Friday 11 March 2022

Another man in my life

Crochet-man is now complete! If you remember from my previous post I was crocheting a little man doll for a local charity, Camp Mohawk. This is the blurb from their website:

"Camp Mohawk is a multi-functional day centre for children with special needs and their families, set in 5 acres of beautiful countryside, just outside Wargrave, Berkshire. Throughout the year the centre provides a range of activities, facilities and natural space to encourage children with a variety of special needs to play, socialise and learn in a secure and caring environment."

The charity posted on a local facebook group asking for someone to knit them a doll to look like one of their staff, members, a chap called Alan. I was very happy to be involved as my own son has an autism diagnosis, so I replied on the post saying I couldn't knit one but I could crochet one if that would help ? Well they took me up on the offer and so "Alan" was born ...


I followed the patterns in this book by Kerry Lord of Toft Yarns ...

It's very clever. There is a basic body pattern which you then add a mix and match head and outfit onto, there are over 20 heads and 20 costumes so a vast array of possibilities!

Alan has had a busy old week. He's played on the playstation ...

... done some crafting ...

... done a bit of cooking ...

... had lots of coffee ...

... and had porridge for breakfast...

... watched some TV ...

... played cards ...

... and even done some crochet!

But alas Alan's time with me came to an end when he was picked up by another Camp Mohawk member today, and taken to his forever home. As a thankyou I was very kindly given a lovely bunch of flowers :)

Alan has been my constant companion this week so he will be missed. But I know he will bring much joy to the children and families at Camp Mohawk. Farewell Alan!


  1. Aww, he’s a cute! Your flowers are beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Fantastic I'm sure Alan will have a great time. You'll have to make someone else now or maybe your entire family! Have a good weekend. x

  3. I think you have done a great job with Alan he is so cute, he looks so cosy sitting under the harbour blanket. Camp Mohawk sounds like a great place I'm sure Alan will be very happy there. Have a great weekend. x

  4. Awww, he's fabulous. I think he's gone to Camp Mohawk for a rest after the busy week he's had with you.

  5. Alan has had quite the week! I'd have a hard time parting with him too.

  6. He looks wonderful, and I'm sure he will be well looked after in his new home. Xx

  7. Alan is so adorable! I bet you will miss him! But maybe you'll make more sweet little people out of your book.

  8. he is just wonderful.You are so talented.x

  9. Hi Jill, what a darling little man! I'm glad he has a good home now but it might have been hard to let him go!

  10. You did a very good job crocheting this 'man'! Nice work!

  11. Alan is awesome! I am quite in love with the idea of crocheting a person like this. I might go look up that book! Xox Louise

  12. Your Alan is adorable. It looks as if Alan has had the best of fun hanging out with you in your home this week. Now he is off to put a smile in another's days. Such a wonderful initiative is Camp Mohawk! Lovely flowers.

  13. I can see Alan had a great time with you!
    I’m sure he will be very happy at Camp Mohawk.
    The flowers are beautiful, so kind of them.
    Barbara xx

  14. Wishing Alan a happy life in his new home. You gave him a wonderful week with you and I bet he enjoyed it very much. Here's to all of his new adventures.

  15. Alan is so cute! You gave him a good beginning in life and I wish him well. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I always enjoy meeting a new (to me) blogger. I read your recent post and just loved the photos and learning about the National Trust lands. Looking for to coming back here for another visit. :)

  16. How about that Jill! So clever! Alan is impressive he looks quite a character. I am sure he will be duly cuddled and hugged in plenty in Camp Mohawk and will settle down into his new home straight away. Gorgeous flowers too. keep well. Amanda x

  17. Oh my goodness - he's SO adorable I can't stand it!! This whole post just made me smile. I'm so happy he's going to such a wonderful place. ;)


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