Thursday 20 November 2014

Pink and Blue Cushion

Waaaaaaay back when I first started crocheting (well, ok, it was only about 18 months ago), after making a few teddy blankets and scarfy things, I decided to really go for it, live dangerously, throw caution to the wind, and make A Cushion Cover ! Whoop!

I got out my notebook and pencils and drew a little plan of the cushion cover I had in mind. 

My stash was fairly minimal back then, so I didn't have too many colours to choose from, yet funnily enough, this is one of my favourite colour combos so far. I love the dark blue and dark pink especially, and really wish I'd noted down the brand and shade, because I have absolutely no idea what I used (and bizarrely don't even seem to have any small bits left).

The little 3 round grannies mounted up pretty quickly ....

.... and my favourite oatmeal yarn (random stuff from Hobbycraft but I use it loads) was just right for the final round.

I played with the layout a bit (and gosh my pictures may not be that great now but they've definitely improved!) ....

I didn't use join-as-you-go, instead I joined the squares together using double-crochet - yes it's tedious, but I simply adore the beautiful straightness of the outlines of those squares.

Of course at first it all looks a bit wrinkly, but nothing that a bit of good old steam blocking won't sort out ....

And so the front of my cushion cover was complete. All I had to do was turn it into an actual proper cover with a front, a back, an opening and a filling. Easy, right ? Er so why did it take me over a year ???!! Finally, at the weekend just gone, I made a bold decision, and rescued the poor thing from one of my many to-do piles. Also in that pile were two little blue cardigans that my girls grew out of a couple of years ago. Age 3-4 and 5-6. Aaaaahhhhh sweet. 

The cardigans had been deliberately set aside to be upcycled, and they seemed like the perfect colour for the back of the cushion cover, complementing the blue accent on the front.

I fastened up the cardigans' buttons, then chopped off a chunk of the sleeves to square them up, sewed up where I'd cut, and then cut most of the back off, leaving a large rectangle with buttons down the front.

I overlapped the 2 rectangles (one from each cardigan), envelope style and made up a complete cover with an off-white front, and the upcycled cardigans as the back.

Finally, I hand-sewed the crocheted piece onto the front of my cover, and put in an old cushion pad that I'd set aside.

And there you have it, my pink and blue cushion :)

It's one of those projects which, when I finally got round to completing it, it didn't really take that long, and I am left wondering why on earth it took me so long ??? And now I need to work in applying that to all the other WIPs in all those little piles around the house :)


  1. Isn't it great when you finally finish something thats been nagging at the back of your mind, or cupboard, for a while. It looks great and the recycled cardigan idea for the back is genius. Fab!

  2. Gosh this turned out so well, and I love the colours!!

  3. Bravo on finishing that wonderful pillow!! I know how fabulous it was to finish up Caleb's blanket! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Really beautiful Jill, and a lovely idea to use the old cardi's. That beautiful, vibrant blue is just right for the backing X

  5. What a fabulous cushion Jill and I love your upcycling of the cardigans for the back!! Great idea!! :) xx

  6. I love your cushion! So pretty, and how great that you upcycled the cardigans and that you have the memories of your little girls wearing them too! I bet that it is lovely and snuggly to sit with!! I hope that you keep crocheting for a long time! xx

  7. That really did turn out well, love the colours. Such a great idea upcycling the cardigans.

  8. Lovely colours in your granny squares and what a great backing with the up cycled cardigans.
    Jackie x

  9. Oh that's so sweet to use your daughters cardigans as a cushion backing. Lovely colours too!

  10. Very nice cushion cover. I really like that you upcycled clothing for the backing, clever and cute!

  11. Hi Jill-I take ages with a thought process, so many things to take up the brain at times, worth the thinking time-it looks wonderful, soft and comforting.

  12. First off, I can't believe you've only been crocheting for 18 months - your work is beautiful. The pillow turned out great and I love that you used an outgrown cardigan. Very clever, as always!

  13. What a lovely cushion! Once again, a great choice of colours, and it's interesting to see how you plan your design on paper. I've used my daughter's old cardis fro the backs of cushions too. It's a sweet way to upcycle them :)
    Cathy x

  14. Lovely cushion! It is a lovely feeling to upcycle and feel very satisfied with the result!

  15. Your cushion is lovely - can't believe you've only been crocheting for 18 months! Well done. It's great when you get something finished. I'm the same - sometimes I start something, work on it and finish it. But sometimes it gets left aside and not finished for ages. Sometimes it is completely forgotten! I'm almost finished a small blanket for my living room and will have lots of yarn left over so I'll probably make a cushion cover (maybe 2) and will have the same problem you did. I don't think I have anything I could use for the back so will probably have to crochet it as well. Will have to see.

  16. You are brilliant!!!!! I love this.

  17. Hi Jill! Wow, what a great idea to upcycle the cardigans! :)
    And your Crochet is so pretty, you must be very happy with the result!!!
    Well done!
    Ingrid xx

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog. You do very nice work. I like your crocheted squares. I have done them many years ago. I should get back into it.
    Great job on the cushion cover.


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