Saturday 5 March 2022

Works in Progress

Oh dear, one post a year isn't very frequent is it ?! Regular, yes, but not frequent. But anyway, here I am, back with some hooky happenings (and other stuff) to share with you. 

Before Christmas I worked on, and completed, my Yuletide blanket by Lucy of Attic24. It was a  pure joy to work on, all those luscious Christmassy colours, it really was delicious. Out of laziness (I didn't want to count every round) I decided to make mine in a simple granny square pattern, instead of Lucy's actual pattern. Here are some pics of the finished item, I hope you'll agree that it's gorgeous!

... and speaking of Attic24, I've also been working on the latest Attic24 CAL - the Harbour Blanket. The colours in this one are so jolly and vibrant, it has really cheered me up, working on it through the dreariness of January and February. Its a 6-part crochet-along, I am nearly finished with part 5, so only part 6 and then the border to go....

.... I'm also working on a crochet minion (as you do), its from a kit that hubby bought me ages ago in Aldi. Oh and do you like my mug .....

... it was a birthday present a few years ago. Pretty perfect though:)

My last piece of crochet news is that I'm working on a crochet man! No, not life-size, this one will be about 30cm tall, he is a request from a local children's charity for a man that looks like one of their members of staff! I'm using patterns out of this wonderful book Edwards Crochet Doll Emporium by Kerry Lord.

It has over 20 heads and 20 bodies that you can mix and match. Here you can see the head and body that I've selected to work on.

I'll be making him bald though and changing the colours of his clothes to match the charity's uniform, and also doing away with the scarf. Here are a couple of progress pics ....

As you can see he is coming along nicely!

One of the other bits and pieces I've got on the go is a Christmas cross-stitch. Yes I know its over and that is precisely why I have stopped working on it and can't seem to find my stitching mojo. But oh well, maybe once I finish the harbour blanket I will pick it up again. 

I've been messing about with junk journals too, and my desk has got lots of crafty bits out. I've been making these little flowers...

... to go on these shabby tags ...

... and faffing about cutting these little pockety envelope things out ...

I'll hopefully have more of these junk journal bits and pieces to show you in my next post, along with a completed crochet man!

Til next time,


  1. It's lovely to see your post and thank you for your visit today, I love your granny blanket those colours are so warm and cosy and to be honest I don't think that you can beat a granny square. I have my crochet group making them now and hopefully we will get a blanket out of the squares we are making. I love Lucy's harbour blanket the colours are so cheerful, I may make one it's on my to do list. Good luck with your crochet man I look forward to seeing him all finished. have a peaceful Sunday. xx

  2. You've made some beautiful things, and the crochet man is brilliant. Lucy is such an inspiration isn't she.

  3. Well you've certainly been busy while you've been away. I love the blanket, such gorgeous colours, it's a beauty, and I'm fascinated with your crochet man, haha. I've never tried amigurumi but I do have Edward's Emporium book which I've been promising myself for years to have a go at, one day I might just get round to it.

  4. There are a lot of fabulous projects to be seen here. The Yuletide Blanket is a vision in gorgeous colours. Love, love, love granny square blankets! The Harbour Blanket too, is a pretty one. All those colours dance wonderfully together. The crochet man is a lot of fun.

  5. Nice go see you back again Jill, hope all is well. You've been very busy with all your lovely projects, good luck with your man. 🀣 let's hope the member of staff doesn't change his hairstyle before you've finished!

  6. Happy to see you back again! You've been very busy. That blanket is a masterpiece. What a riot of color. I have no idea what a junk journal is but what you've got going on is very interesting.

  7. Thank you for your visit and kind comment on my blog. I meant to write a post showing who stitched that cross stitch piece but somehow it hasn’t happened, what with all the terrible things happening in the Ukraine! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ ☹️😒
    I love your Christmas crochet blanket, well done! I have Christmas cross Stitch still in progress too! 😁
    Love the crochet man - looks a good book too. Look forward to seeing him finished.
    Barbara x

  8. I got the kit for the yuletide blanket also but decided to make mine in rows instead of a large square, just finished it recently - love how yours turned out

  9. Good to see you back :-) Oh! my what loveliness! Gorgeous variation of colours on your Christmas blanket and the Harbour blanket too. Lots of wonderful makes! Look forward to seeing your crochet man when it is completed,such a fun make! keep well. Amanda x

  10. Lovely to see your blankets, so happy to hear you've enjoyed making them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Hello ♡
    You have a wonderful, very inspiring blog! I love such handmade things. They are magical, have a lot of charm, they look beautiful and delight! I will be delighted with such a great talent :)

    Regards nice and warm from Poland ♡
    Klaudia Zuberska

  12. Your crochet projects are just lovely, Jill! I'm drawn to those bright colors in both of your blankets. And the doll you're making looks amazing! What a fun gift that will be!

  13. Hi Jill, Good to see you back after a year! Love the first afghan and your Cal is simple beautiful! The colors are so vibrant and cheerful!

  14. Glad to see you back blogging Jill. You have been busy with your crochet hook making those blankets. I do love the blankets that Lucy makes. Your version of the Yuletide blanket looks great. I haven't got as far as trying Amigurumi yet but maybe one day.
    The mug made me smile but I don't know what mine should say, knitting, crochet, stitching or just any crafts :)
    Pretty flowers and tags too.
    Have a good week and thank you for visiting me x

  15. Your afghans are beautiful! It makes me want to grab my crochet hook, alas I have a deadline I keep slipping on that I really need to work on. Love the crochet person as well!

  16. Whoa you have been busy. all looks gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your crochet man - such fun. Jo x

  17. Beautiful crochet blankets! Those "junk journals" are interesting - I've never heard the term.

  18. Love all of the colorful crochet projects! And the dolls are so cool--lots of possibilities! Looking forward to some good crafting posts a bit more than annually! lol

  19. Hi,it is so good to see you posting again.I have been looking for ages to see if you have been on.I love all of your creations,you are very talented.I am and always have been a huge fan of Lucys Attic 24.Happy crafting,can't wait to see your man finished.xx


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