Thursday 31 December 2020

End of the Year

Today  is the last day of 2020, can you believe it? And what a year it has been. Who'd have thought, this time last year, what this year would bring, that this Christmas and New Year we'd be essentially still in lockdown, unable to meet many of our loved ones. Hard and strange times indeed.

But let's not dwell on that. This week, mostly spent at home apart from a few long walks, has been actually really lovely and relaxing. I've enjoyed the lack of pressure to be anywhere or do anything much, except crafting and walking - I completed my North Pole Challenge to walk 200km in December. 

I'm really chuffed to report that I did a 12km walk on Tuesday 29th completing the 200km well within the allotted time window :) This was a virtual challenge meaning I signed up online, completed the challenge in my own time at my own pace, and then later I will receive a medal in the post - sometime in January. I really feel I earned it (I enjoyed all of my walks, but rather a lot were undertaken in pouring rain or, at least, persistent drizzle) and I can't wait for my medal to arrive!

I've decided not to enter a January challenge, instead I have signed up for a "5 weeks to 5k" programme in order to get me running again, I used to run, and loved it, but putting on weight made it a lot more difficult. Now that I've shifted some of that weight I feel ready to get back to running - at least I think I do! Ask me again after the first run!!

I can also report that I have finished my  Attic24 Cottage Ripple Blanket - more on that in  my next post. But here's a sneak peek ...

My Stitchonomy stitch-along continues: part 3 - snowflakes - was released last night. 

It was all going very well until I realised I'd made one snowflake too narrow so of course I had to unpick a load of work and redo it. I'd love to be more relaxed about these kind of things but I just know they would always annoy me.

Oh, do you like my new needle minders ? Aren't they super-cute ?

I found them on ebay, from a little shop called Wood and Cat, I thought they were just adorable ....

I'm also progressing my Christmas cross-stitch - more snowflakes ....

... but now I have a decision to make. Should I keep on with this one, bearing in mind its only just over half-finished and is very obviously Christmassy, or do I store it away with all the other Christmas bits and pick it up again next year ? What do you think ? Also bear in mind I have umpteen other cross-stitch projects requiring my attention, including a new one that I received for Christmas, and one I started 20 years ago for the millenium !!!!

Meanwhile I have picked up another WIP to finish - the Triantan Shawl from issue 52 of Crochet Now ...

I'm using a gorgeous Amano Puna peruvian baby alpaca in a rusty red colour, its super soft, I'm really looking forward to the feel of it on my neck once finished. The pattern is a really simple 3-row repeat, even my tired old brain can keep up with it easily. I started it some months ago but it was cast aside in favour of something else, and then the work and the pattern got separated and the tired old brain forgot the pattern, so I had to wait until I found the pattern again before resuming!

Its working up very quickly though so I'm hoping to share another Ta Da with you shortly.

So how are you spending your New Year's Eve ? We will be on a zoom call with friends, doing a quiz and games night, including Countdown, Wheel of Fortune and Bingo! And lots of bubbly!

I wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year, may 2021 bring happier times for us all.


  1. your ripple blanket is so nice - I made one with other colors last year. I tried to email you early in thanks to your comment on my blog but it comes back as undeliverable - thanks for stopping by

  2. Wow.. you've been busy with outdoorsy endeavors and wonderful crochet projects. A good way to keep a positive outlook. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

  3. Gorgeous crochet makes! I do like the needle minders...going to check it out. Happy New Year x

  4. The needle minders are so cute and the crochet projects have such a wonderful texture! Keep going on the Christmas cross stitch!!!!

  5. We will be having a quiet night at home. Breakfast for dinner (a rare treat) and plenty of tea and knitting.

    Happy New Year to you!

  6. Congratulations on your walking medal--good job!!
    That was not easy!!
    I love your ripple blanket--so pretty...
    Hugs for a HAPPY NEW YEAR julierose

  7. Lots of pretty stitching going on at your place! And congratulations on your 200km! I walk every day, but haven't kept track of the totals in awhile. I just know a day doesn't feel right without a little time outside going for a walk! Happy New Year!

  8. Your needle minders are adorable! I keep telling myself to invest in some because I am forever losing my needles.
    Congrats on getting your steps in! That is a huge accomplishment considering the circumstances.

  9. Pretty Shawl I love that color and I can just feel the alpaca:) Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year Jill! Well done on your walk and all the crafting, can't wait to see what you're up to next year, let's hope it's a good one. x

  11. You've got so much going on, it's a wonder you managed to fit in all that walking in December, well done, you certainly deserve your medal. Wishing you all the very best for 2021. Happy New Year.

  12. I cannot wait until you share your medal! Well done, you.

    The coral colour of that shawl is absolutely gorgeous. I'd be racing to finish it.

    Happy, Happy New Year! May it bring us all much joy and good health.

  13. Your finished blanket is lovely, so colorful and I love the color of the yarn you are using for your new shawl. Congrats on completing your challenge, good for you losing weight and getting ready to run. Happy New Year Jill, so happy you are back posting.

  14. The blanket looks so pretty and that shawl will be gorgeous!

  15. Happy New Year, Jill, and well done on your challenge! The stitching is so fine and lovely -- just beautiful. That would be my challenge!

  16. Well done for completing your walking challenge. You've earned that medal. X

  17. Congrats on completing the walking challenge. I try to walk at least once or twice a day and am doing a yoga challenge this month. The shawl pattern looks absolutely beautiful. I have cross-stitch from the 80's that I've never finished. And still haven't finished my second born's birth sampler (He's 22 now). I used to do huge projects, now I stick with quick and easy. :) Wishing you a very happy, healthy new year.

  18. I think we are all delighted to see the back of 2020, though I think we have a ways to go yet to recover any normalcy, if ever. Let us hope that 2021 will be kinder to the world. I love your colourful ripple blanket and your sweet little friend. Gosh that is a lot of walking. Good on you. You have many lovely hand stitching pretties on the go. Loving the colour of your pretty shawl.

  19. Well done completing the walking challenge.
    I enjoy cross stitch too. All of your projects are lovely.
    Happy New Year!


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