Wednesday 7 June 2017

Bunnies and Unicorns

Hello dear friends and readers!

This is what happens when a small dog gets into your crochet bag. Actually this was after I'd started separating it all.

And of course this little lady is the culprit......  but how can I be angry when she is so cute ...?

Its been a busy week, we had Mr14's paintball party which was a huge success - due to a booking mix-up they had the whole place to themselves, ordinarily there would be 30ish other people there which would completely change the vibe, but instead it was just Mr14 and 9 friends having a blast.

I believe they are "dabbing" in that photo - I presume those of you with school age children will know what this is. I don't really get it myself. Anyway, we've had many, many issues with friendship groups (or lack thereof) over the years, with Mr14 being on the autistic spectrum, so it was absolutely wonderful to see him enjoying himself with such a lovely group of friends. The school he goes to is so nurturing, their pastoral care is excellent, and currently he's loving it.

Also this week I was away on my cousin's hen-weekend. We had a spa weekend at a really lovely country hotel called Crewe Hall. Crewe Hall dates back to the 1100's and came into the Crewe Family in 1608. You can read more about its history here.

We spent the weekend, relaxing, having spa treatments, eating cake and drinking bubbly - what more could you want ?

Well, you could want crochet too, and I did bring some with me to work on, though I was too busy relaxing to get much done.
The other thing you could want would be to get home at the end of the weekend without incident. Sadly my car had other ideas and decided to breakdown on a very fast (70mph) road with no hard shoulder. Nightmare. And no we didn't have breakdown cover. So after getting car to trundle at 8mph for a few miles - so stressful - to a service area, I phoned the RAC and joined there and then. Thankfully they came to my rescue fairly quickly, but couldn't revive the car, so I had to be towed to the garage and MrEC picked me up. Poorly car is still in the garage awaiting parts. Not the best end to the weekend, it has to be said.

This week I've been working on a couple of fundraising orders - firstly this bunny, she still needs a wee bow for her head but is otherwise ready to go.

... and this little chap is going off to his new owner who is going to take him with her next week when she travels off to climb Kilimanjaro! Wow!

I've also been messing around with beads - just for a break from the bunnies and unicorns.

I'm thinking I may make some of these to make at our school summer fair, but just not sure that I will have the time really, as I have sooooo many unicorns still to do. And on that note I am off to finish some unicorn "hair" for a large unicorn that I'm nearly done with.
Hope you all have a lovely week,
Til next time,