Sunday, 17 September 2023

Mint Summer Shawl

Hello and thanks for visiting! Back in August I signed up to do a pattern test for Yulia of Semklitas_stitch. The Mint Summer pattern was for a shawl using one ball of Scheepjes whirl yarn, and I had a couple in my stash. One was called Minty Black Velvet and so this seemed perfect for the Mint Summer shawl. I worked on this the first week of September and had it competed in a few days. Its quite a dense pattern in that its not lacy, there are very few holes, and so there is a LOT of stitching.

One of the stitches was this groovy thing where you work a dc2tog into the stitch itself and the next stitch, I have never seen this done before so this was a new one to learn. With a 4 row pattern repeat and no counting it was fairly easy, and an adventurous beginner could easily tackle this one.

I love how the colour changes so gradually in a whirl, its very clever how its done. And when blocked it has a beautiful drape.

I used a 4mm hook, and ran out of yarn so I suspect I should've used a 3.5 mm or smaller. But running out of yarn doesn't seem to have affected the outcome, I think its gorgeous and its a lovely light, breathable shawl as its a cotton-acrylic blend.

I'll be back soon with a lovely scarf to show you, see you then,



  1. What a beautiful shawl. That yarn is so pretty. I love looking at shawls, but I know that I just don't use them.

  2. What lovely colors! It's going to be very cozy in the not too distant future.

  3. This turned out beautifully! I can see how it drapes and the color shift is perfect!

  4. The shawl is very beautiful and the colors are lovely!

  5. That's a beautiful shawl, Jill! I love the colors in it. I'm just a novice crocheter, but would love to make something like that one day!

  6. so beautiful and the colors are cheery for nearly all the warmer seasons!!

  7. Beautiful shawl and such lovely colours.

  8. Beautiful! I've always wanted to get a few done for funeral shawls. Unfortunately, there have been too many funerals in our friends and families lately. I just can't seem to find one I like, or even had the time to make for them. I love your colors.

  9. Beautiful, and I agree, I like how the color changes gradually.


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