Wednesday 2 April 2014

Spring has sprung

"Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is" - always reminds me of my Dad who says it every year without fail. We would look at him and groan, but now I find myself saying it too :)
Our clocks went back last weekend and it does suddenly seem as if the days are much longer and brighter, and spring is loudly announcing its arrival with patches of vibrant colour at every turn, nature bursting forth anywhere and everywhere.

Little Man is off poorly but the girls were raring to go to school on their scooters ....

We live in a very ordinary suburban area. There are no babbling brooks, mossy woods or picturesque waterfalls on the way to school. However I decided to take my camera (i.e. my phone) and take some photos of the colours that I have started noticing more of recently. And boy is there a lot of colour out there. For a fairly built up area we do have a lot of greenery around.

There are glorious spreads of pink and purple ....

....... sunny swathes of yellow, crisp whites and punchy reds .....

.... lots of tiny little flowers pushing through where it seems nothing could grow .....

...... perky daffodils and tulips of course .......

  .... and hydrangea and clematis in my garden, just coming into bud .....

....   Just Wow Wow Wow!!! Spring overload!!

When I got back in from my slightly extended walk back from school - in the name of research for this post of course - I had a yummy breakfast of some lovely crusty bread with butter and jam. The bread was left over from yesterday so the crust had that sort of chewy texture, as opposed to crusty with bits flying everywhere. Lip-smackingly good. And a cuppa to wash it down. Well earned I think :)

I've done little in the way of crochet this week, so I'm going to treat myself to working on some bits for the rest of the day. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to share with you tomorrow.
Have great Wednesdays everyone :)


  1. Hi Jill thank you for joining my stationery swap just wondering if you could please email me your email address
    Thank you Lisa

    1. my email is
      hugs xo
      and thank you again for joining. :)

    2. Hi Lisa, I've emailed you :) Please do have a poke around here, I really welcome any feedback :) Tganks for arranging the swap, I'm a BIG stationery fan so am really looking forward to it :) I'll reference the swap in my next post as well xo

  2. Hi Jill, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I have been have a nosey round here and see that you are amazingly talented at crochet. I wish I could crochet, I tried last year and failed, but am determined to have another go. Your spring photos are beautiful and that breakfast would be a favourite here. Elaina xo

    1. Thankyou Elaina :) Such lovely compliments :) Definitely give crochet another go. I am self-taught, from books and YouTube videos, the first 6 months were decidedly touch and go but now I am a total addict.
      Its lively to get such great comments on my blog, please visit often! Jillxo

  3. Lovely pictures Jill, I really think that blogging makes you look at your surroundings so much more. Thank you also for adding me on your blog list, I was really touched. Had a busy week doing nothing very interesting but must put a new post up tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend. L Anne x

    1. Thankyou re the pictures, and you're welcome re the adding! Amazing how the weeks can be so busy with nothing much really happening :) xo


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