Friday 1 September 2023

Dr Dog

 Hi lovelies,

Just a really quick post from me today. Last week I pattern tested "Dr Dog" for the lovely Olga of @crafts_by_olga on instagram. Isn't he cute ?

He was made using Ricorumi 100% cotton with a 3mm hook. Here's a photo of me with my new Ricorumi set ...

... I treated myself to the Ricorumi pack specifically for doing amigurumi, the pack contains 60 x 25g balls in every colour imaginable. Divine! I found it quite hard to break into it as I just wanted to gaze at its beauty!

Anyway Dr Dog was very quick to make: head, ears, arms, tail all separate and then sewn onto the body which was all one piece with the legs. His coat was then separate and the pattern called for a little name tag to be hand embroidered ...

He even has a little stethoscope (which was very fiddly to do!) ...

.. and his glasses were fashioned from some jewellery wire that I had sitting in a random box in my craft room. They're a bit skew-whiff but I think it adds to his character. Overall I totally love him, and he has already been claimed by child number 2 (who is now 18 by the way!).

Til next time,



  1. He is so cute. Amigurumi is on my list of things to try but I'm not very good at crochet in general so I'm a bit lacking in confidence when it comes to trying something which looks rather complicated.

  2. What a sweet looking doctor!!! You've done very well on this project!

  3. Love the doctor and the glasses, too cute!

  4. Adorable! I feel your pain about breaking into that pack. I've got a few of those in my stash that I just couldn't bear to tear into. I just like to admire them the way they are.

  5. Fantastic! I love that pack of wool, you can't possibly use any of it!

  6. Cute as can be.. and well done thinking up the way to make the glasses for our Doctor. :-)

  7. Lovely doggy. When I had more space I had on display a basket full of beautiful sock yarn, better than flowers really. So I can well understand your desire to keep that lovely yarn collection, enjoy it whatever you do.

  8. Dr. Dog is adorable, Jill! I can tell that he is a deep thinker.

  9. Dr Dog looks fantastic with his stethoscope and those big glasses. They almost seem to make his eyes even bigger. I bet he could be a right little character on the quiet. All those beautiful tiny balls of colour, it will be hard to start using them but I know you will find the perfect project.
    Loving your podcasts Jill.
    Beverley (formally meandmysmallcorner)


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