Friday 16 January 2015

Five on Friday

For Five on Friday today I thought I'd share with you some crocheted items that I made before I started blogging. It's only been around 18 months but some of these projects feel like years ago. Off we go then on a (fairly recent) nostalgia trip ....

Children's hats ....

Minecraft creeper, Hello Kitty, and a Minion. Pretty much sums up my Little Peeps - a die-hard gamer likely to explode any second, a pretty cutie-pie and a mischievous small thing. They don't wear these any more, they are either too small or no longer considered cool, but I will keep them for sentimental value, I think :) I used lots of Pinterest ideas for inspiration, but just made them up as I went along. After all I had life size models trying them on every 10 minutes.

Teddy blankets ....

These little blankets were my first attempt at granny squares, and also my first foray into blocking. I made them both on holidays in Northern Ireland, and the crocheting was done largely on the beach.
Yes, there are beaches in Northern Ireland, and yes it's sometimes even warm enough to sit on them. With the safety net of a beach tent though, you never know where the next rain cloud is coming from.
The blue blanket is being modeled by Ted - Little Tomboy's teddy. I've blogged about Ted before, he's quite a character. Our 4th child I think. Yesterday I played Snakes and Ladders with Little Tomboy. Ted played too. (I won, in case you're wondering. I wasn't too popular). Today, Little Tomboy informed me that I had to leave her curtains closed all day, as Ted was having a lie-in. Flopsy, Little Miss' rabbit-teddy, is snuggled under the pink blanket. Flopsy is as equally loved, but a bit more shy, and a lot less demanding.

Granny Square Cowl

I made this just over a year ago, late in the winter of 2013. It was my first flirtation with James C Brett Marble Chunky. I have a love-hate relationship with this yarn. I adore how it looks, and feels, but I find working with it quite irritating. That being said I have since bought it again so I guess it can't be that bad. When I made this cowl, I just wanted to make Something, but wasn't sure exactly what. I tried a few different things and wasn't happy with any of them. In the end it was more a sort of "sod it I'll just make granny squares and do something with them" type of project. And so the cowl was created. I hated it. It just wasn't right. Too stiff, too curly, and I didn't like the colour-changing-granny effect. However it was the warmest scarf-like thing I had last winter and I wore it constantly. Now it has softened up beautifully, become a wardrobe staple and of course I've grown to love it.

First Fingerless Mitts

Oh, these mitts are a dilemma. I made them really just to use up some Aran wool that my friend gave me when her mother-in-law cleared out her loft. And I mean Aran as in that creamy stuff my Mum made me too-tight jumpers with and then forced me to wear them - shudder). The pattern was from Simply Crochet, I think, and I also embellished them with a heart. I was really happy with them when finished, and they are fabulously warm. BUT I hate the colour. Sigh. It's exactly the colour of a plaster cast. I broke my wrist a few years ago and had a cast for 7 weeks (nightmare - couldn't drive, write, lift laundry, type properly, cook, dry my hair, putting on my bra was a contortionist act) and when I wear these mitts I look like I've broken both wrists. I keep waiting for someone to ask me what I've done. Oh and they get super grubby super quick. But they're soooooooo cosy to wear.

Chunky Poncho

This was another trial with James C Brett and his marble chunky. James, James, James. Could you not have made it a bit less fuzzy and splitty ? Well it's not really splitty, it's just I find it so hard to distinguish the stitch outline to know where to put the hook. The poncho was made from this Drops pattern. (If you've never visited the Drops pattern website before, go and have a browse, there are loads of free patterns, I highly recommend it). I'm not the right shape to carry a poncho off that well in public in front of other actual people, but it's a winner for wearing in front of the telly :) I love the colours here, gorgeous earthy tones, and it is gloriously snuggly and warm. James, perhaps your marble chunky isn't so bad after all.

I'm joining in with Five on Friday, thankyou to Amy for organising :) You can visit the other bloggers taking part by clicking the links below.


  1. I enjoyed seeing all your projects from over the years. You are so good to make those fun hats for the kids. Our little guys are into Minecraft now.. I'm not sure it's such a good idea! Enjoy your weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. All great makes and you have learned lots as you went along so that is great too! My first mitts/warmers give a similar effect to yours according to hubby. So I am glad to know that I am not the only one with this issue. Love the hats, especially the minion! Thank you for joining in! xx

  3. The hats are brilliant, so cool and you made me laugh at the thought of plaster cast mitts! Have a good weekend Jill xx

  4. Love the minion :-)))...
    And you also made me laugh with the story of the plaster mittens :-) ! If it's any consolation, I think the colour is pretty !! Combined with an off-white scarf & thick knitted cable-pullover, very "wintery and snowy" ! (although I can imagine the mittens do get dirty quickly...)

  5. Some great crochet makes. :)
    I keep buying marbled yarn and then can't decide what to do with it. I love the colours but don't really like how things turn out! I can't work out why I keep buying more - no matter how discounted it is,it's not a bargain if I don't use it! Have a great weekend. X

  6. Some wonderful makes, I love the poncho, great for travelling.

  7. Some lovely makes, I love your little hats!

  8. Look at how well you did way back when you started to crochet. I have a love/hate relationship with lots of yarns.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Only blogging for 18 months?? Where did that little statistic come from Jill? Love your blog so much Jill X

  10. Wow, what a lot of lovely crocheted things! The character hats are ingenious, and the scarf is a one of my favourite colours. I know what you mean about some yarns - gorgeous when finished, but a pain to work with. I smiled when you mentioned your children's teddies. My children had special cuddly friends when they were little, and they did develop very big personalities of their own. So sweet, times to treasure :)
    Cathy x

  11. Wow reading the comments and I see that you have only been crocheting for 18mos ! That's insane. You really have come along way and quickly too in this short time. True talent for crochet.
    Great makes and I get the love hate relationship with certain yarns.

    Birgitta xx

  12. loved this post!! those hats are incredible :) and that cowl looks very comfy, I'm glad it softened up. I'm so tempted by ponchos, they look so warm and snuggly :) have a great week! xx

  13. Lots of lovely made me smile about the mittens!! I think they look lovely and wintry, in spite of the associations they hold for you. The poncho must be nice and cosy to wear at the moment. Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  14. I think all your makes are brilliant,I love them all and aren't you neat at joining your granny squares.Love the ted and bunny so cute.I love the wrist warmers suppose you could always do a bit more embellishing on the wrist part,(sorry i mean mittens) or dye them lol.Love your sense of humour too.


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