so glad everything worked out well in the end and Pixie is safe and sound. What a lovely lot of helpful people you found. I should think Pixie's glued to you now when you go out looking for berries and all things Autumnal.

  3. Oh gosh what a horrid time you have had with Pixie going missing. I am so glad that she was found and returned safe and sound, good to know there are people who will take in and return a lost pet. I imagine that Pixie will be firmly on a very short lead for a while. Hope that all is Ok with you. Feel free to join Five On Friday if you want to. xx

    1. Ran out of time earlier to do all the linkup things, only just now getting a chance! At 2am!!!

  4. Oh, my what a story! Thank goodness she got tangled and couldn't get far. Our pup did that once and even though she was found fairly quickly it was a terrible experience. I keep reminding The Mister that the new Pup is a terrier not a herder like our former dogs and they'll take off if they get a chance. He learned his lesson the hard way.

  5. I am so sorry you and Pixie had to go through such an awful time. I'm so happy you got her back.. you're very lucky. I know you'll be keeping quite an eye on her from now on. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I am SO glad someone found your dog. Must have been so scary! Hopefully you'll have an event-free weekend.

  7. Mercy! I am so glad that Pixie's mis-adventure had a happy ending, but I am sorry for all the panic you and yours went through! The Fall berry photos are so pretty and I do think your butterflies are cute. Have a happy restful weekend, Jillxxxxxx

  8. Oh, I can imagine the stress you must have had when Pixie was lost!
    Poor you!!! Poor Pixie too! Once I lost my cat, she was accidently locked up in the neighbours shed. She was gone for more than 24 h and I was so sad when I suddenly saw her paw on the window of that shed! That moment, you can fly. It's like when you got that phone call, suddenly you can run faster than you have ever did :-)
    Those pets! So much adventure, but also so much love!!
    Enjoy your Pixie and have a nice weekend,

  9. Oh Jill I can imagine the horrors you felt that day. So pleased Pixie was found . Lovely photos. My holly berries are very prolific this year. Lovely butterflies:) B

  10. Thank goodness Pixie is back safe and well. It must have been a terrible 24 hours for you and all the family. The butterflies are very cute and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Jack's blanket - love the bobbly edging.

  11. You poor thing. Pixie will recover but I am worried about you! What an ordeal. I am sending you a nice, warm calming hug,

  12. Oh no. What an awful 24 hours for you all. My Anni (Black Lab) is scared of her own shadow and has managed to get away twice but thankfully she is more nervous to be too far away from me so I managed to catch her both times. We now go dog walking with a group of other dog walkers and she's becoming more confident so that may help Pixie too?!!? Glad she was found safely - what a total relief. x

  13. how scary to lose the puppy. glad all is well now x

  14. Hooray for the hero and his hero dog who found Pixie. She looks so comfy and snuggled in and glad to be home.

  15. Gosh, poor you, you must have been frantic with worry. Pixie looks unfazed by it all though! Cute butterflies xx

  16. What a terrible time you must have had, I was so relieved to hear you had found her. Love the edging on the blanket.

  17. Oh no! What a drama! I am so glad she was found safe and sound! X


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