Tuesday 4 November 2014

Finding the Colour

Half-term is over, Inset day (teachers in for training, children still off) is over, so normal service resumes, yes ? No! One child off with a cold, one sent home feeling poorly, but one still at school so In(and the poorly ones) still had the school run to do. Gah. My day of unfettered access to my crochet hook didn't quite go as planned. The weather outside was damp and grey, but there was plenty of colour to be found in the emerald cottage ......

♥ flowers I bought at the weekend 

♥ recent progress on my Autumn Blanket 

♥ playing with these yummy colours 

♥ finding a pot for my wiggly scissors 

♥ spotting my new buttons 

♥ some Brownies badges to be sewn on 

♥ a gorgeous rainbow against the dark grey sky 

What colour did you find in your day today ?



  1. What fabulous bright colours....shame about the poorly children. We had a bright and sunny start to the day, which sadly turned grey and then the downpour started....snuggled on the sofa with my giant grannie stripe, multi coloured and nearly finished!! xx

  2. I'm sorry to hear that the kids are sick. I hope they're better soon. Your colorful photos are so cheerful, I hope they brought you some joy today. I wanted to reply about my yarn from the other day but I don't think I'm able to email you through your profile. Anyway, thanks. That yarn is Stylecraft Special DK in Spice. It's my favorite orange shade of theirs, not too bright or too dark. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer :) Amazingly I have that yarn LOL I must take another look at it, maybe next to other colours :) I think I need to change some of my profile settings (having deja vu, think someone might have mentioned this before)

  3. Thank you for pooping by and saying Hello. I love all those gorgeous colours! Hope the children are getting better. Sarah x

  4. Hiya Jill! Sorry to hear you got poorly children! (Please get better soon so your mum can get on with her crochet!!!) - Hope this helps! ;))
    I love your photos of colour, your spotty buttons are so cute (I only got a few, I might feel some button envy coming on!!)
    Love the flowers and your colours for the granny blanket! :)
    Interestingly enough I also got that 'Spice' yarn, it is being used in my Harlequin blanket! I even bought a 2nd ball by accident, so I must be attracted to that shade!
    I have all my rainbow colours since I have been working on my colourful South Bay Shawlette today, it is getting very big now! Hopefully it will be finished soon!
    Have a good week!
    Ingrid xx

  5. The colors of fall leaves.. orange, rust, red, yellow and green. LOVE your flowers and buttons! I hope you all get well quick. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Love your colours - the yarn, buttons and flowers. Today the first colour I see that strikes me as colourful is the sunrise.

  7. Some wonderful colours, a colourful post. Sorry to hear about the children hope they are feeling better soon.

  8. Wow brownie badges have evolved since my day they look so snazzy! I hope the children feel better soon. The colours are just lovely, looking forward to seeing more of the blanket! x

  9. Beautiful photographs today Jill! Gosh, what a lot of pairs of scissors you have! Sorry to hear you have unwell children. I have one off with an ear infection just now, must be the season. X

  10. Hi Jill, hope the kiddie winkles are feeling better and back at school.
    Love your colourful buttons- I love buttons.
    My colour today was a wool delivery-hey it doesn't get better than that, sad but true.

  11. I hope that the children are all much better now. That is a lovely rainbow of buttons isn't it, and a lovely rainbow too! xx

  12. Isn't that the way, as soon as you expect them back at school they are home sick. Bless your heart, not easy to be a Mum. Hang in there and hope everyone is well soon.

  13. I hope your kiddos are better. The photos are fab and just bursting with colorful goodness! My colors are very fall like, lots of yellows, reds and oranges outside and some of those colors have made their way inside. I love the fall here!

    Hope you are getting some hooking done. Look forward to coming back for a visit.
    Birgitta xx

  14. Love your colours, hope the kids are feeling better and have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting me last week. My heads is full of apricot roses and pink rhodos.

  15. I love playing with colours! The button box is just fab :)

  16. Your post is so full of beautiful color! I love the dotted buttons - it must make you feel good just looking at them. I hope everyone is feeling better by now and you're enjoying your weekend.

  17. A beautifully colourful post, just right for these drab, dark days :) Hope the children get better soon. How well I remember the days of having something planned and then having to cancel it because of ill offspring :( That box of buttons looks good, though - hope you find something fun to make with them. Hope you've had a good weekend x

  18. That's typical....when you think you have peace and quiet..it all goes to muck!!! lol
    My kids were always doing that to me too. Hope the little ones get well soon.
    Cheers, Anita.


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