Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Project Progress June 2014

I'd love to do a monthly post on things I've completed, but life is a bit mad at the moment and a post on things in progress is a rather more attainable goal. I warn you now, its a long list. I am a serial starter. So without further ado I give you In Progress June 2014 (yes I know its July. Just ignore that please :)

... most recently started is this granny square bag ... started last weekend ...

... bike bunting ... not much left on this now ...

... Clara's baby blanket ... cripes better get moving on this one .... Clara is about 2 months old now ...

... lightweight pink scarf ... love the hot pink, this one's super quick to work up so there's no excuse! ...

... poinsettia cushion cover ... started last December, may get it done for this Christmas ...

... minecraft blanket ... design is in flux because Little Man has decided on normal granny squares ...

... muted colours blanket in a sort of slight bobble cluster pattern ... can't remember what it was now ...

... 365 blanket - this is my favourite piece. I Loooooove the colours ...

.... autumn granny poncho .... another one that's almost finished ....

... woodland scarf ... this one can wait until the end of summer I think ....

... I started this as a kindle cover, but really don't like it, so it will become a jar cosy or something ...

... and last but not least ... some pink bunting for Little Miss' bedroom ...

Phew! Waaaaaaay nore than I was expecting, I'm not sure getting these all out at once was such a good idea :-/ Better get cracking then so that there is actually some progress this month :)
Happy hooking everyone :) 


  1. Seriously gorgeous crochet x

  2. Thankyou :) What a lovely compliment :) And thanks for visiting :) Jillxx

  3. So much yummy crochet goodness!!! I especially like your 365 blanket and how bright and colourful it is. You certainly have lots on the go, but all so very lovely!! xx

  4. What a lot of projects! Do you find that even with all those on the go you still tend to focus on just one or two at a time? I think the 365 blanket is my favourite - I love the spaces of colour on the light background. Cheerful without being overwhelmingly so :)

  5. You have been and will be busy!! It's all looking amazing xx

  6. Wow Jill - such a lot of really gorgeous crochet on the go. I love your stripy blanket in the bobbly pattern and the colours in your woodland scarf look so lovely together,
    Happy crocheting ...
    Kate x

  7. The only trouble with getting all your projects out to review where you are up to and any deadlines that need to be met is that you then frighten yourself at the fact we are already in July...............

    All projects looking lovely.


  8. I have two pink sweaters to knit and a crochet shawl, plus a table runner on my loom, not toooooo much to do but still I need to finish something.
    Hugs to you,

  9. What lovely colours you have been using!

  10. You are busy! Everything looks fab, I think I actually like the Minecraft colours and squares best, love the pattern. X

  11. Oh you have some really lovely crochet projects on the go. I really like the look of the lightweight pink scarf, can I ask which pattern you are using for it? Thanks.
    Marianne x

    1. Hi Marianne, Of course you can ask, its the "Victoria Plum" pattern from Simply Crochet issue 13. xxx

  12. Hello Jill, and thank you for visiting me and leaving your sweet message. You have some very interesting and lovely projects on the go - the pink bunting really took my fancy - and your poinsettia cushion will be lovely for - em - Christmas? Of course it will! You're a very busy and creative girl, keep up the good work. xoJoy

  13. Wow, you have a lot going on. It's all looking really nice. I hope you're able to get things finished for when you want them to be. :)

  14. Happy to see that I'm not the only one starting new projects again before finishing all the others...........Love all the colors.

  15. OMG you have so many wip. Love the autumn poncho and the granny square bag looks interesting. I'm ploughing on with a blanket I started months ago.

  16. Thankyou for all your lovely comments, I really love reading them, thankyou very much :)
    And hello to my new visitors, thankyou for popping in, please do come back another time :) And I will definitely report back on some Actual Progress at the end of the month!

  17. Lot of projects...
    I love that.

  18. Oh my goodness, you have so many projects going at once!

  19. I just LOVE this post! It makes us other "serial starters" feel a little bit better about all the unfinished projects lurking around the house :) I am making a similar blanket as your 365 one, only mine has three rounds before the white is added. I cant wait to finish it and see the colour burst of it all layed out.

    Birgitta xx

  20. Just found your blog. I love all those yummy colors. I think crocheters everywhere have a zillion projects going at the same time. I think it's because they're so creative and they just can't stop themselves!


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