Monday 6 October 2014

Eden Cowl

Hubby came in the door this evening with this massive bouquet of flowers for me. "Er, what have you done ....?" I immediately said, followed quickly by "they're gorgeous, I love them, thank you :)" and a big soppy kiss. Little Man was horrified !! Apparently they were bought for no particular reason, other than that I do a good job with the Little People. Altogether now, aaaaahhhhh :) Love my hubs so much, he is my rock :)

Meanwhile in crochet-land, I seem to have loads of blankety projects on the go, in various stages of progress. There's Connie's Pink Rose Blanket (well on its way - and gosh doesn't it remind you of my bouquet?!), my 365 Blank (woefully behind), and of course my Autumn Blanket (not yet started). And I've got a nagging feeling that I've forgotten one.

Great excuse to get in another scrummy autumny yarn picture. It makes me s.m.i.l.e  :)

The multi-blanket scenario is great for mindless hooking of an evening,  all cosied up with a cappuccino, a blanket slowly growing on my lap without me paying attention, very little thought required, all very relaxing. But not really condusive to a sense of achievement. Sometimes I long to switch my attention to a short sharp snappy project. But for now, I decided to be a good hooker and start on another Christmas present instead. In search of inspiration, out came the magazines ....

And then I got distracted by a really sweet little pattern for a very simple cowl for Little Miss. Honestly, I should not be allowed anywhere near a collection of crochet patterns whether in printed form or electronic. I need to be working on Christmas things, not random winter-wear for small girls. But it was too late, so Little Miss and I had a rummage for some suitable yarn. We discussed colours and she chose Stylecraft Special DK in Grape. A gorgrously soft yarn in a gorgeously soft purple, good choice Little Miss :) The pattern is from the Autumn 2014 issue of Crochet!  magazine, which hubby brought back from his latest US trip. 

I know I said in a different post that I wasn't overly impressed with US crochet magazines. Um, HELLO JILL, what planet were you on ? The US crochet magazines are great! Must've got out of the wrong side of the bed that day ... 

Back to the Eden Cowl as it's called in the magazine. The pattern is basically rows of trebles (UK) alternating with rows of little clustery bobbles, with a row of dc (UK) in between. The pattern specified 2 rows of bobbles but it was a bit skinny, so I increased it to 3 rows of bobbles.

Last winter I'd made fingerless mitts for myself and both my girls. Little Miss' mitts have little owls on them ....

.... and we think they look fab with the new cowl ....

And here is the new owner modeling her new cowl for me this evening ....

Gosh that was certainly a quick little project ! Very satisfying!

All folded and ready to wear tomorrow to school :)

Winter, we are ready! Bring it on!



  1. What a good mom you are! That's a lovely cowl. LOVE both of your blankets. I need to make a new one.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Great looking cowl. I have that magazine (I subscribe to the digital issue - its cheap) .. must have a look and keep it in mind for when I need a gift. Sounds like we're a bit alike in that I have lots of UFOs hiding everywhere. Need to finish a baby's blanket before my new grandson arrives in about 5-6 weeks time. DD wants it for bringing him home from the hospital.xox

  3. Amazing cowl, very pretty. So nice to receive flowers, they were beautiful.

  4. A lovely gift from your husband, what a nice surprise! Love the fingerless gloves too, you are very clever Jill X

  5. Such lovely things! I really like the owl on the gloves, that is such a cute idea, the cowl is very pretty as well!! xx

  6. All your crochet projects look so gorgeous. Love the new cowl - such a beautiful colour. I'm sure you could adapt the pattern a little bit more to make yourself a cowl. Should I not have said that? It would be another quick-to-finish project. You could even make it as a Christmas present for someone else. I am sooooo tempted to buy yarn in the new autumn colours by Stylecraft and start yet another blanket. I shouldn't as I have so many other projects on the go. But if I can think of a suitably good excuse I will go and buy the yarn!

  7. Hi Jill! I love the pretty cowl you made, it is such a lovely colour! And the stunning flowers, how nice! Also the 2 blankets already in work, and the new yarn for the Autumn blanket looks very appealing, loving theses shades! Your daughter's little owl gloves are cute, bet she loves them! And don't get me started on magazines, books and tempting blog posts with MORE ideas!!!
    I haven't got enough time!!!! (Now trying to catch up after a busy weekend with my family!)
    Happy crocheting!
    Ingrid xx

  8. First of all your husband rocks and he is right you do amazing with your children, Love all your crochet wonderfulness.

  9. Your husband is right, you do deserve those flowers. I think that was a lovely gesture. Your crochet is all looking beautiful. I love Stylecraft Grape, it's one of my favorites. The cowl is really pretty and very delicate and lady-like for a little girl. Hope you're having a good week.

  10. Hello Jill! Just popped across to have a look at your lovely blog!! Enjoyed reading about all your crochet projects.... they all look beautiful. Lucky girl having flowers!! I'll be back to visit again! :) xx

  11. Hi Jill, your projects look fabulous, love the little granny squares-perfect colours. Lucky lady with the flowers but ha ha that would have been my first reaction too-goodness knows why.
    It is a very relaxing hobby I agree.
    Have a lovely week.

  12. The cowl looks great, I like the stitches you used. Looking forward to the autumn blanket too :) x

  13. Hi Jill...thank you for coming to visit me and leaving your kind's lovely to visit you too and read about all your pretty makes...I'm sure your girls love those little owls on their mitts and the flowers are beautiful...such a lovely surprise! :-)
    Susan x

  14. Your makes are so pretty !!! thanks for sharing HAve a lovely week end !

  15. I love that cowl, fabulous!

  16. I can't believe all the projects you have going at once! I love the cowl and I love the colors of the yarn you'll be using for your autumn blanket. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Hello Jill, thanks so much for popping by my blog & leaving your lovely comment. I very much enjoyed this post of yours & those flowers are just gorgeous. Your crochet work is stunning too ... have always wanted to learn to crochet. Maybe one day . . . Have a lovely week Jill, (Julie from Threadbear)

  18. I think you've got a pinky/purple theme going on in this post. It wouldn't happen to be a favourite colour would it? Lol! Love your creations and all those pretty squares you are about to turn into blankets. Good luck with getting them all finished :)


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