Friday, 8 January 2021

New Beginnings

Hello and  Happy New Year to you all !! I hope you had a calm and peaceful, relaxing one; we did. We spent the evening on a zoom call with 5 or 6 groups of friends, we played Countdown and bingo and had a quiz: very different from the usual party we go to, but lots of fun nonetheless. There was lots of laughter and plenty of bubbly.

Since New Year our weather has been very dry but cold and I've been doing lots of walking so I've decided to sign up for another 200km this month.

I've managed to get out for a walk pretty much every day, sometimes with Pixie, sometimes with hubby, sometimes with both, and sometimes with friends.

Often I walk past "spoonville", a little area where lots of local children have "planted" decorated wooden spoons. This initiative began during the first lockdown and continued to grow all through the summer months.

A lot of the spoons are looking a bit worse for wear after being there for so long - the elements have taken their toll - but a few are still looking at least a little decorated, including the rather resplendent Father Christmas, which is obviously quite a recent addition.

A local lady has put together a "gingerbread trail" for the children to follow, here's one of the gingerbread men - actually this one is a gingerbread girl ... the trail is made up of laminated mini-posters attached to lampposts. We also had a Halloween trail and a scarecrow trail last year.  I love that there is so much for the children to look out for to help get them outside with a purpose. 

There is also a house that I pass that has decorated its front tree with lot of hama bead decorations. The lady who lives there has made them for children (and some adults!) to spot whilst walking. They certainly brighten up the otherwise bleak landscape.

I say bleak landscape, but there are always bright splashes of colour to be found if you look hard enough.

And some houses still have outside Christmas decorations up, I particularly like this very wintery tree with its beautiful silver baubles...

Back indoors, my hyacinth plant is looking rather marvellous .....

The blooms are so massive I've had to string it up a bit and prop it up against the window to keep from falling over. It probably needed a bigger pot but I never got round to replanting it. I think it looks pretty amazing though  actually and it smells divine.

Meanwhile there is plenty of crafting going on. As is my usual style I have tons of projects on the go and am starting a couple of new ones too. I'm just about to start a year long needlework "blackwork" project. This is where you stitch a repeating pattern, traditionally in one strand of black embroidery floss, though this particular project has muted rainbow colours - how gorgeous will this be at the end of the year.... each block is a different colour and pattern, with the patterns being released weekly by peppermint purple.

I decided that I'd do this project from my stash, and not buy any new floss for it, so I had to delve into my little wooden embroidery floss box thingammy which I inherited from my friend's Mum.

It needs a bit of a sort out, though I was able to find all the colours I wanted to use.

The other new project I am starting is the Meadow Cal from Lucy at Attic24. The first section is being released today, so I'll be working on that over the weekend no doubt. Just look at those colours - gorgeous...

And finally Gaynor, who runs my local crochet group, the Barkham Hookers, is going to be doing a chunky poncho Cal which I'd like to have a go at as well. I don't have a link for that, but when I do I''ll share it with you. Its going to involve some serious stash diving as I have a lot less chunky yarn and have no idea where it is. It could get very messy ......

I'm still working on my stitchonomy SAL ... look at the little reindeer  aren't they so cute!

... and work continues on the Christmas cross-stitch. I rather suspect t will turn out to be an Easter cross-stitch though, what with all the other projects going on. I am very far from being a monogamous crafter.

My Triana Shawl is getting quite big now ...

... I'm onto the last skein of yarn, oh I can't tell you how excited I am to finish this one and get it blocked, its so soft and gorgeous.

Well, I'm just off for another wintry walk - its very very cold today and threatening to snow - it will only be a little I'm sure, but its trying !!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Spoonville? Love it! So creative. I'm crocheting a cardigan and am just about to get to the point of the sleeves. First big clothing project for me. I am out in the boonies, so my walks are on the treadmill for the winter. It's still a good way to stay fit. Have a nice weekend.

  2. I will look and see what Lucy has created at the attic - I have made several of her blankets. I love the spoonville - how creative - the sewing box for the threads look like one my daughter has gotten from her mother in law - I'm not sure how old it is it might have belonged to her husband's grandmother

  3. Lucy (the Queen of Colour) has so many wonderful projects and her blog alone is always a delight to visit.I remember crocheting one of her bags awhile back. Spoonville is marvellous! I do like the idea of the different trails for the children to do...really brilliant. One positive thing that can be noted from the pandemic situation we are all living is the enormous surge in creativity that it has provoked. I am amazed at the wonderful ideas and initiative people have had since all this started. Enjoy your weekend Amanda x

  4. Happy New Year!
    I love Spoonville! What a great idea. All your projects are so colorful and happy. Thanks for sharing. It's so gray and dismal here I could use a dose of sunshine.

  5. Beautiful pics! The project plans are going to be so much fun-great variety , too, which will keep your attention!

  6. Spoonville is lovely what a great idea, it's lovely to have something the whole neighbourhood can get involved with. I like all your embroidery I had a quick look at peppermint purple she has some beautiful designs. Yes Lucy's CAL has started today but I'm afraid I daren't start yet another blanket I have too many as it is. I think I'll have a look in my stash and see if I have enough to use the pattern to make a scrap blanket for charity. I hope you enjoyed your walk I'm afraid it's too cold for me to venture outside. Have a lovely crafting weekend. x

  7. Your new year is going to be FULL of color. I love seeing your floss all laid out for your project. It's so cheerful.

  8. Hi,
    Spoonville is a fun idea.
    We went cross country skiing yesterday afternoon and we saw an owl. :-)

  9. This is a lovely, colorful post! Spoonville is such a cute idea. In one of our parks the children created a little village of painted rock people and animals. I admire the creativity that comes from times like these.

  10. Thank you for visiting me in my small corner Jill. It is always lovely to meet new friends in blogland.
    Your blackwork project sounds wonderful. I have tried a very simple version of blackwork using black and gold threads which looked quite effective but your rainbow will be fantastic. Hope you enjoy all the other projects you are planning this year.
    Happy weekend x

  11. Goodness, what a lot of projects! All those gorgeous colours to look at while it's so grey outside. I love the spoonville idea, great fun for the children. x

  12. Oh, I love Spoonville, how quaint, and how lovely that people in your neighbourhood are getting so involved in activities for the children. You've certainly got plenty on projects to keep you occupied, I like to have a few things on the go so that I don't get bored working on just one thing.

  13. You are incredibly productive! And your work is really beautiful and ambitious. And I adore Spoonville. What a clever idea -- and some are holding up very well. I haven't been on my walking path for a bit (snow) but now and then I see people adding a bit of decoration to a branch -- a bauble or bow or pumpkins in October, which the critters love! I think you live in a fine neighborhood!

  14. So much lovely crafting to see. I am sorry I have not popped over for such a long time... I thought you had finished blogging but you must have been on a bit of a break and I got out of the habit of stopping by. Enjoy your crafts over the coming months and I will surely pop in again. Jo x

    1. Hi Jo, no worries, I was AWOL for a couple of years! Just life getting in the way. Just started up again couple of weeks ago. xxx

  15. You've been busy! I love the spoons, what a lovely idea. The colours for the CAL are great aren't they, really pretty. And just the right time of year to start a blanket.

  16. SO much good stuff here - but I have to say I am now in love with Spoonville!

  17. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for visiting me!
    You have some nice crafts going on here, of which I especially like your cross stitch - I’ve cross stitching too recently! Your shawl looks fab!
    Look forward to following what you do next.
    Barbara x

  18. Oh Spoonville is just perfect! Your CAL and all your projects look great! I am doing a sock along later in the month:)

  19. So great that the community is providing things for walkers and children so that they don't get completely bored.

    And I love the scent of hyacinth also; it's one of my favourites.

  20. Hellooooo lovely Jill!! It's so nice to see you back here. ๐Ÿ˜Š I love seeing the fun crafts you're up to these days and that you're all doing well. Your community is so creative! I love that, and what treasures to find along a lovely walk. I need to dive back into crafty time. I've been a horrible slacker. But I have been very good about my increased working out since Jan. 1 so I guess baby steps and add a little at a time. Lol
    Blessings to you. ๐Ÿ’•

  21. Jill, I love your wintry walk!!! All the colors are beautiful, and I am especially fond of Spoonville. Pixie is adorable!! I have Phoebe, also a dachshund, and Percy, a toy poodle. The road you travel looks delightful. So do your lovely projects.
    Many blessings,

  22. Hi Jill! So nice of you to pop in and visit me at my blog--always love seeing new bloggers visit and discovering their blogs, too :) Your new year has been filled with so much creativity and it's just begun--love seeing your stitching especially, of course! Spoonville is adorable and Pixie is darling. My grandmother had a dachshund for many years that we were all terrified of--he wouldn't let anyone in the house as he was protecting her. Unfortunately, that extended to her own family members :) I'm sure your little Pixie is much nicer. Have a great day!


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