Monday 7 April 2014

Easter Fayre

The Easter holidays are in full swing, and we've packed in loads of fun already - baking, running, puzzle-building, and of course some crochet therapy :) My flower garland is taking shape nicely as you can see.

This afternoon we walked out to one of our local parks, where our school's Easter Fayre was being held. Unfortunately it was a bit damp and drizzly, but that didn't stop us! Not with the promise of sweeties to win, and possibly even an Easter egg :)


We visited the glass painting stall, run by my friend Helen of GladysGlass. I've been on one of Helen's glass painting workshops, a really relaxing yet inspiring way to spend a few hours :)
Anyway, at the Fayre Little Miss and Little Tomboy had a go painting some wired jars .......
...... which can be used as lovely little candle holders for hanging in the garden (or maybe they will hold marbles, or pencils, or beads, or sweeties, or who knows)

We won Easter eggs on the tombola .... (must confess we did have to persevere to win 3 eggs and avoid a mutiny)

... and, amazingly we won the teddy on the "Guess the Teddy's Name" stall .... the lucky name we chose was Chocco :) Isn't he gorgeous ?

I treated myself to this sweet pink bird feeder. Not entirely sure if the pink will attract the birds, but even if they aren't interested , it will still look colourful in the garden.....
... that's it next to my Mother's Day flowers which are still looking lovely :)

Finally, it was time to draw the raffle - Little Miss and Little Tomboy helped draw the winning tickets - and  - I promise it was not a fix - but - I won a bottle of bubbles - hurray! Cheers! We were just leaving when the teachers running the cake stand called out to us and practically forced us to take home a tray of cakes going cheap as it was the end of the afternoon. So it was Afternoon Tea for dinner ......

Yummm! Sometimes picky finger type food is just the best don't you think ? A bit like a mini-party, and of course has the benefit of being so simple to put together and minimal clearing up afterwards :)
Speaking of which, I may have go and tidy up another cake or two ....

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