Saturday, 12 July 2014

Bonny Pink Bunting

The loom band obsession continues. Little Miss making watch straps, hairbands and bracelets ....

.... and Little Tomboy making wrist-bands (NOT bracelets, ok??)

I unashamedly bribed Little Miss today that if she tidied her room (a task of gargantuan proportions let me tell you) then I would buy her some more bands. I also promised her the finished pink bunting that I've been working on.

I'd finished the triangles, and joined them with some banding and buttons, yesterday. Just a bit of a blocking miracle to apply ....

.... do you like my new ironing board cover ?? Quite funky, no ?

I let Little Miss loose in the button tin. If the job had been left to me, I'd have chosen pink and white buttons, and alternated them. Little Miss was far more adventurous. When I saw her choices my heart sank, especially at the red heart. I mean red with all that pink ? Seriously ?? But you know what, it really really works and finishes it off Just Right. Good choice Little Miss.

Aaah a tower of triangles ...

.... all laid out ...

... and in the recipient's hands :)

... and here it is strung along the side of her cabin bed. Excuse the slightly scary clown in the background: she won it at Brownies. It totally gives me the creeps but she doesn't seem to mind him ...

.... I think I may have underdone the blocking but it's all good ....

So there you have it. Bonny Bunting for a Bonny Lass. And look, here is the red heart button again.
Just Right :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful bunting x

  2. Thanks :) It's Lucy's pattern from Attic24, forgot to mention that before :)

  3. What a cute bunting; such a pretty color!

  4. Such cute bunting, I to have a aversion to red and pink, but I'm trying to over come it, sometimes it really works, like here. Yay for loom bands my nephew is hooked too.
    Clare x

  5. It is beautiful Jill, and great button choices too!! xx

  6. First of all clowns give me the creeps too, and I promise to clean up my room if you make me pink bunting!

  7. Lovely bunting, I've made up some purple and lilac in that pattern..loom band mania is about to strike, little J has a birthday this week and we have got him a kit :) xx

  8. Love the bunting, it's beautiful. Yip, loom bands are an obsession here too!
    Marianne x

  9. Your bunting came out so pretty! I've been thinking about making some bunting for my kitchen lately.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog
    I love your bunting it's sooo pretty no wonder your little one wanted it

  11. Thank you for your visit to my blog. I loved the bunting, the colour combination was a delight. I will follow your little adventures with interest.

  12. Love your bunting, wondering if I should give it a bash? So far I've only done granny squares. This loom band craze is mad...even adults at my workplace are wearing them!


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