Friday 25 July 2014

Park Life

Jobs for today were a) have a fun day and b) get a new paddling pool...... if you're keeping up you'll be saying "but you only bought a new one just yesterday", and you'd be right. The flippin' thing only went and burst along one of the side seams two hours into the fun. Arrghhhh!!!

We decided to do the "have fun"part first. McDonalds pancakes for breakfast - yummy (and a bit messy) ....

.... followed by a trip to the park. We're really lucky that within about 15 minutes from home there are loads of really brilliant parks. We could easily go to a different one every day of the week, all with loads to do for different age groups, and most with a cafe close by for yours truly.

We have a bag that lives in the car with blankets and a frisbee, pens, paper, all ready for impromptu trips, and today we chucked in the loom bands too (of course!).

Today's park, Palmer Park, has sooo much for the Little People to do - climbing frames (wow they weren't that funky in my day), trampoline, massive multi-person swings, big sand pit area, even ping pong tables (must bring bats next time - another addition for the car-bag)...

Little Man got busy with his loom bands, quite content to sit with me - very unusual and most enjoyable...

... and I progressed my crochet roses ....

 ..... there is a community not-for-profit cafe, it doesn't sell the average run-of-the-mill drinks, instead has these organic ones .... ice-cold fizzy elderflower ..... mmmmmm ...... and lemonade for the Little People .... cheers ....

It turns out we planned our impromptu day really rather well because the heavens opened as we arrived home for a quick lunch. I'd love to take picnics out with us, but I know that Little Man rarely wants to stay out this long and I've learned not to fight it, and to make sure we quit while we're ahead.

The other job for the day was to get a replacement for the paddling pool. The paddling pool shop is next to our local Hobbycraft, which I'd noticed last week runs free children's craft sessions every day in the holidays, so we decided to drop-in and have a go. Today they were making hand-sewn pin-cushions.

The lighting was appalling p sorry! And we didn't quite finish - pictures tomorrow maybe - but the girls had a great time, and I got to see how a die-cutting machine works. Ooooooooo!!! Fun!!!!! One for the (shhhhh whisper it) Christmas list I think!


  1. It looks like you and the kids all had a good time at the park! I hope your new pool doesn't break.. goodness! I look forward to seeing the finished pin cushions. Have a good weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You are having some good weather (July has been rather gloomy and rainy here) and how lucky you are to have all those parks so close to home. It looks like you all had a great time and are keeping rather busy :) I must go snoop around some at your older posts and get up to date.


  3. Loving the activities you have planned out for the kids, you have visited some cool parks x

  4. A great day with lots of memories in the making.

  5. Wonderful day! We're off to a similar park today, they really are way cooler than when I was a kid! Love the crafty fun you had at Hobbycraft, too...Chrissie x

  6. Annoying for you about the paddling pool :( I hope that the new one holds up better. It looks like a great day at the park though, and a good time with the crafting too!! xx

  7. Also adding - when I bought the pool (in Argos) there were loads of other people buying them too (day 1 of school hols!!). Anyway I got chatting to the lady next to me who was also getting a pool, we had a funny conversation along the lines of "ha ha the pools will probably only last 5 minutes ha ha". Well who should be next to me in the returns queue the next day ? Yep same lady, same problem! Too funny! More chatting of course. Think I have a new friend lol

  8. You are the best Mom in the world, wading pools, bands for the loom, parks and crafting treats. I'd say your children are having a fantastic break.

  9. What a nice day you had with your kids. It looks like they had lots of good creative fun and so did you!

  10. So much fun with the kids.
    I like the idea of kids that learn to sew.
    Last Friday my kids 5 and 6 years old made some embroidery... so good...



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