Friday 15 September 2017

Finish for the Weekend

Hello dear friends and readers :)

Welcome to the first proper Finish for the Weekend. (Please see below for How it Works).

In last week's post I talked about my series of posts entitled "Finish for the Weekend". The idea is over the course of the week, to have finished up with an ongoing project, to post about that finish and link to your post here. Hopefully we will get to see lots of lovely finished objects, and posts to inspire us, and some of those UFO's will finally get completed. You can find the rules at the bottom of this post.

My finish this week is a little cross-stitch motif that I started about a year ago, I know this as I was working on it for my Mum's birthday, which is in November!

I liked the symmetry of this design, clearly that's my scientific brain at work. I was going to say scientific and orderly brain, but its not very orderly these days. Anyway I made it up into a simple card to give my Mum this year - better late than never. My Mum is not one for fussiness so I think (hope) she'll like this.

I also made another couple of cards while the papercraft stuff was still out.

I'm not sure about the organza bow on this one, a more opaque ribbon might have worked better. Ah well, as long as you try, you can only learn from your mistakes, am I right?

I think this next one is my favourite so far ....

I especially like the little button on the tag, this was purely to cover up a rogue black blob from my stamp, but actually it finishes it perfectly.
I like this card so much that I seriously think I will make a few more the same, I definitely have enough of the papers for another 5 or 6. I find the design stage takes the longest so I may as well capitalise on a good (well, good in my eyes) design.

I'll leave you today with the start of another cross-stitch. I couldn't look at the purple scarf any longer last night, and I opened a new little cross-stitch kit - naughty Jill. That's why I'm having to do these Finish for the Weekend posts, I keep starting new things. Oh well, its only a small kit, and the hoop then becomes the frame so once the stitching is done, the kit really is complete. Here it is ... can you tell what it is yet ?

Thats it from me, I hope some of you decide to join in with Finish for the Weekend :)
Til next time,



  1. I've got myself organised today to join in with your link up but can only boast of finishing some squares and not the whole project - I'm too slow 😊 What pretty cards you've made, I'm sure your Mum will be delighted with hers. Have a good weekend.

    1. A finish is a finish so a finish of a square is a good enough finish for me! Looking forward to seeing some pics later x

  2. Beautiful cards, love the design and that cute button on the tag of the last one.

  3. The cards are really lovely. What lovely papers you have!

  4. Oh I love that little cross stitch! Your other cards are beautiful too. So pretty and the button is perfect. I have no idea what to guess on the new cross stitch!

  5. Can I show my yard free of debris from hurricane Irma? Ha, just kidding. I hope to join in soon. Great idea Jill.

  6. Lovely idea, finishing is not my speciality but as soon as I do finish something, I'll post it. Lovely card, hope your Mum likes it. Cx

  7. Love this idea for a blog party. I'll have to hurry up and finish something! Thanks for coming up with this great idea.

  8. Yay! Thank you for the encouragement! I finished just before I wrote the post! I will work at this again for next week. I have lots of almost done projects.
    I like your work for FFTW! Pretty, pretty cards! Cross stitch is fun. If I didn't have so many knitting projects on the go, I'd dabble in that again. Thanks again, Jill!

  9. The cross stitch card is so pretty! What a great card!
    So you started another kit-yippee! Live it up! lol

  10. I love linky parties, so I hope to join you next week.
    I am trying to finish two or three things before casting on a new project.
    Your cards are darling. I think you should make more of the birthday card.
    My guess on the kit: a rose?

  11. Hey Jill, I haven't finished anything lately but as soon as I do I'll join in. This is a fun idea.
    xx Beca

  12. Hello Jill, I love your cross stitch card & think all your cards look absolutely gorgeous. You have inspired me to drag out something & finish it!!! Thank You :-)


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