Sunday 26 October 2014

Autumn Leaves

Isn't it funny how things come about, and often how one thing leads to another ?

I'd finished Littke Tomboy's Creeper Face Hallowe'en mitts that she'd put in an order for, and wanted some leafy embellishments for the photo - the leaves I had left from my last photo-shoot were a bit shrunken and starting to look somewhat insignificant.

Little Tomboy and I ventured forth onto the field to search for more leaves. She's being an aeroplane. Well, why not I suppose.

We gathered lots of leaves ... beautiful earthy tones of red, brown, yellow, orange, and fabulous mixtures of colour in individual leaves going on as well. And of course there were lots of stones, feathers, and snail-shells to be collected. And to her delight we discovered pine-cones ... "I didn't know we had a pine-cone-tree!!" :D She is so sweet :) And I can't wait to bling up the pine cones with glitter for Christmas  ....

Still plenty of colour to be found, and we even shared a blackberry. "It's a bit soury Mummy" ....

After a brief stop at the park to play on the slide, we headed for home, and laid out our autumnal treasures on the table, in order to re-shoot the creeper mitts. 
There. That's more interesting now :)

Not wishing to be left out, Little Miss appeared and asked if we could do some leaf-rubbing. Great idea! First job - rip the paper-covering off some crayons and leave it strewn about the place for your parent to clean up later :-| Then select a nice veiny leaf, lay a sheet of paper over, and gently rub crayon (on its side) over the paper.

What to do with all these lovely leaves ? Why, make bunting of course! I'd seen this on another blog, and it really wanted to link to it here. But, try as I might, I can't find it anywhere. Don't you hate that ? So to whomever thought of this before, I thank you.

We cut the leaves out, used a hole punch to make a small hole in the top (bottom?) of each leaf, and stranded them into a piece of string, arranged so they were pointing downwards. And then we hung the finished bunting across our bookshelves in the playroom.

And we love the end result :) So pretty and such an easy (and relatively un-messy) craft activity.

I love how the photographing-requirements of one craft project - the creeper mitts - led to another really enjoyable and totally unplanned craft session with my girls :) But let's just have another look at the mitts shall we .... I can't get enough of that crazy colour :)


  1. I love the leaf bunting, so creative and fun. Your crochet is wonderful, little hands should all be nice and warm for trick or treating.

  2. Ooh! I had forgotten the joys of leaf-rubbings! So simple and so beautiful! X

  3. Hello, we were also leaf collecting today....still in the plastic bag though as a Barbie Movie took over the afternoon!! xx

    1. Barbie movie ... bet that was as good as the Harry Hill Movie which was the choice here :-/

  4. Very impressive, amazing how one thing can lead to another, such fun.

  5. All the crocheted mitts are looking fantastic. I really like their bright colours and of course they look great photographed with the autumn treasures you collected from your walk. Making the leaf bunting was a fun idea. It looks great!

  6. I love your Halloween mittens - the colours and spiders with webs are fantastic! the leaf bunting is a really cute idea too to do with kids. Looks like you had great fun x

  7. I love leaf rubbing - wish I still had small children to do it with! The bunting looks great!

  8. Those mitts are wonderful! i love the bright colours :) And the leaf rubbing is so cute, the bunting is great :)

  9. I just think you're a wonderful Mum! I love all your mitts and the leaf rubbings and the bunting. What lucky kids! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Hi Jill, Aw such a lovely day with the children-brought back memories I can tell you. A day that costs nothing, creating homemade loveliness, children always appreciate our time don't they- fab bunting.
    Have a fun week

  11. I feel slightly ashamed after reading your post, I have done absolutely nothing crafty and autumnal with the children this year. I'll suggest to collect leaves on the way home to do some leaf printing. Thanks for your visit over at mines, it is good to see you there. I use Anne Watson's Smart Soapmaking booklet, it is great for advice for beginners and the recipes are for small batches of soap. I have blogged about it here:

  12. Hi Jill, such a lovely crafty day. The leaf rubs make great bunting. Have a good week and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Jane x


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