Thursday 21 August 2014

August Break Day 8 : Selfie

Hello, and welcome to (the-yes-I-know-it's-late) Day 8 of the August Break.
Today's theme is Selfie.

I quite like the anonymity that blogging affords, but I'll make an exception today.
This is my hubby and me, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary whilst here in Florida. 

When filling in the date on something at one of the Disney parks, I mentioned that I knew the date because it was our anniversary. The Disney person (sorry, Cast Member), fished about behind the desk and produced these badges for us :) Nice! All day people were calling out to us. I have never had so many different people wishing us "Happy Anniversary!", it was really lovely :)

We made reservations at one of the more fancy Disney restaurants, and at dessert time our waiter brought out this really cute little pudding with candle and chocolate message .....

Cute AND delicious :)


  1. Awe! So sweet . That is a lovely pic of you and your husband. You both look so young! ( and in love) X

  2. Happy anniversary, a lovely place to celebrate. I am a great fan of Florida and of Disney World.

  3. Aww!!! Happy Anniversary!!! A great way to celebrate, glad that you enjoyed yourselves. xx

  4. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *A*N*N*I*V*E*R*S*A*R*Y*!*!* - what fun to have your special day at such a special place!

  5. You two are so adorable. Happy number 12, I wish you many, many more wonderful years together.


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