Monday 10 November 2014


Do you ever open a "new blog post" page and then think ...... crikey, what have I actually Got Done in the last week ? Yep, me too. Is it really nearly a week since I last posted? Well, that went by in a flash. In a flash of stress I think - poor Little Man was massively unsettled returning to school after a week off for half-term. Lots of tears and panic. I love having the Little People at home, and enjoy the more relaxed days of half-term, but that first week back ? It's never fun. However he seemed happier today, so fingers crossed.

So what does a good hooker do when she is feeling stressed ? That's right! Buy yarn!!! I'm thinking scarves and mitts for most of that lot. For Christmas. Well I'm telling myself that anyway ...

Obviously just buying yarn wasn't enough so I had a nosy round the charity shops too. I've had these artificial lilies since we moved house yeeeeears ago - I bought them so we could have the fresh-flower-look while we had people viewing the house that we were selling, but without actually having to replace the flowers every week. Currently they stand in a tall vase in my hall next to the front door. Over the years they have become a bit more battered and a couple have broken, so I was really chuffed to find these deep raspberry coloured beauties. They fill up the vase really rather well, and the addition of some colour completely changes the look. In the next shop I spotted this cute little mini-pitcher, and a selection of napkins - always handy to top up the fabric stash :) And the whole lot was less than a fiver! Bonkers! (Wish I could say the same about the yarn .....)

I mentioned in my last post I'd been playing with lilac, green and white .... isn't that a winning combo :)

Naturally being in a state of medium stress necessitates lots of crochet therapy. And I am soooooooo nearly finished my rose-blanket. I've gone through loving it then hating it, then leaving it for weeks untouched, then feeling all motivated and doing a load more, then realizing I'd run out of the pink and needed more but had no clue what I'd used (naughty hooker! Must be more organized) then accepting it would have to be smaller, and am currently really motivated and on the final push to get it done. Before the baby it's for starts school or something.

I've sewn in all the ends (yes I know I should have done it as I went along), and am working on the border.

It's looking really rather pretty I think :)

The blocking bit, and it does need it, is filling me with dread, but I'm really hoping I can do a big ta-dah this week :) 

Thanks for all your get well wishes for the Little Peeps, they are all better now and have very kindly shared their germs with good old Mum. Lemsip anyone ? Cheers :) xxxxxxx


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. Beautiful yarn would make lovely scarves and mitts and the baby blanket is a delight. I am looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. Hi, I hope school is better this week, it sometimes seems to me that they have just settled and then they are off again.....buying yarn certainly cheers me up too and it is something I will be doing myself in the very near future :) that flower blanket looks gorgeous xx

  3. Oh wow .. I LOVE your rose blanket and look forward to your ta-da. Nice yarn - you did well in spite of being stressed :) xox

  4. It seems that you found plenty at the charity shop and plenty to talk about after all! I hope that little man has a better week at school and that it is less stressful all round. xx

  5. Your colourful yarn will make some lovely scarves and mitts and your rose blanket looks wonderful, looking forward to the ta-dah. Great charity shop finds. Get well soon and have a good week xx

  6. Poor Little Man, change is just so hard on him and thus on you. Crochet sounds like a perfect stress reliever to me. Hope you feel better, I have been battling this illness for two weeks and am still not tip top. Love the blanket.

  7. Isn't it just great when your family shares everything with you, including their germs? I fully understand your need to buy more yarn and de-stress by crocheting more. I have so much yarn now that I feel stressed just trying to work out what to do with it all and wondering how long it will take me. So I suppose I will just have to crochet some more. Your blanket lookds really lovely. I never sew in the ends until the end.

  8. Lovely flowers :) Hope you feel better soon - keep warm! Sorry your son had a tough transition period, I hope he is doing better now. The blanket is gorgeous! xx

  9. Oh dear, that's the trouble isn't it? They all get better and go back to normality, then you catch their bugs and it's even longer before you can. At least you have your lovely new yarn to play with, and I have to say that the rose blanket looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours and the design and no, I don't sew in ends till the end either :) x

  10. I just popped in for a visit after seeing your comment on Helen Philipps. I tend to check out blogs with the word cottage in the title.

    I love the sweet napkin you found. Lately I have been doing a lot of embroidery and I want to make some napkins with lavender like yours. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well on top of being stressed out. I hope your shopping therapy helped. Love the yarn, your blanket and the lovely napkin with embroidered lavender.

  12. Hi Jill, wonderful bargain buys, especially the little pitcher.
    Your rose blanket is a joy, looking forward to the reveal.
    Best wishes-hoping your little boy has an easier week-aw it is so tough at that stage.

  13. Feeling for you with your son having a hard time just now. We are only ever as happy as our least happy child, I think. Your blanket is gorgeous! Love the colours! X

  14. I find the first week back after a holiday the most difficult in any given term. But I am usually glad to see them go back to school, the house is just bigger without them, particularly the teenager. Love your blanket. The last one I made, I just steam ironed into shape rather than blocking it the "proper" way. It still looks neatly "blocked" more than a year on. I think if you use acrylic yarn, you can't do that though? Not sure.

  15. The first week back is always a hard one. I´m glad he was in better spirits today :)

    My how you have been a busy hooker! The yarn looks scrumptious and I am totally in love with the flower blanket. I am doing a similar one but not with a flower design. Its very lovely. I am currently having a hate relationship with that WIP of mine and it wont be touched until January. Too much holiday hooking going on right now.

    I always enjoy popping in for a visit with you. Hope your week goes smoothly and that you feel better soon.
    Birgitta xx

  16. Wow, that project is absolutely gorgeous, I can't wait to see it done!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. I really hope school has been going better this week. I'm sorry he has such difficulty but I'm sure you've helped him so much. I do buy yarn sometimes when I'm stressed, that or fabric! Take care and have a good week.

  18. That Kid haze looking yarn on the bottom would make a fab Elise Shawl - check it out on ravelry. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo, I've been eyeing up the Elise Shawl for a while now, maybe now's the time to give it a whirl!

  19. Loving the charity shop napkins. Have been having a read of you and yours after your lovely comment popped up on my last blog post. Yet another crafty wonder woman I shall have to admire. Your blanket is gorgeous.


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