Thursday 16 October 2014

Journey Scarf

Now that I write the title for the post about this project - the Journey Scarf - I can't tell you how much I wish I could tell you how I started and finished it on a train, or spent hours working on it whilst flying over the Atlantic, or, at the very least, how I have come so far on my personal journey whilst creating it.

But I can't tell you any of those because in actual fact I just worked on it over various evenings slobbed out in front of the telly, it didn't even leave the house to be hooked on waiting for the Little People to come out of school or ANYTHING. Nope, just plain old living-room crochet-ness. 

Crochet really is magical isn't it ? It never fails to amaze me how creating little loops and pulling more loops through can create such an intricate design. Out of basically a ball of string comes a thing of beauty - if I may say so myself :) It's wizardry :) 
I'm really chuffed with this scarf, I love the colour, the pattern, the texture. For a lacy scarf it's got a lovely weightiness and solidity about it. No getting wafted about in the wind for this one.

I found the pattern on ravelry, you can find it here.

My Journey Scarf measures 150cm long, by 20cm wide, after steam blocking. It's made up of 28 motifs joined using the join-as-you-go method, and has a border round the edge. I used nearly one full  skein (170g) of Caron Simply Soft in Plum Wine. I bought this yarn in the US (oh Florida! How I miss you!), and according to the label it is yarn weight 4: in UK terms I'd call it a slightly heavy DK although one site I looked at classes it as Aran. So I guess it's sort of in between. And joyously, since buying it, I've discovered it for sale online in the UK, yippee!! (Or should that be oh dear ...)

I'm fortunate enough to have a very beautiful and willing model to hand to help display the scarf .... here she is .... gorgeous don't you think ? Scarf and model of course :) ♥♥♥♥♥

Little Miss was more than happy to help out, not least because after school today there was a Book Fair which we all - except her - dropped into. She couldn't join us as she has Sewing Club (envious? Moi? Hell yes! Never had Sewing Club when I was at school) so anyway I said I'd get her a book, "Anything in particular" I asked ? "Surprise me" she said, so I did - bought her a new loom band book. She was Very Happy with that :) And scampered off to make me a new loom band bracelet .... with embellishments .... whaddya think ?



  1. Love the scarf! I made a similar one for my girl last year out of Red Heart Soft. It was like working with a cloud! Yarn can be so amazing! Love the bracelet, too :)

  2. Oh she is just darling! Have you ever received such a nice bracelet? Love the scarf, I think it would be fun made into a cowl too.

  3. Your little girl is adorable in the scarf and it's beautiful! What a sweetheart to make you a MUM bracelet!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. A beautiful looking model, bless her. The scarf is a real delight I love the intricate pattern and colour. A beautiful bracelet made with love.

  5. What a beautiful loom band bracelet, and what an adorable model for your scarf. That yarn is such pretty colour and has a lovely sheen X

  6. Hi! I've just found your blog via Helen's at 3 Blossom Trees. I've enjoyed having a look around--your crochet creations are beautiful. I also like your loom band bracelet, so sweet.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. What a beautiful choice of colours for a scarf.

  8. What a simply gorgeous scarf. Thanks for the link to the pattern. must make this x

  9. Crochet can indeed be magic! I am always surprised what can fly off one's hook! Your scarf is very beautiful :-)

    Take care

  10. Hi! Thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your crochet work and this lacy scarf is just gorgeous. I don't know the yarn but it looks luxurious and soft. You can't have enough scarfs, can you? I will come back to your blog again. Have a nice weekend, Viola

  11. Hi Jill! thanks for popping over my blog! This lacy scarf is just beautiful as the little model ! Have a great week end!:::Silvia

  12. A very pretty scarf - I like the little flowers in the lace, and your model is very sweet too :) I have several little bracelets made for me by my children when they were young, very similar to yours x

  13. Bonjoir Jill. Your scarf is beautiful! I'm happr to find a goegeous blog and I will come back again. I'm not fluent in English but 'm writing with my heart.
    Have a nice week end!

  14. Very pretty and a lovely colour too!! xx

  15. That is just so pretty and your lovely model looks delightful wearing it. So lovely. I think I might just have to have one myself. Also in pink, or maybe green? Hmm I will have to decide that I think. Anyway, a really nice delicate pattern and a lovely job!

  16. Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous - enjoy wearing it!! What a lovely little bracelet too.

  17. Hi Jill! I'm loving your scarf, how pretty!
    And your little girl, what a sweetie!
    ingrid xx


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