Saturday 9 August 2014

Bicycle Bunting

A while ago I posted about the British Bunting that I'd made. Around the same time I had started some bunting for my bike. Well, it turned out to be one of those annoying little WIP's that you know will take 15 minutes to finish up if-only-you-would-just-get-on-with-it but somehow you never do.

Today I finally got fed up of looking at the unfinished triangles sat there all high and mighty in their little bowl, taunting me and daring me to actually complete them. Well, I was having none of that, so out came the hook, and I beat that bunting into shape in no time.

I completed the final round of a few triangles, and dealt with the pesky ends.

The triangles were then crocheted together by slip-stitch-crocheting all along the top edges, leaving no spaces in between. Oooooo look. very pleasing, isn't it :)

By accident (ie because I am disorganised and never write things down) I used too small a crochet hook for the final rounds, however once attached to my bike basket there is a rather plush 3-D effect to it, which I quite like. And as I was attaching it directly onto the bike at the top edge and the bottom point,  I didn't bother with any blocking (GASP).... so ... what do you think ... ?

My bike is boring old "mountain-bike", about 20 years old, with no suspension and the gears are a bit shoddy. But I do so love it. The newish basket is boring black metal, not a lovely retro-ish wicker one, so the whole ensemble really does need all the help it can get. And I'm really quite pleased with the completed effect :)


There. Doesn't that jolly bunting just make you Happy :)


  1. So much brighter and more jolly now. Have a great weekend. X

  2. Love the new bunting for your bike, it is so festive. Thank you for reminding me about your tonsils, this has been ghastly.

    1. Really feel for you Meredith, and your son. I know you are wondering "is this worth it" but once he comes through the other side and stops having awful bouts of tonsillitis (which I assume he was having) you will see that it is worth it, and like all things "this too shall pass". Hugs xxx

  3. That's adorable! I really like how it came out.

  4. It looks very nice!! Just the right amount of jollification. xx

  5. Lovely colours,mans perfect for your bike Jill X

  6. Looks delightful, beautiful d├ęcor for a bike.

  7. So nice.. and really country..

  8. Bike bunting - such a sweet idea! Are you going to crochet a saddle cover too? Love the jaunty colours.
    Cathy x

  9. It looks fab, nice and cheery! Wonder if my hubby would allow me to pretty up his mountain bike with some crocheted bunting since I don't have a bike of my own?!
    Marianne x

  10. I think it looks great! Good job on finishing it and the no blocking....made me like you even more :) You rebel!

    Birgitta xx

  11. I love your bike. The bunting has definitely made it more cheerful and bright.

  12. Just found your blog (via Paint and Style) and hit on the word "bicycle" and had to have a look at your bunting. I think all bikes should be decorated! (I painted "This bicycle belongs to Lizzie Long" on mine.) As long as it doesn't make for wind resistance of course....Will follow you now.


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