Sunday 27 March 2022

Mother's Day Projects

Its Mother's Day today and I did actually get a card from one of the children: as they are all lazy teenagers now (I do still love them though) I had rather feared that I would get a grand total of zero cards, but at least one of them remembered! As for my own Mum, I made her this cross-stitched card ...

... which arrived safely in Northern Ireland, and which she loved :) Good daughter brownie-points for me today!

I have lots of yarny projects on the go. But first another small finish: I mentioned previously that I had made a little sheep for a lady's church group; well little sheep now has a little friend ...

I decided to use a different pattern as I couldn't face doing all those amigurumi bobbles again. Speaking of bobbles, I made some bobble squares for the Ukraine blanket project that I'm contributing to. I sat in the garden making them while we had a few days of glorious sunshine last week.

The stack is getting rather high now ...

... 18 high to be precise. I kept going until I ran out of wool ... this is all I had left from 3 full balls ...

... I'm just waiting for my friend, who is also participating, to finish her squares, and then they will all be sent off to Amanda, to be joined into blankets, which will be raffled off in aid of Ukrainian charities.

My adventures in sock knitting continue. If you remember I had tried to use DPNs but had struggled. Lots of you had encouraged me to persevere, but I am not good with persevering lol, so I bought a circular needle called Sock Wonder by Addi and gave that a go. Well, what do you know, I am actually now getting somewhere.

Are you impressed ? I am! I'm not a good knitter so this is a big challenge for me, I'm very slow, and I hate doing purl stitches, so doing the ribbing is annoying me, I just want to get to the part where you just knit knit knit, in the hopes that I'll speed up a bit. But its looking pretty cool if I do say so myself. I thought I had mucked up once or twice but it seems to look okay, so I guess it sorted itself out (pretty sure it wasn't me sorting it out!!). I have a long way to go, and of course this is only the first sock, and I will need two (oh god the thought of casting on again and all that ribbing aaarrrgghhh) but I'm really chuffed with my progress. Due to the annoyance of the ribbing I can only face a round or two at a time but I just pick it up every so often and do a bit. I'll keep you posted with my progress.

I'm still working away at my harbour blanket. I've just started part 6 but I really need to deal with the end of part 5 before I go any further.

I'm a bit like the sock knitting with it - just chipping away one stripe a day. I have about 7 stripes left to do and then the border, which is 5 rounds. Hopefully I'll get it finished in April some time. I need to get it done before its too hot to work on it!

As I am not a monogomous crocheter I have started a new project. Its a pattern simply called "Lace Scarf" which I bought as a download from a Ukrainian etsy shop. I've literally only just started it so there's not much to show you yet. The starting chain was 450 long(!) so its very wide and shallow. The stitch markers are to mark every 50 stitches in case I lost count.

I've completed row 1 which thankfully only required a double-crochet in every 5th chain. Can you imagine crocheting into every chain of 450 ??!! Shudder!!

The yarn is this beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Truly Hooked - I picked it up at a yarn festival a few years ago. Its actually a sock yarn but its very soft so will make a lovely scarf.

The wool-winder put in an appearance to wind it into a little cake of loveliness.

My only other update is that the daffodils are multiplying slowly but surely. A bit like the socks they are super-fiddly so I can only face one at a time, but I figure if I just do one every day or two then the pile will grow steadily. They are destined for my friend Helen's farm shop in Wales, and the deadline is 12th April, as her parents will be travelling up to see her, so they can take a package of little daffodil key-rings with them.

Well that's it from me, hope you all have a great week,
Til next time, 


  1. That variegated yarn is just fabulous! You have so many wonderful projects going, Jill. It makes me want to get out my long-neglected yarn!

  2. Happy Mothers Day! the card you made for Mum is lovely. You have so many things in the go! the socks are looking good, I always do the rib for one sock and then the rib for the other on another needle then the leg for one and then for the other so that I'm more or less knitting them together. Those sheep are so cute but I know what you mean about bobbles, the Ukraine squares are looking great. The yarn for the lace scarf is a pretty colour but all those stiches better you than me, good luck with it, it will be beautiful when it's done. xx

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day, Jill! And I'm also hoping you're having better weather for it than we are having here--it is -7C and snowy! Luckily, our Mother's Day isn't until mid-May :)

    Beautiful squares that will surely bring much comfort and warmth to the Ukrainian citizen who receives one of the blankets. Such a heartbreaking situation for them and for the entire world, really.

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  4. I absolutely adore your blog,and all your wonderful Crochet Creations.So glad you are posting again.x

  5. What a lovely card! I used to give my mom her favorite box of chocolates every Mother's Day. Now I give one to myself every year in her memory. You never stop missing them.

  6. Well done you are doing a great job with all that fiddliness! It's a good job to have a few things on the go for when the exasperation kicks in! All looking good though. x

  7. That's a lot of fiddly projects you've got on the go. Well done on the sock knitting, it's a good job there's lots of different types of needles and techniques as what suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another. Glad you've found the needles which suit you.

  8. Lots of fun projects at your house! I love the Harbour Blanket - pretty design and colorful, too. Good luck on your socks!

  9. Nice to see what is keeping you busy! I like the new scarf-the yarn will just add to your stitching skills!

  10. Those daffodil key rings are beautiful,I'm sure they will get sold very quickly in your friends shop.
    Harbour blanket is looking great too. I have it on my 'would like to do make one at some point in the future'list.

  11. I love all of your projects, especially the sheep. Hang in there with the socks; they are no where as big as blankets! Thanks for posting on my blog!

  12. Happy Mother's Day to you! I am totally with you on knitting socks. I've only done a few pair, but my son-in-law is begging me to knit my son another pair. I hate doing the ribbing part, but love it when I get to just knitting. I haven't started yet, keep thinking about the awful start. The lacey scarf is so beautiful! And the sheep couldn't be cuter.

  13. Your sock knitting looks great and I love the yarn you have chosen. I've never tried knitting using a circular needle, so perhaps that should be my challenge for this year. X

  14. I never ceased to be amazed by your knitting talents Jill! And I wish you a belated Happy Mother's Day (& to your Mom too!) I hope that you did feel spoiled overall. ;)
    I love the idea of the blanket to raise money for the Ukraine! I bet it's going to be stunning. Blessings. xoxo

  15. You have been busy... so many lovely projects! Those sheep are so sweet! Indeed your description "a cake of loveliness" is very apt. What gorgeous colours. I see your Ukraine blanket is coming along really well. Keep well. Amanda x

  16. That wool wonder has a fabulous vintage look to it. Love all your squares for Ukraine. How beautiful they will look all joined together. Your little sheep are beyond adorable and your knitting is coming along nicely. I am thinking you will Excell at knitting, too. Hope you enjoyed a happy Mother's Day. Here in Australia we celebrate Mother's Day in May.

  17. What a beautiful trail to walk, and on such a lovely day. I'm jealous; we've still got such cold weather and even some snow last week.

    Love the daffodil key rings. So cute and cheery. Happy Mother's Day. Ours is in May (US).


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