Friday 25 April 2014

Easter is Over

My Easter tulips finally gave up the ghost today, they'd done pretty well lasting nearly 2 weeks. And the last piece of chocolate was consumed this afternoon (a bonus chunk found in a box about to be recycled - lucky Little Miss got that piece!). Easter is Officially Over. So it seems fitting to show you some final Easter fun photos.

The Little People went back to school on Wednesday after a pretty long break of two and a half weeks. I really enjoyed having them at home for so long, they are great fun at the moment, still happy to spend time with boring old Mum, but independent enough to not need constant attention, so I can get a few things done round the house as well. Including some crochet of course :)

Easter Sunday was great fun. You may remember I had bought some little eggs to crochet covers for, I blogged about it here. Well, I also bought a load more that I wanted to fill with teeny chocolate eggs, and then hide them all round the house for an Easter Egg Hunt.
Now, I've been here before and learned a valuable lesson - do not just let 3 children of different ages on the loose to find as many treats as possible: at least one, and quite possibly all, of them will end up crying because one of them will find nearly all of them leaving none for anyone else....

So I bought 6 different colours of plastic eggs .....

... yellow and orange, blue and green, pink and purple. I popped some chocolate eggs and sweeties inside the plastic eggs and then hid the plastic eggs round the house....... and it worked perfectly:) No arguments, tears, or fighting, they were all very good and didn't even tell each other if they spotted someone else's colour of egg.

Some were quite tricky to find, involving much shouting of "Warmer! Warmer! Colder! Warmer! Boiling!" and so on. They all seemed to enjoy their loot, and it didn't last long ....

... they loved their not-so-egg-shaped Easter-eggs, like this one ....

and of course not forgetting the extras that come with Easter eggs ....

... and who remembers "Pez" and the associated Pez dispenser (or the "Pez-inator as Little Man has decided it's called)....

... and massive personalised eggs from Grandma!

....  but it wasn't all about the children, I was a very lucky lady and my lovely husband gave me some really sweet thoughtful gifts. I love chocolate (yay) but I can't really have it because it triggers migraines (boo), and he knows I like little tins for putting things in ...... so he gave me this ultra cute bunny rabbit tin with little eggs in ...

.... I'm now using it to keep my stitch markers in :)
... and he also gave me this tin of scrummy shortbread .....

... not sure what I'll use this one for yet, but the biscuits were De-eee-licious :)
In case you're wondering I was a Very Bad Wife and didn't get him anything - too busy arranging the children's bits and pieces - he was seriously unimpressed - oops!!
Hope you all had lovely, relaxing, stress-free, calm and happy Easters :)


  1. Yum, the lemon shortbread looks so good. Perfect with a cuppa. Your Easter egg hunt looks like a whole lot of fun. xo

  2. It was, really really yum! And yes lots of fun and no arguments - result! I spoke too soon about the end of the chocolate, hubby went and bought a load more in the sale! Men!

  3. Mmmmm Lemon shortbread .. that sounds like too delish for words! How clever you are to have colour-coded your easter egg hunt!
    Have a good week Pat :)

    1. Thanks! I was rather pleased with myself on that stroke of genius, I must admit lol


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