Friday 29 September 2017

Finish for the Weekend

Hello dear friends and readers!

Welcome to this week's Finish for the Weekend, if you fancy joining in, see below for instructions :)

Hope you have had a good week, mine's been the usual mayhem of children, school runs, and after-school activities. However, as I type it is Friday evening, Little Tomboy is out at football practice - MrEC takes her and gets a takeaway on the way home, so I can revel in the knowledge there are no more people to be driven anywhere by me, and no cooking to be done!

I've got the usual few projects on the go, including ...

- my ripple blanket

- a remote control box cover (yes I know is a bit random) - hoping it will be next week's FFTW.

- the now-a-bit-late Pink (purple) Zazzle scarf for my friend's 50th

(And no I don't deliberately colour code my crochet hooks to my projects! But it pleases me greatly when they match.)

- the now-very-late cross stitch for my cousin's wedding (which was in July - ah well she'll still love it I hope). Needs a bit of a gentle wash too though I think

- my mystery cross-stitch from this post - you can now see what the pinky blotches were ...

- a scarf which I think was called Traveller Scarf or something, I started it ages ago, and now can't remember what size hook I used, so had to guess when I did a bit of it the other night. As you can see from the photo, the greeny section is ruffling, so I guessed too high a hook. I could just leave it but OCD-me has to rip it back and repeat with a smaller hook. Bah.

My finish for this week is another batch of heart keyrings.

Its a bit cheaty really as this was my Finish for the Weekend post a few weeks back, but as I said then, these have been in a basket in my craft room for the best part of 2 years waiting patiently to be finished.

I have been a Very Good Hooker though and forced myself to get these all completed.

Whether they end up as gifts or craft-fair items remains to be seen. For now I am happy just looking at them all stacked up, so pretty :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Til next time,


Welcome to Finish for the Weekend, a weekly chance to link up and share with the blogging community some of the projects you have completed this week. The only rule is that your post must be about an item you have finished this week, hopefully to help reduce some of those piles of UFO's!

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  1. Great job Jill! You're a rock star at knocking out those projects. HOpe all is well dear Gal. xo

  2. I love all your crochet but I'm super impressed by all the keychain hearts! Such a lot of them you made! And so colorful. Love, love. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Goodness! All those hearts are just amazing-and really pretty.

  4. Those key chains are adorable and so beautifully done. Thanks for providing a party that features finishes!

  5. Love the keychains, you're totally right; they look magnificent in a row in those boxes. I'm sure all your other projects will get finished, and I'm especially looking forward to see the ripple blanket :-)
    Have a great weekend, Sigrid

  6. They do look good all lined up in those boxes. I love the beautiful array of colour. I seem to have a lot of projects but very little getting finished.

  7. You do have a lot on but your link-up is certainly making me get a move on with my blanket so I expect you'll have a pile of finished items soon. Love all your pretty hearts. x

  8. I just love those heart key rings. Did you post a pattern for them? I posted a few finishes today, but didn't see the instructions to join until now. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I love your key chain hearts, very sweet. I'd happily buy a few! x

  10. Loved seeing your finished hearts and all the other projects you're working on at the moment. Cx

  11. Good job, Jill! The hearts are wonderful and you are perking right along on your ripples. I started an Attic 24 ripple blanket but one side started looking wonky so I wrapped it around the pine tree instead.

  12. I love those colourful key chain hearts!!


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