Saturday 5 April 2014

Little Flowers

Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, The Easter holidays start today :)
I spent mt last child-free morning mooching round craft shops, and bought, yes you guessed it, more wool. Well, I spotted colours I didn't have already so obviously I HAD to buy them, in case, you know, um, er, ..... .... I think my wool stash has reached some kind of critical mass, I really have to sort out storage for it. So that's my plan for the weekend.

On the walk back from school Little Miss worked very hard selecting just the right dandelions with which to make a mini bouquet, which she presented to me when we arrived back home :) So sweet :)
It really is the simple things that make me happy :)
On my charity shop browse the other day I had found a lovely chunky square glass jar, with a cork stopper, destined for my craft room, and to store ribbons or bobbins or something. However it was still empty and Just The Right Size, so in went my little posy ....

Speaking of little flowers, my pile of crochet flowers is's a little peek ..... more over the weekend on those!

As it was an early finish for the children today, we decide to do a spot of baking - banana muffins to use up the gone-brown bananas that were lurking in the fruit bowl.
I've written out the recipe at the end of this post. My oven burns most things (really, it is the oven, it isn't me, honestly) and yet I manage to make these pretty well. Well they all get eaten, put it that way!

So the girls donned their aprons .....

.... and we got all the ingredients out ... only to find there was no sugar - aarggghhhh ...... so I made an emergency trip to the corner shop.... after all, the aprons were on by this stage, so there was no going back ....

 Once the ingredients were all present and correct, the Banana Squidging team got to work ....

.... everything was put in a bowl and stirred extra well .....

.... and spooned into the muffin cases ....

... while the muffins were baking in the oven, the girls got to the best bit ..... licking the bowl ....

 .... and shortly after they were ready ......mmmmm.......

A perfect end-of-school-start-of-Easter-holidays treat :)
We have 5 left for tomorrow, so I make that 1 each, unless we make some more .....

Here is the recipe, it is so simple, give it a try and let me know how it turns out :)

Banana Choc-chip Muffins
(makes 18)

3-4 soft bananas
pinch of salt
6oz (170g) melted butter
1 teasp bicarbonate of soda dissolved in 1 tbsp water
6oz (170g) caster sugar
1 egg
9-10oz (270g) plain flour
large handful chocolate chips

1.Preheat oven to 160 degC
2. Grease muffin trays and line with muffin cases
3. Mash up the bananas
4. Mix all ingredients together and stir until evenly mixed
5. Place desert spoonful in each muffin case
6. Bake for about 12-15 minutes. Muffins are ready when a skewer comes out clean.


  1. Just been given a bunch of brown by bananas by my friend as she knew I would do something with them I'll have a go at your muffins and the rest will go on banana and chocolate buns. I have tried to add you to my blog list, but despite telling me it's saved you, you're not coming up on my list at the moment, will keep trying. L Anne

    1. Thankyou Anne :) And enjoy the muffins :) Let me know how they turn out xx

    2. One word Jill delicious!! I also got you on my list.


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