Thursday 26 March 2015

This week

This week I've been mostly ....

.... loving that my Mother's Day flowers still look gorgeous

.... snuggling under blankets with various under-the-weather Little People

.... enjoying daffodils in my new-to-me 50p bargain charity shop vase

.... crocheting things with my Gillymakes win of Sugar n Cream cotton yarn

.... admiring the pieces I made on my fused glass workshop

.... flicking through my new-to-me craft books - another charity shop find, all 4 for £12 :)

.... loving the latest McDonalds Shawn the Sheep Happy Meal toys (yes I know its unhealthy)

.... ironing Hama bead creations

.... packaging up (finally) my blog giveaway prizes

.... playing with colours for a new blanket :)

What have you been doing this week ?


ps rubbish photos, sorry - all taken on my iPad, just couldn't be bothered faffing about with memory cards etc!


  1. Well...I'm on an Aran scarf crocheting spree. It really uses up the yarn quickly. I like your blanket colours.

  2. Jill what fab charity shop finds! A girl after my own heart! X

  3. Love the flowers! So cheerful and bright!! When do you do mother's day? We have ours here in May.

    That fused glass is so cool. How the heck do you do that?

    Love the crochet too - our flag colors!! ;) And love looking at all the balls of yarn like that. Pretty rainbow of colors.

    We like a happy meal once in a while too and Annie loves the toys! xoxo

  4. I am a little bit jealous of your charity shop finds! I never seem to find craft books in charity shops. I love the fused glass, I'd really like to do a workshop along those lines and you have inspired me to get looking for one! X

  5. Great charity shop finds, those books are wonderful. I am so impressed with the fused glass.

  6. What fab finds from the charity shop, lucky you. My mothers day flowers didn't last long, which is a shame as they were very pretty. This week I will be unpacking my new yarn winder thingamajig so I can wind some hanks of yarn into nice little balls to knit a quite possibly too hard for me pattern. Either way I will get myself into a tangle. x

  7. I forgot to add I love the fused glass makes, I've never heard of it before so I will google for some work shops as I really would like to have a go. x

  8. Looks a happy, busy week. Loving the fused glass. I bet that was fun to learn. x

  9. That's a fantastic haul from the charity shop - I can never seem to find the kind of books I want when I go. The daffodils look so pretty in their little green vase and the colours for your new blanket are looking good together. I made a fused glass pendant years ago, and really like your little dish :)
    Cathy x

  10. I don't think your photos are rubbish at all! I loved each one and am very impressed with your fused glass treasures! I also did some fused glass plates and platters and should show them again on my blog. Enjoy your weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. I like all of your happy photos, well, except for the reference to sick childrens. I hope they're better now. Love your new books and the glass treasures you made.

  12. Sounds like a happy week, warm and relaxing. Good for you.

  13. I enjoyed your photos very much... I've been just using my phone for photos most of the time... it's just to easy. ;) Such beautiful crochet! You whole post just makes me smile... and, I may have to order a Happy Meal for myself just to get a Shawn the Sheep! Ha! blessings ~ tanna

  14. The hama bead creations are absolutely adorable. I'm impressed. I hope your kiddos are feeling better.

    Birgitta xx

  15. So sorry your children have been ill! In the midst of that, I love that you have been able to enjoy some crafting time and enjoy some thrift store finds and have given us the chance to admire both, too. I have never tried working with glass, but find what you have done to be quite beautiful. I have been fiddling around in a new coloring book and stitching a bit on a blanket I have been knitting :-) xx

  16. I had an ill little one over here too. Not fun. Glad you found some lovely things to celebrate this week.

  17. Loving the fused glass too...very professional. I've been hooking up small flowers and leaves...there'll be a reveal next week, also been ordering a WW yarn pack for my next project. Hope the nippers are feeling better.

  18. Love the flowers, our Mother's Day here in South Africa is always around the weekend of May 10/11/12 ! Love the colours for your new blanket too!

  19. Sounds like a good week! I really like your fused glass pieces, very pretty indeed!! xx

  20. Sounds like a busy yet good week! :D The colors for your new blanket look awesome! What kind of pattern will you use for it?

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  21. Hello Jill, thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog post.
    Your post today has so much loveliness in it ... I adore your flowers, your crochet yarn is just the MOST gorgeous colour ... & I LOVE Kirsty Allsop. She is relatively new to our screens over here so I shall be trying to track down some of her books. Have a great week Jill x0x

  22. Some great finds, and I do love your fused glass pieces. I caught Kirsty on TV for the first time in her crafty series last week, like Julie I will be looking out for her books. Have a happy Easter, do you have school break over easter? If so have a great ime with the kids.

  23. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!


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