Sunday 25 September 2016

Jack's Baby Blanket

One of my favourite things about a new baby (aside from the fact that it was someone else who had to go through the whole pregnancy and birth thing, and the new born cuddles and the basic miracle of life) is the opportunity to crochet a blanket! Yay! This time the blanket is for my friend's new baby, Jack. My friend is a very close friend, she was one of my bridesmaids, and her husband (then fiancé) was one of our Best Men (we had two!).

I've seen a lot of star blankets around, and I reckoned one of my million magazines must have a pattern for one, so I spent some time leafing through them (SUCH a chore lol) and found one in this magazine .....

It's really more of a book - perhaps a bookazine ? - but made by the same people who make Inside Crochet. They had this pattern for a 12 pointed star blanket, called the Celeste Nursery Blanket.

It was a fun make and easy make, the pattern is basically a ripple pattern but done in the round and increasing every row.

The original pattern had a large pompom on every point but I don't really agree with pompoms on baby things, so I decided to add a crochet trim that looks like mini pompoms. The pattern for the trim this one from Once Upon a Pink MoonOnce Upon A Pink Moon.

As you can see each mini-pompom is really just a popcorn/bobble style stitch, much safer for a baby.

The yarn was from my stash and was a mixture of random DK from different manufacturers, and I've chucked the labels away already so I can't tell you what they are, sorry.

I took some pictures outside today as the light inside is so poor.

But we had to come back in for a shot of the full thing, and that was an exercise in speed and efficiency as Pixie the puppy was desperately trying to keep the blanket for herself!

I'm looking forward to delivering the blanket to Jack and his Mummy this week, hope he likes it 😀

Til next time,


  1. New babies are lovely! And Jack will love this blanket, won't he?

  2. Beautiful blanket, love baby cuddles!!

  3. What a beautiful gift for your friend and the new baby!! I am sure they will both love it! xx

  4. Well done, Jill! I admire your work, and think you were wise to .make the edging as you did. Thanks for posting. xxxxxx

  5. It's gorgeous!! I made a star blanket a few years back for my niece's baby and I so agree it is a fun make. However I have to add I do like your edging it makes it that bit more special. They will love it for sure :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  6. Jack and his Mummy are going to be thrilled with that wonderful gift Jill. Well done,

  7. Just adorable!!! It's very unique-sure to be a treasure.

  8. Fantastic result, nice colours! Good idea about changing the pompons!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  9. Very unusual and fun. Lovely colours. :-)

  10. Such a pretty blanket! I know that Mommy and Baby will both love it. I made a Spider-Man blanket for my grandson with the same pattern about 6 years ago and he's still dragging it around everywhere! That makes me very happy. :-)

  11. It's beautiful! I bet it will be much loved :) Such lovely colours xx

  12. Wow.. that turned out gorgeous! I hope the mama will send you a photo of the baby wrapped up in that. You're very generous!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. A beautiful gift, one I am sure will be treasured. I love the pattern and the trim was just perfect.

  14. Hello Jill, just popping over for a visit - gosh that blanket sure took my breath away, it is just beautiful. Your crochet is just so gorgeous ... I love the wool you have used & the colours also. Your little dog in your last post is rather gorgeous too. Thanks for your visit to my blog Jill ...hope you have a super week ahead. Julie x x

  15. This is a beautiful blanket Jill. I would have loved one of those for my babies. x

  16. Ooh! A star blankie! I have never heard of a star shaped blanket before and I think it is absolutely adorable. Lucky baby Jack x

  17. The blanket is so nice! I think he will like it ♥


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