Sunday 8 November 2015


Hello dear friends, and a big happy welcome to my new readers - I've been meaning to thank you for dropping by for ages!

Just a quick update from me this evening, I've been crafting madly but don't seem to have too much to show for it. I'm making stuff to sell at a couple of craft fairs in a few weeks - lots of these owl keyrings ...

.... a load more Christmas stockings from upcycled sweaters ....

.... with my own label lovingly sewn in ...

.... and a really sweet doorstop for my friend's birthday ...

.... this was made from upcycled jeans, I do love a bit of re-using :) I'm planning to make a few more of these to sell. I'm filling them with Asda smart price rice - 40p for 500g - great value! I can't decide whether to make a load of different designs or just the cupcake in different colours. That might be a bit quicker so maybe that then.

My other big news ...... is ....... I got a charity place in the London Marathon!! OMG!!!! I mentioned aaaaaages ago that I'd applied for a place, and only found out last week that I was one of the lucky (I think ?!) ones. I'm running it to raise money for the National Autistic Society, in recognition of my amazing son's challenging year at school last year, and of course his ongoing battles with everyday life, bless him.

All the money from my craft bits being sold is going to the NAS (over £100 so far) and I have a few other fundraising ideas going round in my brain too. Oh and I must set up one of those just-giving page thingies.

So anyway when I'm not crafting I'm training. Or recovering from training lol. And then I have to sort out other fundraising. And of course cook, clean, be a Mum's taxi, and so on and so on. And tomorrow I'm helping at school (argh why did I offer to do that, I have to fit in a long run tomorrow - luckily a long run is currently only an hour for me). But its all good fun and its great to have something very specific to focus on.

Right then off I go, got about 30 heart keyrings to assemble!!


  1. Some lovely makes and such exciting new about the marathon, I'm loving you lables too so fab
    Clare x

  2. Congrats on the run.. and your owl key-rings are adorable! Hope you sell them all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Wonderful crafts and I hope you raise raise lots of money for the NAS, a very worthy cause. Have fun training and congratulations!

  4. Those owl keyrings will fly off the shelves! I like the fact that each one has its own little personality.

  5. Wow - well done on getting your London Marathon place - I hope training goes well. I would love to run it one day, think I'd better not leave it too long. Some lovely makes Jill. I too love reusing old jeans, I recently made a tote bag.
    Caz xx

  6. Ooh wow, the London marathon!!!!
    How very brave and fantastic!
    And all those pretty makings as well; you are truly superwoman :-)!
    Good luck with everything, lots of love from Mirjam.

  7. Love the owl key rings too. Cute. Congrats on getting into the marathon

  8. What great things you have made Jill!!! Love them all! Congratulations on getting into the marathon, I hope that you do really well and raise lots of money and also raise lots from the craft sales too! A very worthwhile cause! xx

  9. Oh well done Jill! On everything! Please do set up a Just Giving page, I would dearly love to sponsor you X

  10. I'm cheering you on, Jill! I hope you have a great run and wonderful sales. xx

  11. Oh Jill -that's so awesome!! Congratulations sweet Friend! Blessings that you kick some butt in that race! Lol

    You need an etsy store so I can buy some of those owls! ;)
    Blessings dear Friend. xo

  12. I am thrilled that you got a place in the marathon, I will certainly be cheering you on in the sidelines. Some great makes for such a wonderful worthwhile cause.

  13. Your handmade owls and stockings are super cute! Congrats on getting into the London Marathon! Happy running and crafting! :-D

  14. Love the owl key rings! Don't know if you remember Diana and I we met you at Unravel this year and did a felt flower workshop together. Just a reminder that our wool show is on Sun 17 Jan at Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel. It would be great if you could come and perhaps you would be so kind to write a blog review after too!! Details can be found at:

  15. I don't know how you find the time or the energy to do everything you do! You really are amazing. I love everything you've made - good luck at the craft show.
    And bravo for you for running a marathon. You are not afraid to tackle anything. You're quite an inspiration.

  16. Hi Jill, Glad to hear you got your marathon place. It is good to have a focus for your own time. Love those Owls, hope you make some money for your good cause. PS. I had one of those door signs too... happy days. Jo x

  17. Same piękności ,kolorowe ,bajecznie.Pozdrawiam.

  18. That's great news about getting the marathon place. I hope your training goes well. Those wee owl keyrings are lovely.

  19. The key rings are adorable! :)

    Enjoy your training - can't wait to read more about the marathon!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds


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