Saturday 23 January 2016

Crochet mobile phone cover

Am I the only person who regularly feels the need to confess to the many many WIP's in my life ? I really am a serial non-finisher, it's just ridiculous, but I just want to make everything all the time and that is not condusive to completing things. One of these days I'll do another post of my current WIPs but I'll keep it mercifully short today. Let's just say I have about 5 scarves, a hat, a few bags, and at least 5 blankets, plus half a dozen cross-stitch kits, all in various baskets and bags stashed around the house. God forbid that they are ever all seen in one big pile together ...... Oh the shame ......

Anyway, the perfect antidote to an excess of WIPs is a nice short and easy little project. As I'm doing another craft fayre soon I thought I'd do some mobile phone covers from some lovely cotton yarn that I have in some scrummy colours. I got this Drops <3 You Cotton from a lady who had some leftovers from another project, and I honestly can't remember if I paid for it or if she donated it (my craft fayre makes are for my fundraising for the National Autistic Society for my London Marathon attempt). I'll be honest, this yarn is a bit of a pain to work with, super splitty, and of course cotton has much less "give" than my preferred acrylic, but it gives a gorgeously crisp stitch definition.

It's a really easy make and I've added the pattern below.
Basically you start with a chain just slightly longer than the width of your phone ....

Then you work in dc (US sc) along the chain, continuing round the end to work along the other side of the starting chains, and then keep going, essentially in a spiral, changing colour as required, until your mobile phone case is as long as your phone.

Embellish with flowers etc as desired ....

Sew on a button and chain a button loop ....

And ta-da! A mobile phone cover :)

Of course you can adapt this pattern to make a cover for anything - phone, tablet, notebook, even a small laptop. 

Have fun!!!!

Til next time,

Mobile phone cover pattern

DK cotton yarn
4.5mm crochet hook
beads and buttons if wished :)

Pattern in UK terms (UK dc is US sc, UK tr is US dc)
ch     - chain
sl-st  - slip-stitch
dc    - double crochet
tr      - treble

1. Chain as many chains as it takes to be just wider than your phone.
     Mine was ch13.

2. dc in second ch from hook. Dc in every stitch to end of row

3. When you reach the end of the row continue to dc in the other side of the chain you just did a dc in.

4. Keep going doing a dc in every stitch, effectively working up the sides in a slow spiral.

5. A few rows from the top, finish off when you are at one of the sides, and join on a new colour yarn.
    I do this as follows:
     insert my hook into next stitch
     yarn over and pull old colour through, leaving two loops of old colour on hook
     then loop NEW colour over hook and pull this loop of NEW colour through both loops on hook
     you may need to pull the two loose ends (one old, one new) gently taut to tidy things up

6. Now you have one loop of new colour on hook continue to dc in every stitch, still working in that slow spiral round so that the sides continue to grow.

7. When your cover is the desired length, stop dc'ing about few stitches before you reach one of the sides (doesn't matter which) then sl-st into the next 2 stitches.

8. Fasten off

9. Sew button onto front of mobile phone cover.

10. Join onto a stitch in the top of the cover's back, in the middle, and make enough chains to form a loop that will fasten round the button. Mine was about 10 chains.

If you wish to add a flower, the pattern is as follows:

1. Make a magic ring (or ch5 and sl-st to the start of the chains to form a loop).
2. *ch3, 2 tr into centre of ring/loop, ch3, sl-st into centre of loop/ring*, repeat from * to * 4 times making 5 petals in total.
3. Fasten off.
4. Attach decorative bead to centre of flower.


  1. Love this. So pretty, bright and happy. It's a great idea.

  2. Thanks for the clear pattern. I need something like this for my phone.

  3. That is adorable and *love* the bright raspberry cotton.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Great phone cover, thank you for the pattern. And no, you are definitely not the only one with loads of WIP's, I am such a serial starter, and like you, cannot resist starting something new. There is such a lot I want to do and want to do it all at once. xx

  5. Such a fun project, I need something fast right now as I am bogged down with a baby blanket and weaving, but I am determined to finish them both.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  6. So cute!!! You made me feel so much better about my recent startitis attack. Whenever it gets cold and we get snow I want to knit ALL the things.

  7. I've always got tons of projects on the go. And particularly love nice simple ones that I can finish quickly. Give me yarn, and I can cover just about anything. :)

  8. Love your choice of colours. The chain loop and button at the top is a very nifty way to secure your phone. Barbara

  9. Very pretty! I'm not so worried about the projects I have yet to finish - it's the ones I have planned & haven't started yet x

  10. This is very pretty, I love the colours and the pretty flower
    Jackie x

  11. It certainly is a lovely make, love the beautiful colours. I am so glad that I have inspired you to join Five on Friday again it certainly is a fun get together.

  12. It is very pretty! I am sure that there are lots of people who have as many WIP's as you - or worse stuff just sitting waiting to be a WIP which is what I have! Hope that the fundraising keeps going well! xx

  13. The stitch definition is much crisper with cotton and I agree that it can be hugely irritating in the spilling front but I do thinking looks neater than acrylic yarn if I'm honest. As to WIPs I won't confess to how many I am. As I'm in denial about the excessive number I have reached. I live beginning projects and once I know I can do it I seem to loose interest and then often do kit complete them. Oops!

  14. Amazing!, love the colours you choose, and I always have WIPs and never just 1!xx

  15. This is so cute, Jill. Thank you for sharing your pattern!

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