Wednesday 20 August 2014

August Break Day 7 : Today Is ...

Hello and welcome to Day 7 of the August Break.
Day 7's theme is "Today is...".

Today is ... a day by the pool.

Bottled water - trying to keep Little People from dehydrating
Sunblock - why have we never used an aerosol before - way easier to spray Little People
Diet coke - to keep Mummy and Daddy from dehydrating (don't worry, we are having water too)
Bowl - of tortilla chips to munch on, all that swimming makes you hungry
Plastic bag - un-classy way to store your crochet whilst traveling
Purple glasses case - I constantly switch between regular specs and prescription sunglasses
Big red thing - iPad which hubby bought me (at the airport) and surprised me with on our anniversary :)

ps: still making up the August Break rules as I go .... :)


  1. What a nice hubby! I'm off to the pool too.. to lap swim with Gracie. Can't believe August is nearly over. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sounds as though you are having a great time!! xx

  3. Sounds great, what a generous husband.

  4. Lucky you - looks like you are having a good time, and a great present too. :) x

  5. Oh you lucky girl :) It took a while for me to really like my iPad but once I figured out its awesomeness it's never too far out of reach, enjoy it!
    Birgitta xx

  6. I love that you are making up your own rules for the August Break! Wonderful gift from your husband, I love my iPad, you'll have so much fun with yours I'm sure X


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